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  1. I’m having the trouble using Chrome.
  2. So good to see Hank still answering questions about PV. He is the man and a trusted source. When in doubt, ask Hank.
  3. I highly recommend Los Veranos in PV. Fantastic long runs across a wooded river canyon, jumping off without even being able to see the landing on the other end. Many great thrills along with lots of climbing up and down trails to get to the next zip. Very satisfying!
  4. Anyone else have trouble navigating the Hal website when you try to edit your account, etc.?
  5. Final payment is due on Tahiti cruise but Windstar has not changed the bubble excursions only yet. What are they waiting for? Vaccinated passengers and crew so why the bubble? CDC says it’s Ok for independent excursions with these circumstances. We’ll even agree to masks indoors off the ship. Mr. Mac
  6. Ok, so just to be clear, if one person books the 4 device deal, then the other person in the cabin can use up one or more of those 4 devices right? And if I’m Platinum we should wait and trade in our minutes towards a purchase onboard? Thank you.
  7. If it poops on all your ball fields, it’s a Canadian Goose!
  8. Can’t remember. Does the Eurodam have binoculars in all OV cabins in Alaska? Thanks.
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