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  1. Thanks so much for the replies, and PhillyFan thank you for the departure info. Yes, I also received the email regarding departure change from my TA, but not sure why it changed. We are flying in the evening prior and have a 11:30am check in time. I scheduled a driver for 10:30 to take us from an MIA airport hotel to POM. Is 10:30 good or should I make it 10:00? Not sure what traffic is like on a Saturday morning in Miami.
  2. Hello, We leave next week out of Miami on a 5 day to Bahamas. If our sail time is 3:30pm, what time could we expect the Muster Drill? Also, if anyone knows...any idea which night is 'Formal" night? Our only sea day is the last night. Thanks so much!
  3. I have a question too, if I can add on here. We are 4 adults and 2 children. The kids will not be interested in sitting down in the shade, so I'm not worried about adding them on the reservation. I read somewhere on CC that you also get priority tender with a reserved Cabana. Question: Will they give us 6 tender tickets for same time if we only paid for the four adults in Cabana? Thank you!
  4. Thanks so much for the replies and suggestions. That's unfortunate that some people feel the need to destroy or steal a door decoration. I'll keep it simple, but cute. :-)
  5. I wasn't sure about those, but they do peel off easily. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I've read conflicting posts on door decorations. Some say they will be removed and others say they have never had them removed. I've never decorated before but I purchased some small Dr Seuss cut outs for our doors since we are taking our Grandsons on their first cruise, along with some Fun Shop items to be delivered to the room. I realize Carnival would not appreciate tape on the doors but if I used magnets would that be okay? Thanks!
  7. Yes, I was also wondering if they had movie under the stars on Sensation? That would be fun!
  8. I am so happy to hear this! They are going to have a blast. We will be onboard the week after Easter. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello, We are taking our 2 grandsons ages 7 & 8 and their parents on their first cruise, which is 5 nights. When my husband and I sail, we usually skip the evening shows but I think the boys would really enjoy seeing a Magician. Just wondering if Carnival has any evening shows that are "kid" appropriate. Thanks!
  10. Hello, We will be taking 5 Day cruise in April, departing from Miami. We go to Nassau, Half Moon and Grand Turk. Wondering if the ship stays on East Coast time zone the entire time? Thanks!
  11. Hi, We have always stayed at the Sheraton Old San Juan, and have just walked across to our ship in past when it has docked there. This time we are going over Thanksgiving weekend and Sheraton was fully booked. We booked El Canario By The Lagoon. Haven't stayed there yet, but it seems to fit and had good reviews. We have also stayed in the Condado area, but we like Old San Juan better. So much to do, including the Fort El Morro. If your ship is docking at Pan Am Pier you would need to take a taxi if you stay in Old San Juan. But in our opinion...it's well worth it. We love Old San Juan.
  12. Hello, I am trying to book a shuttle driver for our family of 6 from the cruise ship terminal to MIA airport. We plan to carry our luggage off the ship. (Will have carry-on's) Our ship (Sensation) is scheduled back into Miami at 8:00am. We have a 12:00pm flight MIA-LAX This is the first time we've sailed Carnival in many years. On other lines we just fill out form that we are self-disembarking and a time we need to leave ship. They normally require everyone off the ship by 9:00am. I need to let our driver know what time to pick us up but am unsure as to how much time it takes to to get off Carnival Sensation and outside terminal? Question: Does anyone have experience with this on Carnival? We would like to be off the ship and on our way to airport by 9:00am. What time does Carnival require everyone off the ship? Thanks so much! .
  13. Yes! the miFold or inflatable will be perfect! Not having little ones of our own, we aren't all that familiar with the new gadgets they come out with. So thank you for the recommendations!
  14. Hi, We are 4 adults and 2 children (ages 7 and 8). We arrive late and have 2 rooms at Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon the night prior to embarking the cruise ship. We would like to get an UberXL for the 6 of us to POM (Carnival) in the morning (we have 11:30am check in) Question: Does anyone know if UberXL has booster seats for children? (I read Florida law says children less than 4ft9" and under 80 lbs need a booster seat) If we have to bring them from home, does it count as your carry-on luggage, or does airline store them at no charge? (American Airlines) Thanks!
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