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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. First time in SF. Coming in a few days before cruise and have Alcatraz already booked. My main concern was what to do with luggage, thanks for the info on storing the luggage Ventureman.
  2. DoIn Alaska cruise in May, our return flight is the red eye. Any suggestions on what to do until flight, I do not see Carnival having any disembarkment day excursions. Will have at least 3 large suitcases.
  3. Sorry, group right after diamonds/platinum to debark. This will be my 6th time with FTTF and I have never been off the ship and in my car later than 8:30am. I know ships can be delayed in debarking, I was just curious in normal debarking in Miami, would an 11:56am flight from FLL be iffy. Doesn’t sound like it from other posts/posters. Thanks for all the replies.
  4. Sailing from Miami. My understanding is it is only 30-40 minutes to FLL from there, am I incorrect? Debarking on a Sunday so would think traffic would be lighter. With FTTF I will be first off ship.
  5. We have an 11:56am return flight from FLL. Have FTTF and bought Carnival transfers to FLL. Should I worry that is too early a departure?
  6. FTTF just came out for my Nov 30th cruise. $120.00. Booked it but I think they have just hit the top of my price point for this service.
  7. We get the balcony divider opened on all our cruises. Cabin steward cannot do it. One person from each cabin needs to go to guest services and request it gets done. Has to be signed for, that is why one from each cabin needs to go. Go on first day, it is on a first come, first served basis as they only have the hardware to open a certain number of balconies (at least that is what I am told)
  8. That would be some trick, 29 year old wife with 25 and 21 year old daughters . Have a great cruise!!!!
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