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  1. If there is a discrepancy it simply won't ship, which is what happened in your situation. The charges will fall off. I had same problem and changed the billing address for my credit card to my work address and now the cards come to me at work. I also did the UPS account so that shipments can be routed to a UPS store. I am never home when UPS tries to deliver.
  2. Not necessarily. Most travel agents can apply gift cards and they would set you up with the prepaid gratuities also. I think you can buy cheers directly through carnival even if you are booked through an agent. I use Costco Travel and they have no problem applying gift cards for me. I pay entire cruises with gift cards.
  3. If you are booked with Carnival directly you can add gratuities on their website when you log in. You can also add cheers through the website.
  4. Thanks all! A productive Allstate day indeed!
  5. And thank you x 2000 also. These points may come in handy with the AARP program undergoing changes. Usually changes to rewards programs are not good............. examples are coke rewards and Verizon rewards became pretty much worthless to me.
  6. And thank you X1000. I forgot to try the old switch a roo 😄
  7. Went to Alaska on 6/25 and early dining is now 5:30pm and late is 7:45pm.
  8. And maybe a couple of drinks before going to Friends of Bill 🤣
  9. I stand corrected. If you are ambitious you can still earn points until 1159 pm ET July 25th and have until sometime in Sept to redeem them. I have 70k now and unfortunately some of them will likely not be redeemed. I have allstate also which is not ending and is a great alternative to AARP.
  10. table for two is often about 10 inches from another table for two so you really aren't in a private situation.
  11. AARP is changing the program in Sept so it is probably too late for now to get in the game. We don't know the details yet for the new program that is coming.
  12. 10 percent off so if you buy a 500 dollar card it costs only 450. This can really add up if you pay an entire cruise this way.
  13. The new seaday brunch menu was on the Legend last week. You do have to order your breads etc as there is now no basket. I found the menu acceptable but miss the flaming tomato soup. They did push the fresh squeezed juices. Got a bagel and asked for smoked salmon on the side like they used to do and they accommodated me.
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