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  1. I've been on the Miracle 4 times and have one more booked for November. I love the older gal!
  2. If you are paying from Carnival.com it is simple to apply the cards. For sail and sign I always have them applied at the dock before I board the ship. You can do it on the ship also, but may have to wait longer depending on when you go to guest services. You can add to your S&S at the kiosks also but it has not worked for me.
  3. Land crossing are a whole different beast. I am guessing you had to furnish evidence on land crossings which have different rules.
  4. Tell them their phones will have to be turned off and in the safe for the duration of the cruise! That would be a surprise 😉
  5. Customs did pull my younger daughter, 13, aside and ask her if I was her father. Other than that, no issues. I would guess if you come back with a child too young to verbalize, you will be subject to much more scrutiny.
  6. Debarking in mexico means getting off the ship for good, not just for the day. Even then they never ask or care. I took my 2 teen daughters and was never asked for a letter. Carnival sells cruises, they don't mediate family custody disputes. Unless you are dragging on a kid that is screaming " I want my mommy and daddy" you won't have a problem. All you need is their proper identification- birth certificate or passport etc.
  7. That's all I ever do. You should see some videos of how luggage is handled in the ports!
  8. I am still in AARP jail also. Going to join Allstate for now.
  9. OKay thanks. Will probably do the same. Not to keen on movement tracking, sounds like big brother 😉
  10. Okay, thanks. Guess I will give it a shot. I will need the phone app correct?
  11. How does Allstate compare to AARP for gaining points etc? I am still in AARP jail and thinking of joining the Allstate one. I do not have allstate for insurance though.
  12. The good thing is you can lock in your gratuity rate but not pay until final payment. Sometimes i book 2 years out and this is nice.
  13. Poster #4 is trying to hit a credit card spending bonus and I replied to tell them Carnival won't be taking the money any time soon unless they call and have a payment applied. I prepay my gratuities also but it won't be charged against my CC for a long time.
  14. Normally they won't take the prepaid gratuities until final payment. You would need to call and apply a payment.
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