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  1. Thank you! Cruise should be booked before December 2021 for a cruise before April 2022. If I still feel we shouldn’t cruise, has anyone transferred their cruise fcc to their son?
  2. I cancelled my cruise with the Cruise with Confidence, 8 days before my cruise was actually cancelled, when all the talk about this virus was going around. My cruise was March 15. I received a FCC good until December 2021. The amount is over $6,000. My husband will be 80 in 2021. I will not cruise without a vaccine for this virus. Should I book a cruise now with this certificate for November 2021 and then see if this vaccine is working or just hold onto the certificate and wait until next year to book a cruise. I really want my $6,000 back but Celebrity said no bc I cancelled before they cancelled. Is there way around all this? Thank you.
  3. Where in the planner do I find to select a time for my select dining?
  4. Sailing on the Silhouette in 3 weeks to Southern Caribbean. Does anyone know if this virus is on any Islands?
  5. Do I need a reservation? How far from port is the ride? I really like to decide the day I arrive what to do.
  6. Thinking of cruising RCCL. I am Elite Plus on Celebrity and haven’t cruised on RCCL for a few years. Are there any perks on RCCL (free laundry, 90 minutes free internet, drinks etc). Im spoiled with Celebrity.
  7. How far is the taxi ride to this beach? Is The Nest restaurant still there? Thanks.
  8. Still nothing on the Constellation out of Venice for 2020. Does anyone know what’s happening? Just showing Infinity. Thanks.
  9. Thank you all! How much are the iPads on the ship?
  10. Wondering how everyone spends their OBC? I have $750 to spend on my upcoming Silhouette cruise. I already have drink package, gratuities, internet. Any suggestions?
  11. Does Celebrity still send luggage tags to you or is this being discontinued?
  12. I just called Celebrity to book a trip and asked about the Constellation. The agent said they were repairing the ship. Would be back on line in a few days. Maybe because of the flooding in Venice that would be an issue. They might change that itinerary.
  13. Flights participating in the luggage valet program must be after 12 pm. Am I correct?
  14. Nana57


    The three drinks pp on my card can they be used during the day or only at night 6-8?
  15. Nana57


    We are looking at the 12 day Southern Caribbean on March 15. Celebrity is just offering $100 obc. No other perks. Im waiting to see.
  16. Nana57


    We are Elite Plus. We always took the perks. We are not drinkers. Just a glass of wine at dinner and once in a while maybe a soda or a beer at lunch. We usually use the beverage package for waters. What time can we get the bottled water at the bars. 7 pm to 8 pm? Do you ask for example - 2 bottles each at one bar. I’m not sure how this is done.
  17. Nana57


    I am looking to book a cruise on Celebrity but see they are not offering their usual perks. Has anyone inquired about this?
  18. Do any cruise lines offers Cruise tours in Buenos Aires? We’d like to stay a few a few days touring. Thank you
  19. Nana57

    Ferry Pass

    What is the cost of a two day pass? Is it cash only? Thank you.
  20. Thank you! I thought you would have to go to that event from 5-7 pm to get unlimited drinks. I believe there was a time where you had 3 drinks on your seapass.
  21. Are we still entitled to 3 drinks per day on our seapass or did Celebrity take away that perk? What time are we allowed those drinks? We usually get the classic beverage as a perk but when we did book it was a gratuity perk that was offered. We usually just get water, a glass of wine with dinner. Can we use that at dinner or we have to get the glass of wine by the bar and bring it to dinner? The water I think I can get at the cocktail hour from 5 to 7 pm.
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