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  1. There's a number of issues that I think will rule any cruising this summer..., unless a vaccine is found. crew for the ships - yes they could isolate before arrival in Australia however in order to maintain training currency..ie fire/flood etc the model works on a slow constant rotation of crew....too difficult apart from the initial crewing to change out the whole crew at one time and safely sail and be certified as safe to do so. Only way I can see around this is crew from Aust/NZ...which cost a ***** load more!!! Social distancing requirements - cruising within the bounds of socia
  2. Forgetting Covid for a minute...even before the current crisis...the area is not Neglected by the cruise industry...it’s that they would struggle to make a profit from cruising up there. On here, we all tend to be cruise lovers and committed to cruising, but we don’t make up the majority of people on cruise...they still need to attract Mum and Dad cruisers, preferably with some more members of their family. Darwin at the best of times, is expensive to get too, accomodation is hard to find at decent prices and then most ports that can accomodate a cruise ship are not close....so a cruise out
  3. While travel between NZ and Aust maybe open sooner than being allowed to fly further without restrictions (14 isolation on return), I still struggle to see how it wont cost significantly more than it does now with the restrictions I would see that will still be required. Social isolation will be enforce until there is a vaccine...Aust PM has already said that...and therefore I would expect any cruise line will be required to reduce the numbers onboard each ship...limited number of people around the pool...buffet...dining rooms etc to be able to get an approval to re-commence. All this means
  4. Been reading this thread with interest, and I suppose some hope, we have a cruise planned around NZ in Jan 21. I just don’t see it returning to anything like normal for a long time.... Obviously most of us on here are cruise fans, we don’t make up the majority on a sailing...and that will be problem, convincing the public it is ‘safe’ to do so. Second...international travel is going to be a long time away from restarting...again a significant number of people on a cruise out of Aus/NZ are international travellers. I see some small ship cruising between NZ and Australia starting before any
  5. My thoughts only, not as an arguement to the other points of view... I think RCL (and others) will struggle to fill the extra Oasis class ships and the big ships. One or two doing thier original run through the Caribbean might work, but thier plans for expanded use (Asia etc) will struggle. If you relate it to the airline industry, experts are already 'doubtful' people will want to travel on the A380, too many people in one place, for a long period after we get through this. This might apply to cruising, know it is already being talked about within our social circle about people w
  6. Hey All, We have been on Explorer since sailing Sydney29 March and I can say that OP must have been looking for all the things that looked tired, as I simply haven't notice it. Yes, the ship is due for a refit, but as I said, I haven't noticed what was shown in the photos..I must walk around with my eyes closed. And even if I did notice them, it would take nothing away from the fantastic 40 plus nights we have had on here. And the main reason for the great time....the crew. They all appear happy, engaged and nothing is too much trouble for them. As someone who has
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