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  1. $20 a day per person. And no, I've never had mine removed. Other cruise lines do not charge this. So we cruise other lines also.
  2. I used to think that too. But then I read people's responses....as in...omg I could do two cruises for that much...or I can't afford that... you're ruining it for people like me So that was like 2018 and I decided no longer to share what I bid. I'll share I bid, where my bid meter lies and what category I'm going from and to. But this is a cruise that is only once. So it's not relevant to really anyone. The pricing on the Bliss doing the panama canal out of NY is already lower than what the pricing on the joy is and it's 7 days longer. I'd make a lower bid on that. If you are on the same cruise, going from a balcony to haven my stating my bid is in the middle of good lets you pretty much know exactly what I bid. As I just looked at the availability on the Bliss, it is much less than what was available on the Joy. So I would reconsider what I said about making a lower bid and definitely be more aggressive and at least do the middle of good. The Joy as of Sunday evening 12 hrs before I got my bid had 15 H5 and 15 H4 cabins showing available. I never went to look at other sites to see if more were available. That is one of the reasons I felt that we would win our bid with what I bid.
  3. ahhh..true. I posted more to let people know that bids on the cruise I'm on are being accepted. It's up to each individual to decide what to bid. What I bid really has no bearing on anything. Middle of good is enough information I think. If everyone posts that their bids are in the middle of good, then you know that's where you should go if you want a decent chance to win. If you want to gamble, go lower. I've gambled and won with poor bids. But this time I was playing to win. So it's a different theoretical. I should add, this is a 16 night cruise
  4. No. I bid in the middle of good. So it was much more than minimum. Plus haven was fairly empty.
  5. Haven bids were accepted today on the 2/14 sailing of the Joy. We went from balcony to Haven Courtyard, which is our preferred cabin.
  6. Disney just shut their park in Hong Kong. https://www.voanews.com/science-health/coronavirus-outbreak/hong-kong-disneyland-and-ocean-park-be-closed-help-prevent
  7. If you want to just change your bid amount go in thru the email they sent you and adjust it. If you want to change payment methods, you need to cancel your bid. Then go in from your reservation or your original email inviting you to bid and start over.
  8. We get $500 cash, drink cards for the two of us, gifts, and fairly deep discounts on cabins. Our balcony in sept was approx $600 with taxes. We've gotten free interiors and sailed on those too. Our ultra was about the same cost for the balcony. But better prizes. If I'm going to cruise Carnival, I like they actually basically pay for us to do it. Besides their cruises are fun to go on.
  9. Since China has officially cancelled all tourism "tours", cruiselines will have to cancel also.
  10. Well...it appears we are special....lol
  11. Yes we are into churn and burn. But I'm not walking off the ship carrying nearly 10 grand in cash. I use it onboard so I don't have to deal with cash. Risk vs reward, it's simply not worth carrying that much cash for only $300 in cashback. And if you're not playing it, they won't let you keep taking it.
  12. Carnival doesn't charge us but we are always casino guests. NCL takes off our charges and we are pearl. I no longer worry about bringing cash.
  13. We get a letter and an email when we are booked into Haven. The luggage tags come in the mail with a welcome letter and then email is from the concierge. We aren't that complicated tho. So I usually book whatever I can online and then if we have Adrian, he always will make magic happen for whatever we ask. Other concierges are not as magical as Adrian.
  14. Congrats! The aft penthouses are wonderful! Enjoy your cruise!
  15. The answer to that is...don't join in if that bothers you. I have friends who are Canadian residents and US casinos hold back 30% of the jackpot if they win. I'm not sure if the ship does the same. But somehow I think I recall one of them saying that NCL did do that. Then they have to send in a non-resident tax form with proof from win/loss statements in America to get some of the money back. 24% isn't bad. I am taxed at a higher rate than that.
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