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  1. I can't remember if it was here or on John Heald's FB feed, but today someone pasted a link to the CDC website together with the comment the ship has changed to code ORANGE. Then someone else said it was COVID related re: current cruise.
  2. Port side is non-smoking and the length is double of the smoking section which is outlined in red. Are you just pointing out that he was mixed up about starboard/port?
  3. Port side is non-smoking and the length is double of the smoking section outlined in red
  4. Yup. Makes so much more sense this way, so that the walkway that is more populated is the non-smoking section. Plus look at that window space behind the tables.
  5. You have more time not having cards than time with cards. Think of the shuffling time, deck swaps, transaction time (e.g., newly seated gives card and contribution in exchange for chips, plus all those rebuys). I usually use that time to talk with my neighbors but also look around. I usually only look at my cards once anyway, except sometimes after drink #5.
  6. I can have my view and breathe too! No complaints here! 😁 https://www.facebook.com/JohnHeald/videos/891654218446343
  7. I can't remember which ship I was on that had windows you could look through while playing table games, but I remember getting mesmerized by the view of the ocean from time to time and how enjoyable that was. The tables are spaced around the pit, so roughly half will have dealers looking at the ocean while half will have players looking at the ocean.
  8. I'll take that bet. Only 9 tables in the smoker's section.
  9. Why do the smokers get beautiful floor to ceiling windows with unobstructed views of the sea a their table games, but non-smoking tables have small windows looking at lifeboats? 😁 🏴‍☠️
  10. John Heald did a walking tour of Mardi Gras' Casino this morning. It's HUGE and has separate smoking/non-smoking sections! https://www.facebook.com/JohnHeald/videos/992630508163865
  11. Carnival is also asking if people want to volunteer to show proof of vaccination. Anyone who doesn't goes into the "5% throw your name in a hat and hope we pull it out" pool. They also have added protocols and expenses like covid travel insurance and testing. Second question is one I think we're all crossing our fingers on but nobody knows. I really do not want to wear a mask. I would have gotten vaccinated anyway, but I thought mask-free for vaccinated was our justified reward. I guess things may change due to delta and any other evil greek letter variant that arises.
  12. Did anyone see John go back and do a casino tour like he said he would on his first mardi gras video? I scrolled through what I though were all his videos and can't find it. TIA.
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