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  1. I am also in the same boat.... We purchased before doctor's note was required. We also bought insurance. Now we cannot board. So, we paid $700 for insurance for a trip that we cannot take? I don't understand.
  2. I sailed the NCL Haven thinking it would be wonderful. What a disappointment compared to Celebrity. We thought the food in Luminae was wonderful. Menus change their daily. On the NCL Haven, same menu every day. Disappointing to see a small buffet with lox, bagels, sweet pasteries in the morning as well as ordered items. On Celebrity, everything is served to you. Big difference in the quality. Bread was awful on NCL. We will never sail NCL Haven again after the disappointment. Seemed the guests who were on Carnival, loved the Haven. Other guests that had been on other lines were very disappointed. If traveling with children, NCL may be better. However, if sailing as a couple, Celebrity has more class and sophistication. These are my opinions. Please, no flaming.....
  3. It is so crazy! I know runners with severe diabetes!!!
  4. What are they doing with all the people who booked handicapped cabins? Obviously, those cabins would have pre existing conditions requiring the cabin.
  5. I have a handicapped cabin for December. I wonder what will occur then or what are legal implications
  6. Was the refit going to occur in Italy? We had booked the Constellation in December looking forward to the refit. Of course, the ship is beautiful and we enjoyed sailing the ship on a previous voyage.
  7. This is age discrimination. I don't believe it will hold up.
  8. Wow, that would eliminate a huge amount of people! I'm wondering if it is temporary? Cruise lines would lose a huge amount of business.
  9. I did the Haven. Very disappointed. Food for the most part was dreadful. Bar area lacked the class, sophistication and overall ambiance of the Celebrity Michael's Club. I have not been on the "revolutionized" Celebrity. Lumanae food was very good, Michael's club staff was well trained. We would walk in and there was always a hello. Even though we tipped in the Haven, we were ignored. We loved that the butler would be at the big shows holding seats for the suite passengers.
  10. They have not tested the entire ship so the numbers may be different. Also, have they said where the crew were working? Was it food services, laundry, bar????
  11. I believe you have to pay for the seats first rather than wait till final payment is due?
  12. I looked at cruisedeckplans and could not find an extended balcony. It is the Ovation of the Seas, Quantum Class, Large balcony room, 2C. Room is 11170
  13. First time sailing on RCCL. I purchased a cabin with a classification of a large balcony. I cannot find anywhere what the size difference might be. Anyone know? I even checked youtube, but nothing......
  14. Thanks for the update! I suppose we are looking for a smaller, more intimate setting. Sounds like Martini's would be lovely.
  15. I was hoping it was a nice bar area like Celebrity Michaels Club. It as always open for quiet corners during the day and a wonderful gathering place later for drinks with new found friends
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