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  1. Book airfare thru Celebrity Flights. If cruise gets cancelled, they handle the flights.
  2. A huge difference is in the suite classifications. If you are in a Sky Suite or above on Celebrity, the difference is tremendous. I did the suite category on Princess and the only difference was the room. With Celebrity, it is the special dining room, private bar/lounge area, and in some ships special places on the decks for suite guests.
  3. We did it twice. We will be very careful next time we accept an invitation. The first time was in a private dining room at Murano. The officer was engaged with the guests and very interesting. It was absolutely delightful. Wonderful conversations, amazing dinner. The second time was awful. It was in the dining room that served Asian food. The food was preordered and served family style. We had the feeling the officer was just doing their job and not interested at all. The food was more of an appetizer style for dinner. We wished we had stayed in Lumanae for the evening.
  4. We love to get an after dinner/show Liqueur to have on our balcony to watch the beautiful moonlight on the water. So beautiful and a great way to end the day.
  5. She was ok with the other wine, but she is selective. It is the welcome "champagne" that is in the room when you arrive. We never open it.
  6. Safety in the Caribbean is a difficult thing to find. We have seen in Jamaica a woman being pulled across the sand into the rocks. She was going to go up in the air with a kite being pulled by a speedboat. We booked a catamaran and there were so many people that there were no seats left. Sometimes those tours are not as fabulous a journey. A lot of checking needs to be done.
  7. I hope they did not downgrade all the wines in Luminae and Retreat. It has been impossible to find a wine list for those two areas. Don't like the headaches. I don't drink the "champagne" they give you in the sky suites. We upgraded to the Celebrity Suite, but I think it is the same stuff. My girlfriend in another cabin drank it and got really ill.
  8. I had seen that on Celebrity, the Sky Suite and Celebrity Suite amenities are the same. It was reported in the past, the amenities were different. Can anyone tell me if and when they changed? The Celebrity Suite for a 9 night on the Silhouette is $2,000 more. The amenities in the higher suites are amazing. I am thinking the Celebrity Suite cost is not worth it. I am hoping that it changes and wondering if anyone has any insider info. Seems the Celebrity Suites are available on our sailing and wondering if that is the reason.
  9. We sailed the Sky Suite twice. We upgraded to the Celebrity Suite. Big Mistake! No additional amenities except for the larger cabin. The higher priced cabins have all the amenities that you can see on the above photo. The appetizers we received looked awful! Had to throw them out. Nothing like the above photo.
  10. We enjoy Asti as well. Champagne gives me a headache.
  11. We will be on Silhouette. The Celebrity Suite may not be worth $2000 more.....
  12. Our Celebrity Suite is losing its luster......I could kick myself for paying $2,000 more for the cruise than the Sky Suite. Looks like all I get is a little better room.
  13. Does anyone have a wine list that might have the wines available by the glass in the Classic package and the Premium package?
  14. We are in a Celebrity Suite. We will not be receiving the mini bar in cabin, etc. I am thinking of going back to a Sky Suite. The cost difference between the Sky Suite and Celebrity Suite on our sailing is $2,000 for a couple. When you know the perks are the same as the Sky Suite, it seems far too expensive for a larger cabin.
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