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  1. Anyone on or just off the ship that could advise of the officers. Especially the cruise director. thank you
  2. Just advised my T/A to cancel my upcoming Anthem cruise. I'll try another ship or NCL. Maybe to keep your status (at every level) you must cruise at lest 6 days a year (or every 18 months).
  3. The Star had propulsion problems in Jan of 2017. We missed half our ports as it only had One engine. Then it had NONE after leaving Melbourne causing us to be Tugged back. Missed all of NZ. So bad we had Australian News helicopters circling and news crews in ports. Abandon ship
  4. in 2017(?) I was on the disastrous NCL Star debacle where both engine failed. The Brits on board were surprised how little protection {refund} US passengers as opposed to them. Apparently British and maybe EU consumer protections are better.
  5. We were on 33 day cruise from Hong Kong to NZ in Jan 2017 I recall. The STAR missed about Half the ports as it only had one engine(azipod?) working. The issue was not new. We learned it was ongoing back to April the prior year. They offered us $200 per cabin.......what an insult. After almost daily protests in the atrium and Australian TV coverage, they sent the area VP out to cruise with us. The passengers were so angry he left after one day. We did everything but" loot: the ship's store. Videos on U tube. Passengers were on their honeymoons, bucket list cruise or possibly their last cruise Ever due to age or health. THEN both engines failed and were adrift in the Tasman Sea. 3 Tugs had to come rescue the ship and take us back to Melbourne. Now they couldn't Guarantee an on-time arrival in NZ to make or flights; so were jumped ship. By now we were being offered more and more up to almost 100% credit and FIVE years to redeem it. The officers and front desk crew gave us bad information; some said Lied. The Hotel Manager said "What do you want me to do---ROW? Using our last of the credit next year and then back to ROYAL.
  6. Thought it was just me. 50% off second guest after they raise the prices. Peanut under the shell scam.
  7. excellent ideas. especially the Rx and gas tank
  8. We were on the NCL STAR, Asia to NZ, several years ago and missed every other port. Only one engine was working. Apparently an issue they were aware of for months. Missed quality ports/excursions until Both Failed in the middle of the Tasman Sea. We had to be Tugged back to Melbourne. Australian TV covered it extensively. We Abandoned ship there as we were just going to skip ALL the NZ ports/sounds and go directly to Auckland. No guarantee we'd make our flight back to Oz. Only after passenger demonstrations in the Atrium did NCL provide Reasonable compensation. (SEE U tube video)
  9. I have had that issue also. Told I couldn't use it in the past. Seems they've reconsidered. If ANYONE can get a published special fare and we can't use the SH benefit; its meaningless to hold the stock.
  10. Agree I had a waiter from India who was ending his third and Final contract; he said he'll be a rich man when he goes home. He will buy 2 houses.
  11. When the US ever starts imposing the "living wage " on us and meal prices go up by several dollars; I will tip like they do in the EU and Australia. Round up to the next euro etc.. that $15.50 check become 16 period ( unless the service was so wonderful) Can't have it both ways.
  12. Fireworks were from the shore from the private island. As I recall it was during the winter months when the ship departed as the sun was almost down. Definitely in 1979 on my honeymoon and a few years after that.
  13. Saw a similar question about another cruise line. I remember when Royal Caribbean Cruises: Had midnight Buffets you could not wear T shift to the MDR received a glass of sparkling wine when you stepped onto the ship Fireworks the staff were overly polite Great Food What do you remember????
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