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  1. yes, just for boiling water to put into teapot......not in cup with teabag, ...That is not Tea as far as I am concerned
  2. Sapphire Princess from Southampton.......do you have any of above in a Suite ? also is there a free internet package ?
  3. Can you use them in Denmark and Norway ?
  4. Is there a shuttle from cruise ship to the town ? or can you walk into town ?
  5. Is there a shuttle bus from cruise ship to the town centre ? if so is it free ? or can you walk from terminal....
  6. I have read a lot of adverse reports about this service. i.e. a long wait and long queues. Also only one bus with very small capacity. Does anybody know if this is the case ? and ... is there an alternative shuttle ? Thankyou
  7. Thank you to all the people who have responded to my query. Much appreciated
  8. On cruise to Norway/ Denmark in June... Will they accept Euros in Norway ?
  9. thankyou all for your response regarding Euros in Norway. Very informative and useful
  10. Sapphire Princess 29/6/19 ... visiting Oslo. What currency is needed ? do they take Euro ? Thankyou
  11. Is there a shuttle bus from cruise terminal in Copenhagen to city centre ? If so, how much does it cost ? or can you walk into town ?
  12. Bav

    Wine Tasting

    Thankyou,very helpful
  13. Can anybody tell me the cost of a wine tasting excursion, fromCivitavecchi P&O Ventura
  14. Just come off QV on 8th April. Would like to point out that internet connection was much faster than I expected.... I am on Fibre at home and I didnt see a lot of difference with speed.
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