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  1. If Celebrity had know with enough certainty on July the 14th that they would have to find an alternative port why not inform the passengers of the possibility then ?
  2. That’s ok if you have the money and not everybody has. not everybody has
  3. It’s hard to believe that Celebrity were so left in the dark about not being able to dock in Venice that it had to suddenly find alternative ports for their ships. The impact on passengers and their cruise’s has resulted in reduction in cruise days and in some cases significant changes to intinerary . It would be useful to know when Celebrity actually knew the situation in Venice , it has not been helped by the woeful telephone helpline that results in you waiting hour’s for any response.
  4. After reading all of the post’s and looking online at YC menus the narrow choice alternatives particularly for the evening meal we feel the YC is no longer for us. It’s a shame because it sounded really good but when we had a closer look it there were things that we did not like.
  5. We have done the Suez Canal Transit it was wonderful..
  6. My Wife love’s Aft cabins and she likes to see the wake of the ship as it travels through the water and it some cases the balconies can be bigger. Personally I don’t care as long it’s a well positioned balcony which has an unobstructed view. I was just wondering how many cruisers prefer an Aft cabin as opposed to a normal balcony and the reason why you like Aft cabins.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I’ve looked at some of the menus from the Yacht Club and compared to Celebrity and they are short on choice.
  8. From the the menus displayed am right in thinking that is the total menu for each evening? If that is the case then I find the choices limited when you consider you are paying more to be in the Yacht Club. On Celebrity Cruises Diner menu’s you have one page with a set menu and and on the other page is another menu that changes every day.
  9. We are looking for future cruise experience’s and one we could consider is MSC and the Yacht Club.
  10. Having never done a back to back although we have cruised many times, is there any advantage by doing one cost , cabin or perks etc?
  11. Does anyone know someone that stayed in their cabin, with the exception of virus, for the whole of the cruise? I could perhaps understand someone who is traveling alone for the first time although we have come into contact with solo passengers determined to make the most of their cruise.
  12. Hi we are we are in the very early planning stage for a Safari and Cruise to South Africa for 2023 . Has anyone used this cruise line for this type of cruise and/or have any advice? We have never considered NCL before but always choose a cruise based on itinerary first and then the ship.
  13. Put our Snob badge on, only joking.😃
  14. There’s no package , I was curious if Celebrity did.
  15. Has anyone done a Safari and Cruise with Celebrity?
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