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  1. Marie-Claude

    Ramses - pick you own guide?

    I was browsing Ramses new website and came across this new feature they have: Pic your own tour guide. You get to see pictures of their guides, and read comments written about them. I think that's a nice feature, not a guarantee of any thing, but at least it provides a bit more information. [url]http://www.ramsestours.com/egypt-shore-excursions/pick-your-own-tour-guide/[/url] MC
  2. Great article on a recent Quest cruise to the Black Sea... highlighting the great work of Jon Fleming as the port lecturer! [url]http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/a-12day-voyage-through-2000-years-of-history-2023645.html[/url] For those wanting to live vicariously through the travels of Jon, check out his blog: [url]http://blog.jonfleming.co.uk/[/url] MC :)
  3. Marie-Claude

    Pacific Princess Table for 2?

    After 3 cruises on Azamara (which we loved!) we will be going back to Princess on the Pacific for a Holy Land cruise next November. My only concern is that the Pacific does not have Anytime Dining... What are my chances and how can I increase my chances of getting a table for 2 on the Traditional setting of the Pacific?? MC
  4. Marie-Claude

    Bent Pyramid of Dashour

    I'm wondering if anyone has visited the bent pyramid and the red pyramin of Dashour on a private excursion to Cairo? We've been to Cairo twice and are looking for an interesting itinerary for our 3rd visit. I've been reading that these two pyramids should open to the public this year... just looking for some feedback to see if the visit was worthwhile and within reasonable distance. Thanks! MC
  5. Azamara is offering the excursion to Briksdalen Glacier either in the morning or afternoon. For those that have been to this area, I'm wondering which time would be best in terms of weather and visibility... would it be foggy in the morning? Thanks! MC
  6. Marie-Claude

    Port Said

    Has anyone done a tour of Port Said - not going to Cairo, either with a private tour or with a cruiseline? The shorex are still not up for our cruise, and we have booked Ramses for a day in Alexandria, but my travelling partner (Mom!!) doesn't feel like going back to Cairo and we're looking for something to do around Port Said... MC
  7. We are planning our 3rd visit to Egypt. 1st time, we visited Gizeh, Saqqarah and Memphis 2nd time, we visite Islamic Cairo (Citadel) and Coptic Cairo with a felucca ride. In November, we have the opportunity to overnight in Cairo since our cruise stops in Port Said then Alexandria. I'm thinking of going to Cairo, spend the night then going to Alexandria to visit the city. I haven't seen the Bazaar Khan el-Khalili, which I hope to include for the day in Cairo. I need suggestions on what else to include while in Cairo for daytime AND nightime... also, would you stay in Cairo or in Gizeh? Thanks in advance!! MC
  8. Hi everyone, We just got back this Sunday from our cruise on Azamara Quest with a stop in Alexandria. We had a wonderful time touring around Cairo... If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them!! MC
  9. Hello everyone! As promised, I'm back to report on our experience with Ramses Travel. We were on the Azamara Quest stopping in Alexandria on November 9. As planned, our guide Karim and chauffeur Mustafa were waiting for us just outside the terminal building in Alexandria. We even had the visit of the Managing Director to make sure that everyone was taken care of. For references, the tour was for my mother and myself only. Ramses Travel had 11 groups booked for our sailing - in fact, I believe they were the only private tour operators on the pier. From the feedback I gathered at our CC Social, everyone was happy with their tours. We had opted to visit Islamic and Coptic Cairo, having been to the Pyramids before. We had an amazing day with a very knowledgeable guide and an amazing driver... which is not something to take lightly in Egypt!!! We left Alexandria at around 7h30 am and were returned as planned at exactly 8 pm!! I've had a wonderful experience dealing with Mr. George in planning the tour, and all was executed according to plan. Also, since Ramses had 11 groups, I felt secure that if something happened to our car, another one was nearby to pick us up!! All in all, I would highly recommend Ramses Travel and will definitely use them again in future trips! MC
  10. We are just back from an amazing cruise on the Quest (Oct. 31) from Athens to Rome. We had such a great time... I can't pinpoint exactly what made it so extraordinary, I guess it's a combination of many things, but I would say that it was almost perfect... The staff on this ship (different staff than when we cruised the Quest in Feb) was nothing but AMAZING!! The Captain, Sue Denning the cruise director, Philip Herbert the hotel manager and all other officers and staff became like friends. We had the largest Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle ever hosted by Azamara!! Can you believe it? We had about 80 some on our Roll Call, and 150 people showed up for the party. They even had a second hosted party for CC. Sue couldn't believe how so many people came!! The itinerary was amazing - we missed our first port Chios, but all in all it was a welcomed day of rest! 5 ports in Turkey were all fabulous, Cyprus, Cairo, Nauplion in Greece (the most adorable town) and Sorrento... what can I say... I came back with my head filled with intriguing stories, my eyes filled with colorful images, my mouth filled with exotic flavours, my heart filled with new friendships... How can I go back to work this morning... All I can say is that Azamara is making it very difficult for me to choose any other company for my next cruise! The brochure is on my night table... I will definitely post a review in the days/weeks to come, especially to highlights the various tours that we did (mostly on our own in small groups)! Until the next one... MC
  11. Marie-Claude

    Meet & Greet Party

    I have a question for those returning from port intensive cruises on Azamara... We will be on the Oct. 31 Quest sailing from Athens to Rome. It is a port intensive cruise, our first sea day isn't until the 11th day of the cruise. So I'm wondering WHEN they will host the M&M party??? It could be on the morning of our arrival to Istanbul (day 3)... If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it as I'll be anxious to meet our fellow CCers since we are touring with some of them on private tours! Thanks MC
  12. Marie-Claude

    Cruisetour Waitlist

    After finding the ideal cruisetour (Germany) that we could tag to a Baltic cruise for August 2010, I just found out it is sold out (the cruisetour)... Princess offered to put us on a waitlist, but wasn't able to tell us how much the package would cost (:confused: )... Has anyone been put on a Cruisetour waitlist before? And if so, were you able to go? How fast did you get confirmation? I'm so disappointed... MC
  13. Marie-Claude

    Guarantee assignment

    I've booked guarantee cabins with other cruise line before but never on Azamara. I just changed my assigned cabin to a guarantee (BIG price drop!!) and I was wondering if Az usually assigns cabins early on or if we only find out when we board??? Thanks!! MC
  14. I will be on Azamara Quest overnighing in Istanbul... I'm wondering where do ships usually dock? I'm trying to plan our evening out and knowing where the ship is would help! Thanks!! MC
  15. I keep on reading threads and websites about Kusadesi and I need help choosing which sites to see... Of course, we want to see Ephesus and the Terrace houses, but there's also the Temple of Artemis, Virgin Mary's House, St John Basilica... are these 3 sites all worth the visit? Which one would be most interesting? I'm traveling with my Mom - she's in fair shape but can't walk for hours and hours. We want to see all there is to see in Ephesus, but I'm wondering what else we should not miss! Thanks in advance for your comments! MC