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  1. That's what I was thinking. There are a limited # of permits for Glacier Bay, and there are a limited # of ships allowed per day.
  2. The hospital is the best place for them for right now ❤️ I will join the prayers for their recovery. And you get some rest, okay?
  3. If I put vodka and some blue food coloring in a Scope bottle in my checked luggage, no one will catch me, will they?
  4. Westerdam is sailing from Vancouver, from what I can see. Canadian ports are closed to all cruise ships carrying more than 500 people (pax and crew) until July 1. As for whether there will be ANY Alaska season, my suspicion is that there will not be one for 2020. If the virus disappears, there are still other things to consider -- selling cabins, acquiring adequate provisions for the ships, getting the ships to embarkation ports, getting crew to the ships, finding ports that will accept cruisers .... a lot of things would have to line up perfectly imho for there to be an Alaska cruise season this year. I hope I am wrong.
  5. As a Canadian, I am certain there's plenty of "weed appreciation" these days, up here 😉
  6. We go to Alaska pretty regularly. We have NEVER paid whatever price we initially booked at, and I encourage you to keep checking prices and promos. Don't expect anything spectacular for price or promo right now (I suspect they are too busy with IMMEDIATE things to think about things in the future) but keep checking.
  7. For us, that's problematic. And imho HAL is setting itself up for a LOT of really bad PR with that fairly short time frame to use the promo $$$s
  8. I intend to watch the Juneau web cam ❤️ to get my Alaska fix for this cruise season. And don't forget, we get the "whatever Day" information which changes daily.
  9. Alaska is planning on quarantining all visitors for 14 days. So there's that ....
  10. I can support that 😄 And your kitty is adorable ❤️
  11. I'm happy that's been made "official" 😄
  12. @Kindergirl best wishes ❤️ , I've been following but not commenting. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your parents!
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