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  1. Our cruise also has that change in itinerary. We are not pleased at all. Haines is a great, seldom visited port. It would have been a highlight for us to visit Haines again.
  2. Perhaps the poster did not see your question. There are a couple of reasons that could happen.
  3. You might (or might not) receive an offer for a paid upgrade. As others have said, getting a comp upgrade at the pier isn't very likely
  4. Tell your DH you need to get your makeup bag out of the checked luggage 😉 and you want to use the change table in the ladies room to do that, so your stuff doesn't touch the floor
  5. We usually get it back the next day, but the stated time is "48 hours". We have also had the unfortunate experience of it taking 3 days to get laundry back. So I had to wear one of my husband's t-shirts for a day. Since you are choosing "unlimited", and timing is critical for your success 🙂 , send out every day.
  6. If you are really trying to impart information, it would be helpful if you were much clearer about the information you are trying to impart. There's no excuse for you posting in a manner that suggests this is some big secret. State what you mean.
  7. There is a Family Cruising board on CC that you may also want to check out for more general tips, ideas, etc for cruising with kids 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/28-family-cruises/
  8. We have rented when necessary. I think the place was called Special Needs at Sea. The WC was waiting in the cabin when we boarded.
  9. @RuthC and @SilvertoGold thanks for your replies. @catl331 thanks for the picture!
  10. If you don't take a lot, could you put it in a.backpack? I find that easier than extra suitcase weight. And idfyou get wheelchair assistance at boarding you can put the backpack on your mom's lap
  11. I think @SilvertoGold and @RuthC are Platinum. Maybe one of them could post a pic
  12. We really like it. There have been a couple of times when it took 3 days to get it back. That was awkward. And a couple of items lost but they were eventually found. We have done both Unlimited (when we have traveled a few days before the cruise so already had 2 bags to send when we arrived on the ship) and By the Bag. Have never had anything ruined by the laundry though I wash our technical fabrics in the shower and hang them to dry.
  13. You may want to bring some warm.things so that you CAN go.outside if you want. Lido and MDR atr accessible without going outside. if you are.going ashore you will want.some warm layers (in case of cool or wet weather )
  14. Like som other posters in this tread I have foot problems so i take more shoes than seems.reasonable. At least 2.prs of walking shoes. Plus 2 pr walking/hiking sandals. And 2 pr dressy shoes. Still there have been times i have worn hiking sandals with a long dress.
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