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  1. To me, the wording is ambiguous/unclear. I don't expect you to know the answer, but I do wonder if the "we" referenced applies only to the FCC desk onboard.
  2. Yes, there used to be Int/OV, Verandah, and Suite amounts, if I am remembering correctly. I remember this because I managed to move myself into a verandah on one cruise and the higher OBC covered the price difference between an OV and a verandah.
  3. We have pretty much stopped having dinner in the PG since we've found it unremarkable (at best) and disgraceful (at worst). We still have lunches there, and if there's a Cellar Master or similar dinner, we will book that.
  4. There's a review in this thread. Post 6, I think
  5. There have been so many changes since you last cruised HAL, it is impossible to remember them all. There are many more balcony cabins on the ships than 20 years ago. They no longer use 2(or 3?) -part NCR hand written bills in the bars and lounges. No flaming desserts. Bigger pools. Different soap/shampoo provider, and the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are in wall mounted dispensers. One small outdoor smoking area. The beds are much more comfortable. Port times may be shorter than in the past. Bigger ships, more passengers, much more varied passengers. Re your specific question about HMC, there is another bar there IIRC. The infrequent time HMC is on our itinerary, we stay on the ship.
  6. Here it is -38, feels like (per the Weather Network) -46 I second your "Enjoy the warm weather" 🙂
  7. @VMax1700I saw your duplicate thread, so asked the mods to remove it. Just an FYI. (Don't blame your "fat fingers", definitely blame the sea conditions 😉 )
  8. Of course you and Cruising-along are correct, kazu. There's no understandable reason a person would think that photographers have any kind of knowledge of arrangements passengers have made.
  9. We have not encountered pushy, aggressive, rude photographers in several years. I do recall the days where they would nearly tackle us to force us to have pictures taken. Now, a simple "no thanks" works fine. And I also remember on Formal nights, they would push and push for pictures of the people at the table. I can't remember even seeing photographers in the dining room on Gala nights lately.
  10. We do, too. One of the things we try to do anywhere we stop is check out the local grocery stores or street markets. It's fascinating, and a window into real life 🙂
  11. I am COMPLETELY with you on this, but I have met plenty of people on cruises who LOVE shopping and jewelry "deals". For some people, shopping is the best part of the cruise.
  12. I'm pretty sure we had wine glasses in our OV cabins on the Ryndam. (No fridge) I can clearly remember on one cruise hiding 2 from our incompetent cabin steward, so that we would be in charge of washing them ourselves. (Didn't trust the steward AT ALL....) OP if there are not wine glasses, you can stop by any bar and the bartender will give you some.
  13. The hot courses come with a warming "thing" underneath and a cover. They stay pretty warm. Definitely give it a try 🙂 edited to add: We've done it and found it acceptable. Unless you want ice cream for dessert.
  14. If HAL demanded exclusive rights to the tour, and offered a guaranteed minimum payment, the tour operator may have had to make a tough business decision. Take the guaranteed offer from HAL, or turn it down and HOPE that you would show up for the tour, and HOPE that a bunch more people also booked. If I was feeding kids and/or paying employees, "guaranteed" would win out over "hope" every time. Don't get me wrong, I am very sorry this happened to you. And I think the NEW price is ridiculous! I hope that as suggested upthread, there's been an error on the pricing.
  15. If you ran a small tour company in an area where there were not a lot of tourists, I think you would understand the financial pressure the tour operator is under. Then you would be less inclined to blame the operator. It's the "other" golden rule "He who has the gold (in this case HAL) makes the rules".
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