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  1. 😞 That is VERY disappointing to learn. I thought Costco wasn't letting in people who were maskless.
  2. That's probably doable here! I've got bread rising, and could probably turn it into sub-suitable buns. Thanks for the idea 🙂 and the Daily. The Daily is a bright spot in my day!
  3. I'm sure you've heard many things described as "tastes like chicken". In my experience frog legs do taste like chicken. Also have a similar texture. But if the *idea* is offputting, order something more traditional.
  4. Oh YEAH, I can celebrate that 😄 And it will be all mine, since no one else likes tapioca pudding. Thanks for the Daily, Rich! 👍
  5. I was just reminded that June 25 is also Bourdain Day ❤️ (initiated by two of Anthony Bourdain's friends to celebrate him on his birthday, I think) So we will DEFINITELY be having wine 👍 🥰 🥂
  6. Thanks for the Daily. We will celebrate Day of the Seafarer. With wine 😉
  7. I didn't see any political ads at all when I read the article. But when I investigated further, on the FB page, and their "about" blurb, my heart was saddened 😞 edited to add: I don't think that webpage is a reliable source
  8. Back on topic: Thanks for the Daily! Momma is sick of cooking, so tonight is take-out. 👍
  9. Finding the boards a bit boring? Decided to "liven things up"? 😄 Interesting choice of threads to bump, for your 2nd post in 10 years 😄 Looking forward to this....
  10. Too many people are getting careless imho. You are wise to be aware, and cautious.
  11. "International Panic Day" -- I try to follow the advice of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (Don't Panic) 😉 but I am not always successful. @richwmn I think it is very sweet/kind/thoughtful of you to have started including the wine recommendations for all of us wine drinkers 👍 🥰 Thank you!
  12. I think that would be a good move. And I heard that there will be accommodation for families who are separated due to the border being closed to return to Canada. We are also staying close to home.
  13. This is the second time it has been resurrected. I have no idea why.
  14. We have chili for tonight, and we have everything we need for Chicken Bruschetta tomorrow. Yay! Thanks 🙂
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