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  1. Hank, you are absolutely right. I blame it on lack of sleep, but my husband did Scuba under ice, not snorkeling. We were looking at ship's tours as weren't sure how restricted we would be with COVID rules now. We have 3 cruises booked, but I think it was HAL that I was finding the age restrictions on. I'll certainly research it further with the ports we are going to. Thank you for you comments and I apologize for screwing up the Snorkel, SCUBA. Nicole
  2. My husband and I both love to snorkel, although he is a much stronger swimmer than I am and has learned to snorkel under ice as well. However, now we are in our 70's, we are finding that many tours are limiting the ages, so we no longer qualify. If we are healthy and still good swimmers, I don't think we should be disqualified because of our age! Nicole
  3. Thank you for the info, and I will look into Dine My Way thread. I did read about it, and have since found out that I can use my tablet to access DMW so I will get help with that. Do you know how I remove this thread please? As you can probably tell, I'm not very computer literate. Thanks again for your help.
  4. We don't travel with a phone, so was wondering how to book a dining room sitting before sailing? We always had it as our preference when we used to do our booking, but don't see it anymore, and am not using a TA. I would appreciate any words of wisdom. Thank you. Nicole
  5. We also did our first on our 25th anniversary, under protest, as I remembered rough Atlantic crossings with parents as a child, and I was always seasick. However hubby explained about stabilizers and modern ships and convinced me to try one. If I didn't like it, we wouldn't go again. Well, we are now booked on our 37th cruise next year, and needless to say, I loved it. It was a Princess cruise from Victoria, down the coast to the Panama canal, into the Caribbean with numerous ports and all in 21 days. Nicole
  6. Was that for sometime soon? Glad that they cancelled and not you, so you should get a full refund. Nicole
  7. Sounds like what I'm looking for, but hopefully in 2023, as we are away that time in 2022. Thanks, Nicole
  8. You sound like us. We prefer to snorkel from shore now as our energy doesn't last too long without a rest as we get older. My husband was also a scuba diver, even under the ice, but I never wanted to try. Hopefully, we will find some nice beaches to snorkel from. Nicole
  9. You are right. It's Mother's Day in North America, which is my home now, but I'm originally from the UK, so shouldn't have posted on this one. Nicole
  10. Thanks for all the chuckles, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there.
  11. We wish you and your sister well.
  12. Glad to hear that it worked so well for you Becki, I have pain in almost all my joints, and I'd be hurting a lot more without it. Dave
  13. My Dr. gave me an RX for Voltaren, which is stronger than OTC and works well on my hip, knee and shoulder joints. Dave
  14. So are we and even though its so far off, we are still interested in hearing all about it from others. Nicole
  15. We've been on a number of holidays, land and cruises, at that time of year in the UK , and prefer it. Children and holiday makers are usually home again, and the weather is moderate with some rain, but usually not the heat of summer. Like the previous responder said, it depends on what part of the UK and extended weather forecasts. Hope you enjoy the UK as much as we did. Nicole
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