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  1. And yet, I have I pay to the same amount for a cruise cabin as two people do. That's not fair! The cabin should be less as well.
  2. Yes, many times. I think human interaction is important but I am only arguing that if HAL wants to attract millennials then they are going to have to do something different on their ships. Libraries, high tea, and towel folding will not cut it.
  3. Do you want HAL to stay in business or cling to the past and get subsumed into Seaborn or Carnival?
  4. Good to know. I am sorry this happened to you. If this important to you, I would try to have your reservation moved by to Royal Caribbean.
  5. If HAL really wants to attract the younger crowd then they need to invest in technology: super fast (and cheap) WIFI, game rooms where passengers could pay against each other, and Oculus VR devices. People in their 20s and 30s expect to be in touch with everyone they have ever met at any moment. They also enjoy communicating more via their phones then in person. Ordering could be done by phone while you are having dinner or while you are waiting in line. They also need to change the menu to a more modern pallet: boneless wings, barbecue ribs, and craft beers.
  6. Why can't you just put in a bid without telling the TA? What happens when you go the Royal Caribbean website to enter your bid? (Maybe it will work and your TA doesn't have to know.) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  7. Actually, my example said nothing about taxes, which go to the government, or gratuities, which are optional. I am still paying twice for the cabin.
  8. I also enjoy cruising solo but hate paying the price for two people. While reading this thread, I had an idea. Would people be interested in a special solo rate if the cruise line matched you with another traveler of the same gender? For example, say a 7-night cruise was $1500 for two people, $1500 for the solo, but $750 if they match you with another passenger. That would be a nice way to make new friends and save money.
  9. Maybe we were on the same cruise? I also went to Cuba in February on the Paradise. It was my first Carnival cruise. I usually sail HAL but I booked the cruise mainly to get to Cuba. I enjoyed the time in Havana and Key West. The entire cruise, I was thinking is this a normal Carnival cruise? I thought the cabin steward was a bit aloof. He asked me on the first day if I wanted morning or night service each day. I told him "night," so that's when he came each day but I never spoke to him again. The buffet was a madhouse with piles of plates and cups left on the tables. I thought the shows were good in the theater.
  10. I really cannot understand why some people make friends on cruise ships with the workers. Here's why: 1. I do not go on a cruise to make friends. I go on a cruise to see the ports, experience different foods, and get away from my humdrum existence back home. 2. Most of my cruise are for 7-nights. Therefore, I rarely see the same workers more than once. Even the cabin steward is a rare sight to see and the last one was kind of gruff (on Royal Caribbean). 3. Most people cannot be trusted and usually have some sort of angle or agenda in why they are chatting you. This is true whether you are on a cruise ship or dealing with real life. (Cruise life is not real.) Most workers are only friendly because they want something out of you in the end. They want you to mention them on the survey. Thy want you to sponsor a relative to come into the US on a work visa. They want more tip money out of you. Sincerity is difficult to find in life and especially rare on a cruise ship. 4. Finally, most people have only 2-3 true friends in their lives. Real friends are people who will die for you on the beaches of Omaha or raise your kids if you die of cancer. I do not expect to meet these people on a cruise ship. Everyone else is an acquaintance.
  11. I am waiting for Europe. Would love a Baltic cruise.
  12. The OP is going on 4 day cruise and wants to spend as little money as possible. Everyone responding must have loads of money and should offer to pay for OP's passports and insurance! Yet they are quick to tell you to shell out your money. I say ditch the passports, forget travel insurance, and fly in on the day of the cruise. I predict everything will be fine.
  13. I'm not sure what larger picture you are referring to. I see no value in worker exploitation.
  14. I have posted this before but I will say again here. The biggest problem with the HAL board is that many posters (especially with high post counts) are convinced that there is only one way to cruise. That attitude is pervasive on the HAL forum but not as present on Carnival or RCI. Many on the HAL board talk about cruising for 20+ years and yearn for the days of yore. We need more open-minded readers (and posters). All opinions are valid and there really is no right way to cruise the world.
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