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  1. Being un-vaccinated is not a protected class. No business will require you to be vaccinated. They may simply not accept your patronage if you're not. That's a huge difference and absolutely their right.
  2. They are starting to. Expect more after May 1 when oversight reverts to local county control from the former state based restrictions. Vegas gets more 'normal' every week. (We live here in the winter months.)
  3. That's where I'm at too. Hopefully relaxed soon as guidance continues to evolve.
  4. Totally agree. We were in the forward-most Cove on the starboard side once and spent a good 45 minutes chatting over the rail with the Cruise Director and he watched the info on his I-Pad about late arrivers and told several hilarious stories about the 'runners' in his career. When the last finally boarded that day, he looked up and shook his head.
  5. We're big cove fans. We're not fans of having our balcony overlook a perimeter walkway. But the higher up you go the less that becomes a problem.
  6. As indicated on the pics, cabins capable of 4 have some sort of ceiling mounted bunk. Each design is slightly different. Balcs are great choices for a family of 4 as the balc itself serves as a bit of an oasis when others are still sleeping in the a.m.
  7. I think there's 2 things at play. First, the CDC really doesn't want anyone to cruise right now. Second, the cruise lines don't want to jump through 10,000 hoops. But if things continue to improve, ultimately pressure from the general public on a variety of fronts will slowly get societal restrictions lifted, cruising bans among them. By then folks simply aren't going to comply and politicians will pay a price for any continuing power grab once Covid is a 'below the fold' story.
  8. NO, it does NOT become $700. Cancellation policy will be as before.... $300/$600 with no stacking. The extra $100 sweetener only applies if your cruise actually sails as currently scheduled. And understand that if you choose the refund route today, you won't be eligible for any $300/$600 cancellation related FCC when Carnival pulls the plug on your cruise in the future.
  9. Perhaps an example will help. Assuming you paid $1000 for a cruise scheduled before 7/31/21 and paid for it with $750 in CASH and $250 in previously obtained FCC (like from a previously cancelled cruise, for example) Carnival will send back $750 directly to you and put the $250 back in your FCC 'bank'.
  10. Makes perfect sense. They are trying to make reasonable Covid adjustments, not totally liberalize the standard cancellation protocol.
  11. Well sure. I guess what I'm saying is that we've carried a greater burden during this pandemic to protect those at risk.
  12. I've actually found this discussion interesting. Ultimately,the cruise industry will likely decide whether it makes sense for them to require vaccinations. They are a private business and will make a decision based on what is best for their bottom line. My guess is that they will not require them. I myself plan to get the vaccine at the earliest opportunity. And once the vast majority of the public has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, I will return to my normal life taking only common courtesy precautions (staying home if sick, covering my face if I sneeze, etc.) I will n
  13. I'm not an expert by any means but the days of the 'exchange paperwork and go' ended some time ago. It's all a labor law issue regarding crew as I understand it. But even that Ensenada stop is a 'full port stop' nowadays, by regulation. This is sort of a 'kinda pregnant' Someone on here can provide greater detail on 'port requirements'.
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