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  1. Following. We are on the Sky in April.
  2. Enjoying your review! We will be on the Legend doing a partial Panama Canal transit in a few months.
  3. Sorry, just got back from another cruise. 😁 I am the OP. We were able to order drinks in the suite lounge during our dinner service. We didn't have access to the suite lounge except while we were actually having dinner.
  4. Sorry, but I don't know if the dividers can be opened. We were traveling alone. We very much enjoyed the extra balcony space and will look to book one of these balconies again! As far as the elevators, I just left an extra 10 minutes to get where I was going. It made for a lot less stress. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. It seems like there are a lot more Premier cruises than there used to be. It seems that all of the unique and longer cruises are becoming Premier, Elite, or Ultra. I don't begrudge the Premiers, they earned their offers. I just wish Carnival would lessen the number of people allowed to book those offers for each cruise. It makes Carnival a ton of money so doubt they will do that. I have adjusted my gambling times, also. With 4 sea days it should be quite an adventure!
  6. Thanks reps23. I figured it was a casino cruise, but just couldn't verify. While we booked under a casino rate, we are not part of the Premier. I will cross my fingers that there will be a balance and I can actually play in the casino. My last cruise on the Breeze was also a surprise Premier cruise and I had a heck of a time getting to play at the slots. Good luck to you and hope to see you on board!
  7. They were definitely upgraded. Can't remember the name right now. I bring my own hair products, but I actually used them. I don't use the shampoo in the regular dispensers because I end up with scary hair. Lol. I also bring my own travel size of the items I use at home. For me, it's not a big loss to not have them, but I would have been disappointed to have counted on them and then found out they were not available. It's not like you can run out to a store and pick something up.
  8. Carnival's brand ambassador said that they were doing away with individual toiletries a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be in all cabin types if I remember correctly. Not sure why your steward said they were included in spa and Havana suites. For suites, the wall dispensers are supposed to be filled with upgraded quality shampoo and gel. I don't know how you could really tell, though. I would prefer to have the individual containers, but I believe they are becoming a thing of the past. Even some hotel chains are doing away with them. Glad you are having a good time! We will be on the Legend in a few months.
  9. I did ask for top shelf, why would you not?
  10. I've heard rumors, but can't confirm. Is the Jan 25, 2020 Legend out of Tampa a casino (Premier, Elite, Ultra) cruise? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, didn't go to any shows other than the Aqua Theater show (which we enjoyed!) and unfortunately didn't keep any papers from the cruise so I can't look back. Maybe someone else can answer your question.
  12. I guess I just don't get that Galveston is so popular that it can support so many ships. Not only Carnival, but other lines, too. They do the math, so they know what they're doing. I hate to see both the Dream and Breeze there while New Orleans has older, smaller ships. What's going to happen to Port Canaveral? The Mardi Gras is a great option, but the same old tired itinerary will, well, get old. They used to have unique itineraries from Port Canaveral, along with the shorter and standard 7 day cruises. I wonder when the repositioning cruises will be available to book?
  13. I am recovering from a broken foot and recently cruised on Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral and had wheelchair embarkation. It took quite a while to get a wheelchair pusher for us to board. My foot is better, but the long and winding ramps to get onboard might still be a problem for me. How long are the ramps for the Valor? I was hoping to just walk on, but am having second thoughts. What is Carnival's procedure for getting onboard in a wheelchair?
  14. I'm sorry, but we drove to the port. I think I remember getting a paper in the cabin about luggage valet, but didn't pay much attention to it. Maybe someone else can help.
  15. We've always had the deluxe drink package. I only drink Grey Goose vodka and Patron Silver tequila, along with the very high class Canadian Club whiskey 😁. I also love Bloody Mary's and always request extra worchestershire , limes and olives. My Goose and cranberry is requested with extra lime. I never had a problem getting the liquor I requested, but no one in our group was allowed to get a double. The pours were excellent in the Suites Lounge and Rising Tide so no doubles needed there. We are not newcomers to the drink package and we were disappointed with it on the Harmony. I am just reporting our group's experience. Hopefully, we were in the minority and it won't keep us from getting the drink package again.
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