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  1. Any information about it? Every night or only a few times? Tasty or just okay? Planks serving size looks huge! Could you share instead of getting 2 dinners? Thanks!
  2. Looking forward to hearing your review. We will be on the Sky in April.
  3. Are the mini suite tubs deep? Are there any grab handles to help with stepping in and out when using it as a shower? Do they have those non slip mats to use or should I bring one? I am not as spry as I used to be. Lol. Thanks!
  4. Headed out on the Sky in a few weeks. I skip around cruise lines and the search feature didn't help me out. I don't remember the options on Princess. We don't like to carry tons of cash with us. I gamble on the slots, my DH on the tables. Can you charge your cabin without any surcharge? Usually you can on the slots, but not on the tables. What are the limits for this option? If I buy OBC can it be used in the casino? I saw the option of buying casino credits, but why not just use OBC? It would certainly be more flexible to use on other onboard options. Again, is there a charge to get chips at the table? Also, is the OBC refundable? You never know, we might have some good luck and not need the funds! 😁 With either OBC or charge your cabin feature do you get true cash or just fun play or fun chips? Lastly, could someone explain the medallion app gambling feature? Can you use it only when the casino is open? Anyone like the app or do you think it's a rip off?
  5. Does anyone have a copy of the current 7 day menu? I am going on the Sky in a few weeks. Will the Ocean App have the menus, too?
  6. Does it have to be in cans? We are pre ordering some alcohol and soda (for DH), but they don't have cranberry that you can order for the room. I will be using cranberry juice as a mixer, but they only have plastic bottles at the grocery store.
  7. Well dang. Looking forward to your review, but we are also on this sailing. Hoping that the few sailings before ours have reviews full of great info. So curious and excited about this ship. We have an aft corner Excel suite in January and an ocean suite with larger balcony in May.
  8. We usually book either military discount or casino offer. For far out cruises we usually book military because it is fully refundable and matches early saver. Our casino offers are a bit cheaper but the deposits aren't refundable. Has anyone noticed that the military rates are now "early saver" with non-refundable deposits? The military rate is just a few dollars less than the normal early saver. Very disappointed about this to say the least!
  9. I've done the Skyride to Paradise Point many times over the years. Last time was too much for me. I have mobility issues, also. Between the walk from the dock and then the stairs and the leap on and off the tram, plus the steps once you get up there, it was a lot. I was okay until I had to do it all again to return to the ship. I was so proud of myself! For the next 2 days I could hardly walk. Not saying you can't make it, but that will be the last time I attempt it. I'm looking for a guaranteed way to get a cab up and back now. The views and the bushwackers are worth the effort! Good luck.
  10. I need this info also. I love paradise point, but last time I had trouble with the stairs and leap on and off the tram. I am older now and not as stable on my feet. Is it really that hard to find a taxi to take you up and return you to the port? I would panic if I couldn't find a ride back down. Do taxis hang out at Paradise Point or do they expect you to take the tram?
  11. I have used my suitcase before. It does work, but can't get it just right to be comfortable. It will do in a pinch though. It is odd though that when we were on the Regal, both chairs had foot stools.
  12. What are the requirements for the handicapped Crown Loft? I can't do stairs very well and have a hard time doing the tubs in the GS. I am mobile, but have trouble with distances. I am not in a wheelchair and use a cane on bad days. I have a handicapped placard for my car. I would love to experience deck 17 just once. I don't want to take the cabin away from someone in a wheelchair, but I feel I can't safely handle the stairs. Thanks!
  13. That sounds like it might work. Thanks! Although I am disappointed that the angled minis don't have a footrest. It can't cost that much to put them out. I understand the regular balconies are too small for them, but they should add features for the larger balconies.
  14. We have a Sky Princess mini with a larger balcony. It is on the bump out mid-ship. Do the chairs have a foot rest like other Royal class ships? The few photos I've seen don't seem to have any. I struggle with ankle swelling and love to put my feet up on the balcony. If they don't have foot rests, does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative? I read about others bringing a blow up beachball that they use on the balcony and in the cabin. It is stored in the cabin when not in use. I would love to find an easier solution than that. Thanks in advance!
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