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  1. This is high for a balcony cabin on the Harmony. Have you looked at the Oasis? It goes into dry dock at the end of this year with lots of updates. More than likely you will see more similarities between Oasis and Symphony than between Harmony and Symphony after Oasis's dry dock. .
  2. I have not used EZ Air but on international flights one checked bag is included at no cost with most carriers. It doesn't matter, which cabin *first, basic economy, main etc.) that you are in.
  3. Usually when you call there is a wait time. If there are only a few rooms due to good pricing, it may be gone by the time you are connected to a representative. I've called C&A and asked if they can take the room out of inventory while we sort through my reservation and was told no. I called the regular number and asked the same question and was told no problem. I would rather book online. This way the room is out of inventory, while I pay.
  4. Wasn't very good on Harmony either. Oddly when Chops was first introduced and the cost was no more than $30, it was a lot better. There has been a progressive downgrade in food quality and options over the years. The result is that Chops is not worth an up-charge of $50.
  5. Good information, I did not know this. I' doing a Mexican Rivera cruise the 3rd week in Dec. It would be nice to see some whales.
  6. The federal govt required 737-Maxs to be grounded. An airline cannot decide when to start flying them again if the restriction is still imposed. Any date the airline has given is a speculated date in hopes that the situation is resolved. The date can and will be pushed back if needed. To op to be safe I would start looking at other airlines.
  7. i recall a bench around the table in the middle of the room. The staff member was sitting there but it was big enough for two. That being said, in order to solve the puzzle you probably need to walk around and be engaged.
  8. Below is a link to a marketing email I received today. There is a link to the deck plans but it looks like the old deck plans when you click the link even though it gives you date options to select. I thought I read somewhere that Dazzles was being replaced but it's still listed as a bar. The Champagne bar is also listed as a bar but there is a picture of dreadful Bionic bar. it's hard to say what is correct and what is not. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/oasis-of-the-seas
  9. One of the L1 on the Allure 8/25 cruise that was available was the accessible room.
  10. I recently booked my first one. You can upgrade to a different category but there may be limited inventory available in each category. I wanted to upgrade to a suite. The website you book on it says "sold out" but Princess's website shows suites are available. Other information - You can only book online through the webpage provided and you have to pay in full at time of booking. An extra non refundable $100 pp is added to the cost, which is given back in OBC. I think there was a banner when logging onto the webpage that said you do no earn points for the cruise but it will be counted as a cruise or something similar. First time non Princess so I didn't pay much attention. Overall, it seems like a good deal and gives me a chance to try a new cruise line. I think the total price came out about half of the cost if i booked directly. I had the option to choose from Mexico and Caribbean cruises. I chose the Royal Princess to Mexico.
  11. i'm sure but I would rather a small bar facing a window than a wall. Most people are on a ship to see the ocean.
  12. A really good deal. I have not seen GS this cheap in awhile.
  13. If you liked the bar in the suite lounge on the Allure you will be disappointed on the Harmony. I don't understand why it was designed so that the bar faces inwards with limited seating. Who wants look at a wall and not the sea while on a cruise ship?
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