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  1. I have been trying to figure out why this cruise is priced so high. I looked at suites and almost everyone is available. It's more expensive than a 7N sailing on the Symphony.
  2. I was told the TBD was considered a passenger and I had to pay the deposit. I was booking directly with RC. Maybe a TA is able to add the "TBD" without a deposit.
  3. I don't understand why people feel Celebrity is obligated to allow a lift and shift. It's their company and their rules. If the criteria is the same number of days then that's the criteria. There doesn't have to be an exception because there are no exact sailings. I did several lift and shifts and once the change is made the new invoice has the current pricing. It took a few days to receive an updated invoice with the correct pricing. I wouldn't worry.
  4. Great, Thank you, I appreciate the information.
  5. I've been following the various Lift and Shift threads. I did a few back in May when the program started but I see there have been some tweaks to eligible ships. On the list of approved moves, is Royal allowing L&S from Galveston Caribbean to either Miami or Fort Lauderdale ports? Thank you
  6. Better and more food options on Coco Cay. Labdee has a private area for suite guests. Coco Cay does not offer this option. I would pick Coco Cay.
  7. My mistake, if you didn't cancel you will get the 125% FCC.
  8. You will not get 125% because RC did not cancel your sailing. You cancelled to early. Not being able to book August is not an official cancellation. As of today, RC only announced sailings are cancelled through July 31st. You are eligible for a 100% FCC. Although you cancelled, you may be able to call and lift and shift. RC is under no obligation to do this as your reservation is now cancelled.
  9. Can a cruise line do this without prior notification? You fulfilled the terms of the contract by paying in full. By the time you get to the pier you have received your cruise documents and completed the check in process. What would be the cruiseline reason for not letting you board? I can possibly see you not being able to use the same credit card but even this seems like a lot of tracking since cc numbers can change for something as simple as a lost credit card. Vegas is kinda a one and done. A cruise is much more relaxing.. 🙂... Good luck with a satisfactory resolution.
  10. Have you tried to dispute the charge with the credit card company? you agreed to a $300 payment not a full payment. The most money RC should have is $300. Thanks for the info about using FCC online. Doesn't make sense that this would be an available option but in reality can not be used. This seems like a IT glitch.
  11. I thought you could use the FCC when booking online. Sometimes it's best to hang up and talk to someone else. S When is the new cruise? Can you cancel the new reservation and get your money back? If I read the post correctly, you only agreed to a $300 charge and not the entire fare.
  12. Carnival enforces their boarding time. You are not allowed in the terminal prior to your scheduled time. I'm sure during the check in process you will have an opportunity to add your arriving flight time. Maybe the scheduled time will be based on the information provided. The first few sailings on any line will be the test. Things will stabilize after a few sailings across all companies. They will learn from each other. I'm sure all the CEOs are meeting and discussing options.
  13. Did I miss a major cruise news announcement? RCL closed at $54 today. Obviously, the price will go up and down but the people who take a chance and purchased when the price was $20 or $30 are ahead. CCL and NCL are also up.
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