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  1. I have not seen an official post on RC social media yet but have seen many posts from others here and on FB indicting RC has made this right. Kudos to all who sent emails to the CEO, called the call center and posted on social media. For every call the call center received on the topic was one less reservation made, which is far more profitable than the Dine Drink Discover perks. Money talks... I wonder if the $50 OBC offer was a test to see how people would react. If there was no or little reaction then great money saved. If there was a strong reaction walk it back Kinda of a win win.
  2. I saw a few posts on FB. Anyone who feels $50 is not sufficient to cover the loss perks should voice their concern on FB and Twitter. Social media is the best way to get attention and both have a larger audience than cruise critic. The more people that voice their concern the more likely there will be an acceptable resolution. $50 OBC is less than 50% of the value. The right thing to do is to grandfather all those who already booked. It’s like promising someone $150 and then say I’ll give you $50 that you can take or leave. It’s not only a bad business practice but it’s also unethical.
  3. Cutting off a week before would not allow for winning bids on last minute cancellations, which is always a possibility. If your comfort zone is a week before, you can always cancel your bid a week before.
  4. On my last Harmony cruise I was able to bid on a Star class. Same as with my upcoming Harmony cruise. There have also been posts within this thread that people have bid on Star class. Someone in this thread has commented that she won a 2 Bedroom ATS. Someone else posted on CC their experience of being in a Star class suite that was won from bidding. There are no facts to back up your statement. This is speculation. No one knows how bids are won. They could be won by who bid first, who bid the highest or any other random criteria that Royal has not made public. I was in a JS on the Harmony and my bid options were a GS, CLS, 1 and 2 Bedroom ATS, Sky suite and the Villa suite.
  5. In addition to offering some options, you provided a snarky statement that did not add any value or option.
  6. I was at Alamo and Hertz in Fort Lauderdale. I also used Hertz in Miami, which was not as bad as Ft. Lauderdale. The shuttle usually drops you off in front of porters and no walking required. You will not have a problem. I usually go to the pier and drop off my bags before dropping off the rental. This way when I get on the shuttle i don't have to worry about heavy luggage (i overpack) . i have dropped off my bags at the pier as early as 9:00am.
  7. I've received the email twice in a suite. In both cases although my email is associated with the reservation, the 2nd passenger received the email. I receive all RC marketing emails.
  8. I agree. I put together a group on RC and the group rate is refundable and is significantly less than the regular rate. Pick a ship and date and let the group department or TA handle the reservations. Guests book directly with either. You really don't need to be too involved in planning.
  9. My experience with off site rental companies has not been great unless you get there very early. In Jan, I dropped off a car at Alamo on my way to the ship and the place was a zoo. It was not adequately staffed to assist with drop offs and new car rentals. My experience was pretty much the same with Hertz. Maybe some of the other companies have better service.
  10. There are no hard facts to support RC has better food better entertainment, better on-board activities etc.
  11. Did you ask the representative when you made the switch?
  12. You have to make sure the TA will give you the GAP points and tour credit (see post #2) for the sailing. I know some TA's keep these for themselves. I suggest dealing directly with RC group department vs a TA especially if you are very hands on.
  13. You cannot just compare prices. You have to compare ships as well. The Breeze is not one of Carnival newest and best ships so the price probably wouldn’t be as high as a newer ship like the Horizon. The Harmony is a one of RC’a newest ships and will cost more. This is true even when priced with older RC ships. I went on a Vista 6 night sailing and it was more expensive than a 7 night Oasis sailing.
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