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  1. Did you cancel before RC cancelled? if not, you are eligible for a cash refund for a May 3rd cruise.
  2. Do you have a crystal ball? Cruise lines are definitely expecting to operate again 2020.
  3. Disappointing as the A1 needs updated furnishings to appear more upscale like the rooms on deck 17. In the current state, the room decor does not match the price of the room. I'm pretty sure Celebrity's older ships that went into dry dock rooms were completely updated to match the decor on the Edge and Apex ships.
  4. Didn't the President of the U.S. ask for a shut down of all cruise ships for 30 days late in the day on Friday? I don't think Celebrity wanted to cancel but after the request and other lines cancelling it only made sense to follow suit. Unfortunately for all passengers, the timing between flying in the day before and the announcement was off.
  5. I have not seen an increase in prices since FCC started being issued. The cruises I have been looking at in 2021 and 2022 are the exact same price since the sale in Feb ended. Its likely prices will not go down but I don't see an increase now. In addition, the 25% would potentially cover the difference in price between current prices and the price that was originally paid for the cancelled cruise.
  6. Sometimes this option does not work. I tried in Chrome and Safari. It may be a silly question but what is the purpose of booking a refundable deposit? In most cases that I have seen the NRD is a lot less expensive than the refundable deposit. In post 3 there is a $400 difference between the two options. I've seen as much as $1500 difference. If you are not sure if you are going then why not just wait to book until you know you can go and you can pay less. Why pay more than what you would lose if you had a NRD and cancel? If you cancel a NRD you lose $100 pp in change fees, which is less than $400.
  7. I find suite pricing to vary the most. On a 6 night summer Equinox sailing the celebrity suite was $1689 pp (4 perks). I missed that price but grabbed it for $2089 pp (all 4 perks), which is still one of the best pricing Ive seen for a CS. Two days later the price went up to over $3k pp, I wish rates didn't fluctuate so much. Checking prices constantly is like a full time job but I love cruising and live for a good deal. 😀 Does anyone know when the next "sale" or promo begins?
  8. You can make changes or cancel a NRD reservation within 24 hours with no penalty. I have done it plenty of times.
  9. On more than one occassion, I've benefited from someone posting on RC as well. It's possible someone has one on a courtesy hold. Doesn't hurt to keep checking to see if a room comes back into inventory.
  10. I always find these post helpful in the Royal Caribbean forum. Celebrity Infinity - March 15, 2021 5 Nt Labadee & Puerto Plata S1 Suite (4 perks) - $749 pp b4 taxes Less than an AQ, Concierge or Balcony Only a few left I wonder how much the S2 were.
  11. I had the b2b but thought the 2 day wasn't a good deal. Perhaps it will go down. I missed the $699 sale. I wasn't checking prices because I thought $999 was a good deal. I now have to add it to my list of dates to check but I noticed the fare has gone up so it may not go down that far again but you never know.
  12. You have to really look for good deals. I did not see as many in 2021 but found a few e on the Apex in 2022 for a suite. In Jan 2022, there was a 7 night sailing on the Apex for $2099 pp in a S3 (4 perks included). The sale only lasted a few hours. A 7 night on Apex was less expensive than a 6 night on Equinox. I also found a S2 on the Infinity in Feb 2022 for $999 pp (4 perks included). These were all non refundable fares. I noticed most of the pricing changes happen for a few hours when one "sale" ends and another "sale" begins. Why do people book a refundable fare? There was a signifiant price (approx $1000 - $1500) difference between the two fares on the cruises I booked. I wouldn't think anyone would pay an extra $1k to get a deposit back. If the plan is to transfer to the non refundable fare later you are then booking at the current rate, which may be higher than when you booked. If this is the case, you did not gain anything by booking the refundable fare. You could have waited to put down a deposit and got the same current pricing. The only time I can see that a refundable fare makes sense is when there are a few rooms left or you want a specific cabin otherwise I don't get it. What am I missing??
  13. The Equinox really got the short end of the stick with the upgrades and is now being overlooked. A week dry dock to finish up doesn't seem unreasonable. Celebrity could have picked any week before releasing the 2021 - 2022 schedule. I like the short 6 day itineraries, which are offered on the Equinox. I have two cruises booked so I'm not really outraged by the incomplete dry dock. 😉
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