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  1. Why not just leave at hotel bell desk, then pick up after your tour? Can no speak directly about NZ - but most ports will take luggage rather early - though getting everyone off is the early priority.
  2. Okay... I might not have exact dates, but it looks two longer cruises in May are now cancelled since it was scheduled to be in Asia and then work it's way to Vancouver to start the Alaska season in early June. I think some April dates are cancelled as well. So - where will the ship be all this time? Will they be adding some other cruise on the West coast? Can not imagine the ship would be empty for 40+ days.
  3. You might have gotten more responses if you included which country/port in the description.
  4. You would get more replies if your subject line was more descriptive. There are hundreds of ports and tours.
  5. Tied to level of play. They basically will offer a free cruise if they think you will be dropping a similar amount (or more) in the casino. If you are getting offers of $75 off, it is based on your past play. They think you will leave a LITTLE money, but not enough to offer more than $75.
  6. Undercover Boss is so scripted and fake... would not matter much If the executives want to really know what is going on, they only need to send a few folks onboard with pen and paper to write up a review. Those deals with a camera rolling are just setups and do not show the real story.
  7. Seems like all/most of their pricing options include air, or air credit. What if we want to book our own air. How do you find pricing for that?
  8. The answers are a bit right and wrong. Are you planning to use phone for JUST internet, or are you asking about making phone calls via wifi, or calls via the ships towers?
  9. garycarla


    Why do people think it costs extra to use more words? Or that others can read their mind? then again, it has been 4 weeks since the OP was here.
  10. Priority will vary by port. I did not see which one you had.
  11. Yea, that free air is not longer such a great deal - LOL Never book cruise line hotels if you can help it. Always overpriced, and you have no leverage at the front desk if you are an elite hotel member. You are just crap to them.
  12. We would never fly into BCN the same day as the cruise. 1 - potential delays. 2 BCN is a great city to visit. Done this many times, cabs are just fine. (and, please do not reply that the ship will get you to the next port - what a royal pain that is)
  13. Been in Pearl and sister ships in Haven a few times. Do NOT consider that a pool at all. Nice quiet area of course. Breakfast in that area. Sure.... but remember, they have to go down to the restaurant to get your food. LOVE the HAVEN by the way. Just understand what you get.
  14. Reading other posts or a 30 second google search would answer your issue.
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