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  1. We've been lucky with Independence cruises twice now-left it late to book, approx. 6 weeks before. Have paid as little as £1099 for a 14 night in August. There looks to be a lot of cabins left-I would think the price will come down, a guarantee cabin is now £1499. I usually check the inventory daily then make my decision based on how many cabins are left. It can be a difficult game knowing when to pounce. One thing I have noticed the last few years is that RC will have a special price on a well known cruise website(where the eskimos live) that is way cheaper than their website price. Worth checking that out!
  2. Last summer in the Med, the roof on Vision in the solarium was often closed-it was unbearable! Everyone was complaining and asking staff to open the roof-apparently it is the decision of the bridge officers when to open/close it
  3. We spent 12 days on Vision last August cruising from Barcelona. It was our 1st small ship experience, and we tried to adjust our expectations accordingly. The cruise was chosen primarily for the itinerary-Venice overnight, Croatia, Montenegro, Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, fabulous ports! We loved it so much that we have booked again on the same itinerary for this year too. The ship does have drawbacks but for us we liked the lack of queues and big crowds. The price too was lower including flights than what we would pay from Southampton for an Independence cruise. We also found a great mix of nationalities on board that you don't get with a UK departure. We were so tired from the long days in port that we didn't need the late night entertainment, and we were happy to have our meal, a drink, see a show and sleep like babies soon after!!
  4. I purchased the 10 drink card on Vision on the Aug 6th cruise. It was $85 and there was no 18% gratuity added(no idea why). You could use it to purchase any drink up to $12
  5. I have been on many all inclusive holidays in Europe as well as cruises-I would never drink the tap water there. We always buy bottled water. Obviously the ship water is safe to drink
  6. The Viking Crown is adults only after a certain time when it becomes the disco.
  7. Interesting-was thinking that Vision's solarium would be very hot and stuffy with an enclosed non retracted roof. Air conditioning is a good thing! Thank you for that information
  8. I've been on Independence twice the last 2 years. We struggled to find seating on both these cruises-in the bars and windjammer. Finding a sunbed on a sea day was nigh impossible. We learnt to not go to the windjammer between 12 and 2 and to have a very late lunch. I imagine it's like this on most ships when they are sailing at capacity like Indy is now. The latest enhancements seem to be aimed at the family market and as we now cruise minus children we're trying Vision this year-smaller ship and new ports of call. I don't know if we'll book Indy again looking at the pricing for next year either(admittedly it's with the so called free drinks package at the moment!) Lots of gripes on FB too about ship overcrowing
  9. Yes hair straighteners are allowed onboard The alcohol rule is 2 bottles per stateroom-75cl in size
  10. Thinking of you and your son in this horrible situation. The most important thing is the health of your son-you can cruise another time. I know that's really difficult to accept at this point as you'll have been so excited for your holiday but health is the most important thing. We were in exactly the same situation 5 years ago-cruise all booked then the week before I had a heart attack. Absolutely devastating at the time and making that call to cancel was so hard. But we have cruised since, after my health was sorted, and got all our money back through insurance Take care and I hope things get better quickly x
  11. Such good news that the UK will have Anthem and Independence for the 2020 summer season. Pity we can't book until next year though.....
  12. Does that mean he will be captain for the cruise starting from Barcelona on August 6th? I calculate its 10 weeks up to the 6th! Thank you
  13. The Buy One Get One 50% off refers to onboard prices-there is always a catch!
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