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  1. Regarding dining and show reservations, what time does the booking window opens online? (I'm a seasoned Disney planner and like to start booking reservations as soon as the window opens). I understand its 120 days for NCL, but does the window open at midnight? 6am? etc. And is it better to do the booking online or call? I have a group of 10 people. Thanks for your help!
  2. sarahbeth476

    parking Fulton or Julia (NCL)

    First time cruising NCL/Julia St. Port. I love the convenience of parking at Erato for Carnival. If we park at Julia St, its not covered parking, correct? Fulton Garage, upon debarkation, do we all ride the shuttle back to the Fulton Garage or does one person go, then bring the car around to port to pick up people/luggage? I'm trying to figure out what's easiest for family of 4.