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  1. 46 minutes ago, ldubs said:


    It is kind of sad to think someone needs to intentionally mislead.  I'm sure many folks, myself included, have unintentionally provided bad info.  Especially with those hearsay type things that seem to take on a life of their own.   

    I see a lot of those hearsay things.

    And then there are those who reply to "I'm so excited; I just booked a cruise on XYZ" by saying "That was stupid; that's the worst ship in the fleet!"  Some people are just mean.

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  2. I should mention that most of the misinformation I read is on "another site" rather than CC....but it is very popular, and followed by millions rather than thousands.  I always said I would never take part in that site, but I got sucked in by becoming aware of some truly bad information, and took on the role of teacher/advisor.  Now I can't stop.

  3. We sailed on Regal Empress in 2000; one of the best cruises we've ever been on.  Beautiful ship, just the right size. Excellent food, including the best duck (Mr. Shipgeeks ate the whole duck), the best pasta, and the best orange sherbet.

    For an unknown reason, we were invited to have dinner with (the late) Captain Gavakis.  We met in a lounge, as directed, and chatted with the other invitees. Captain Gavakis came in, happened to talk with us, then the Social Hostess asked us all to follow her to the dining room. Captain and hubby both stepped into the Men's Room on the way.....we waited, and waited. When they both eventually came out, they admitted they had been talking about ships.

    We were seated next to him, and had a lot of interesting conversation. At the table, along with a couple who were on their 17th consecutive cruise aboard, was the Cruise Director, Clo, her husband, and his parents who had flown over from the UK, sans luggage. Several months ago, we sailed on a RC ship with Clo as CD again. We were able to share the photo from that dinner with her.

    The last full day of the cruise, we got a flyer under our door, offering the next, short, cruise for $99 each. We were unable to take advantage - although we would happily have done so - but we could see how the 17-cruise couple had been enticed to stay aboard for so long.

    We miss that ship, and that elegant style of cruising.

  4. First Time Cruisers: I started this post to point out the fact that many of you seem to be very worried about things that should not be a concern! Any of us can be misled or misinformed, but I see so much wrong information that I'd love to be able to set a few things straight. Remember, it's the internet!  Anybody can post anything.

    Some of the things I read this week:

    "Only the newest and biggest ships have stabilizers."  "Our stabilizer broke off during our cruise."


    "I made the mistake of booking a Guarantee cabin. Now I know that means my booking will probably be cancelled, maybe even as late as sailing day."


    "My travel agent said food was included, but now I know it's not. How do most of you pay for your meals?"  "Is it cheaper to get all my meals in the buffet?"


    "I booked an OV cabin on Deck 3. Now I'm terrified!  Is Deck 3 under water the whole time?"


    "I know everyone gets seasick."


    So, how is a first-timer to know what's true and what isn't?

    Unfortunately, as well as misinformation, there are people with agendas, and there are mean people.  Some people love to follow up an innocent question with rude replies, and with stories of their own "extreme" experiences.  It reminds me of my younger days, when one might say "Guess what, girls, I'm pregnant!"  First friend says "Oh that's great, by the way, did I ever tell you that my labor lasted for twelve days?"  Another friend says "I'm so happy for you, by the way, I had morning sickness for six months."

    I'm not sure what the remedy is, except perhaps to take everything with a grain of salt...and remember, It's The Internet.

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  5. A month or two ago, we dropped our provider, and got an antenna. That totally changed what stations we get, but Dream Cruises was one of the new benefits.  (Plus, we are saving a lot of $$, to use on real cruises.)

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  6. Does anyone else watch Dream Cruises?  We get it every evening at 7pm, on AWE Encore.

    It is a few years old, but gives an interesting look at the interiors and decks of each featured ship, and excursions in each of its ports.

  7. On 5/5/2024 at 3:10 PM, lovesthebeach2 said:

    Well now thanks for bursting THAT bubble of thinking Royal would actually spring for microscopic diamond chips 😁🤪

    The pins are still nicer than the "diamond earrings" one can get for free by visiting Diamonds International.  I think they had a touch of diamond dust glued on, but I'm not sure.

  8. Harriet, I would highly recommend studying the four different "experiences" offered when booking MSC, as each provides different pros/cons.  For example, we would not be happy with anytime dining, so we do not book Aurea, but book Bella as that gives us traditional dining. We do not want room service, so do not need Fantastica.

    Secondly, if you have a good loyalty status with one of the lines you've sailed, consider doing a status match, which could give you some nice benefits.

    We found MSC different from our other lines, but in a good way!  I hope you will find the same.

  9. Another option is to not buy cruise insurance, or at least to know what might be covered. I'm always curious to read "my insurance didn't cover that, and I assumed it would cover everything".


    Many people apparently assume that insurance will cover anything that can go wrong. Hospitals in foreign countries frequently require cash or credit card upfront; proof of insurance might not be enough. Coast Guard evac is paid for by our taxes.  Existing credit card might cover loss of luggage. Know what you are buying insurance for.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Iamcruzin said:

    I'm from NY. If I wanted to go to Central Park it was there. Now that I live in Florida I'm 2 hours from the big theme parks. I won't go on anything bigger than a Quantum Class ship. The bigger the ship the longer it takes to get from one end to the other and it's just more pay for venues and shops. We don't even shop at the malls on land anymore. A perfect day a Coco Cay is great if you are traveling with a family but as empty nesters we need more adventure than a pool day in an over priced Cabana 

    I agree, and not the size element, but the fact that on a Vision class ship, I can see the sea and sky from almost anywhere on the ship, but on a ship with a Royal Promenade, I would feel like I was in a mall/city/theme park.  I can do that at home; I don't need to do it on a ship.

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