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  1. This is interesting. We are booked in Nov. of 2020 on the Romantic Danube and everything is fine on MVJ. However, we are also booked Nov.2021 on the Danube Waltz-Viking Prestige--the booking is now locked. I wonder what that means---------
  2. Since we had been to Paris before and just spent 2 days in Paris, we quite enjoyed LePecq. We went to the grocery by the docking place and Post Office. We then walked up the hill to another little town, I forgot the name. Had a very quaint Christmas Market with a booth that sold Fois Gras, and free samples--heaven. Nice castle to look around, Starbucks if you must--good bathroom place. After the hustle and bustle of Paris this was very nice.
  3. We just got off the Freedom, has lobster choice, lamb chops, probably something else you may be able to download the menu from the Carnival web site or app. The art dessert is fantastic, also if you like cheesecake it is a biiiig piece. I believe there is chicken too.
  4. We were on the 1-12-20 Carnival Freedom 7 day cruise. The Meet n Mingle was only offered by invite on the 5th day of the cruise after the Nassau stop. It was scheduled at 6pm, most everyone had dinner at 6 so at least half the meet and mingle including myself did not attend. We found that Carnival should have had it the first sea day so we could all meet. I wonder if it was intentional on Carnival's part. On the first day I did ask at Guest Services when it would be and was told they will be scheduling it. Oh well.
  5. We also have been to the Victoria Hotel, right inside city walls and walkable to everything, except the ship. They had a great breakfast.
  6. I have had the pleasure of watching Verruckt Nach Fluss on Das Erste, German TV on my computer. The link is https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/verrueckt-nach-fluss/index.html. It's a reality series (not like in the US) about a real German river cruise. This year on the Duoro, then switch to the Rhine, Main, Donau, and I think to the Moselle. It was filmed in the spring, and yesterday's episode the ship was on the Donau and the Capitan was talking about the accident on the Donau with the Korean Tourists, very sad. But for anyone it is a very interesting show about river cruising.
  7. The Palace is very interesting and if you have not seen Versailles it is worth seeing, however it may be crowded. They have a very nice Christmas Market in front of the Palace. The Belvedere is really nice especially if you like the artist Klimt. His famous painting the Kiss is there and a cute little Christmas Market in front of the Palace too, I wish I had more time at the Belevedere, just went to see the Klimt. If you get to the Hofburg there is a Butterfly House, Schmettering Haus that is really cool. You walk in this tropical environment and the butterflies are all around you. And there is the Treasury in the Hofburg that holds Charlamagnes Crown, etc, symbols of the Holy Roman Empire that are very, very old, and very historical. And of course the Spanish Riding School you may be able to get tickets for the exercise program in the morning.
  8. And you must have Zwiebelkuchen with the Federweisser!
  9. My husband uses a CPAP and yes, just ask and they will get you distilled water at no cost, unlike come ocean cruises.
  10. Oh the memories of Federweisser and Zwiebel Kuchen, a good thing to try!
  11. The Hotel Victoria is a decent priced hotel just inside the wall, an underground walk way will take you right to the train station. Breakfast is included and very nice one, easy walk to all the inner city sites, the war sites would be by public transportation. From Nuremberg very easy by train to get to Munich, etc. If staying in Bavaria use the DB Bavaria Pass for travel after 9am to 3am next morning wherever in Bavaria you want to go in second class about 32 Euro for two.
  12. They are all on the lower deck. Personally I didn't find anything different from a category e to f. Never noticed noise from engine, however the one time we were in an Explorer suite, we did get lots of vibration from engine, and when in a room on the top deck could hear some noise from the walking track on the sun deck, but mostly they ask you do not use it until 7 or 8 am. The crew quarters will take the noise from the engine, and you will not notice the crew walking back to their rooms. And there is a stair case to use in the middle and the front of the third deck. The rooms in e and f categories are larger then the french balcony rooms, although you only have a window at head level vs a full wall of window. But since you are only there to sleep, not really noticeable.
  13. My friend on the Viking Gefjon is now ported in Mainz. Viking is putting them on a small boat through the Rhine Gorge to Koblenz. I think they will go back to the Gefjon and then transfer to the Mimir in Koln. Notamermaid--she will be in Koln on 11-11, she thinks they may celebrate Armistace Day, I think Carneval! Could you shed some light on what they will encounter? Happy Sailing!
  14. Hi GMT, Vielen Dank for the update on the VE. Doesn't look real atractive, but at least you can see the Dom! I figure she may not catch the Gefjon in Regensburg, maybe Nurnberg, time will tell, what a year you all have had. Wish we could send some of our rain your way.
  15. My friend is on the Viking Ve now in Passau. She said will ship swap to Viking Gefjon in Regensburg. They will be bussed from Passau to the new ship in Regensburg. She also mentioned that the Captain of the Ve said that the water is now to low to sail to Budapest too.
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