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  1. Just come back from a 7-day cruise out of Puerto Rico (plus 2 nights in Old San Juan ahead of the cruise). Wish it could have been longer, but the price for that particular cruise was too good. Totally worth the airfare and the 24 hours it took to get there door to door.
  2. We disembarked the Summit on Saturday 😞 We too had an aft balcony. What are you doing 'walking upstairs' to the breakfast buffet?? 😉 I loved our balcony so much we had room service breakfast every day bar the sea day (MDR) and disembarkation day (buffet) so that we could sit out there. But yes, the egg Benedicts and waffles were good, admittedly.
  3. DH and I have just got back off the Summit. Ok, so we did do Qsine on the first night with a 20% discount, but only because I knew Qsine would be disappearing so wanted to try it before it goes. Other than that we stuck with MDR. One evening we ate in the buffet, but the quality of food wasn't the same, so we happily returned to the MDR. DH got fed up with the 'constant upselling' of the chargeable restaurants. In his view, we've paid for our meals, so why pay again? The food and menu was very good.
  4. Thanks. The excursion is from 8.15 - 11.15am, so I assume we'd be finished at about 10.45am (if it takes about 30 mins to get back to port). I did email Stingray City as well, but haven't had a reply as yet. But I recognise it would be easier to get a taxi from the port.
  5. I too have had a very positive experience when phoning Celebrity. I think I got the same American lady on both days I rang, dithering about my room choice. She was very helpful and lovely. Think her name was Angie. I went on to the Celebrity FB page at the time to sing her praises. It's a shame it's so much easier to make a fuss than it is to compliment, isn't it?
  6. I happened to see this when I was looking for something else. Don't know if it's of any use? https://www.accessiblecaribbeanvacations.com/antigua-accessible-shore-excursions
  7. Hi I've booked Celebrity's shore excursion to Stingray City as I suspected they might book up all the available slots. But I would also like to see some of the island. (It's a morning excursion; back by midday I think). Are taxis available at Stingray City that we could take rather than go all the way back to port? Or if we do go back to the port, would we have time in the afternoon to take a taxi to Shirley Heights and back? We depart at 5pm. Thank you!
  8. Actually I did that with a ring I purchased! Bought it one day; the next it had been reduced in price so I went back to the shop and asked if they'd honour the difference. They did. (I think it had to be ordered in, so I'd paid for it, but hadn't received it just to add context).
  9. Hello. I tried posting this on the Ports of Call thread, but have had no response, so thought I'd try here on Celebrity. I've booked the above tour, which as well as going to the wildlife park includes a "four-wheel-drive vehicle exploration of Barbados’ most beautiful locations, including the East Coast". Does anyone know which places it visits, as I'm trying to work out what to do in the morning before our afternoon tour and wish to avoid duplication (including similar sights if not actually the same places). Thank you!
  10. Please, Sir (raises hand with trepidation), but I actually like Stonehenge! Good job really as I'm there a lot. I like it least around midday in the height of summer when it's horribly crowded and the light is harsh, but give me a fine December afternoon as the sun's setting, and I melt. I was at an inner circle access visit last week, watching some group communing with the stones. I really don't 'get' or feel the spiritual side of it; chakras and ley lines generally pass me by. But I look at the stones, the construction, the grooves where they've been bashed and bashed, the graffiti ancient and newer, and I just marvel at their ingenuity, and their burial customs and beliefs. For me, it's fascinating.
  11. Hi, If you've been on the above tour, could you let me know where the "four-wheel-drive vehicle exploration of Barbados’ most beautiful locations, including the East Coast" goes as I'm trying to work out what to do in the morning before our afternoon tour and wish to avoid duplication (including similar sights if not actually the same places). Thank you!
  12. Excellent news re: the expanded breakfast! Having just changed our cabin to one of the aft ones, I'm looking forward to having breakfast in my pyjamas and dressing gown on my large balcony each morning, rather than have to go to the dining room!
  13. Caribbean in November. Definitely not a sold-out cruise, hence why prices have gone down.
  14. Lol! The research and planning has been going on for months already. To be honest the rest of the holiday is just about sorted. Just got to pay for it all now! I think I made the right decision as I feel very happy about it! DH says he knew I really wanted to go for that one. But isn't it daft? Because I've seen photos of the depth of that balcony (sooo looking forward to breakfasts on it), it hadn't occurred to me that I would see more by going up to the railing. And I like to think I'm reasonably smart! Oh well. Just 2 months to go now. Thank you all for your input.
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