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  1. I've enjoyed the shareholder benefit for a long time. I'm Platinum Plus with NCL. I think NCL should raise the amount to shares to qualify for the benefit. People who own 250 shares of NCLH stock will qualify for the benefit. For the past 3 years the stock has been trading at about $50 a share. ($5000 for a hundred shares) Now it's trading at about $20 a share. ($5000 for two hundred fifty shares)
  2. Thanks for all the information. I'll make sure to declare my purchase. Good to know I'll need to bring a decent amount of cash to pay customs duty. I usually don't bring a lot of cash because I don't spend any money in the casino. Cash is just for extra tipping.
  3. I agree. There some Rolex Professional models that have a 2- 3 year waiting list. My authorized dealer told me if I see one while I’m traveling to buy it! If I happen upon a watch not available at home I’m going to purchase it from an authorized Rolex dealer abroad. I just don’t want any surprises with US Customs.
  4. If I were to a a $10,000 watch, and I obey the law and declare it, I'd like to have an idea of how much I'll owe customs. I don't see that info on their website.
  5. Cruising in the Caribbean people talk about duty free shopping. They don't tell you about the US Customs Duty Tax you owe when you finish your cruise. If you buy a $10,000 ring on one of the islands how much will you be charged when you declare it to US Customs? Please share your experience with high value jewlery purchases, and how much you were charged from Customs. Thanks
  6. I'm on the Bliss sailing January 5th. Anyone else have bids for that cruise? I haven't heard anything. Have you?
  7. Some people have told me that NCL holds a few cabins for the bidding. This doesn't make any sense to me. Why not sell them all at full price. Bidding is to get extra revenue by getting people who have paid in full to spend more on a empty cabin that's an upgrade from what they have. Plusgrade.com helps airlines and cruise lines fill seats, and empty cabins. It is interesting that all Haven and Minis are sold out and there are plenty of balconys and inside cabins available.
  8. NCL Bliss January 5th 14 night sailing. All Mini Suite and Haven cabins are sold out. I'm booked in a balcony. How can I get an accepted bid to buy an upgrade??
  9. What is the earliest you've had a bid accepted for an NCL cruise? Mine is 48 hours.
  10. Sailing on the Bliss on January 5th. Currently in a balcony. Bidding on Haven cabins. All the Haven cabins are sold out. How are my chances???
  11. I decided to be content with my mini suite on the Joy 12 night Halloween cruise. I canceled my bids and bought a new iphone 11 Pro. As a solo traveler the cost of a Haven upgrade wasn't worth it to me.
  12. The same thing happened to me. Your docs are good because your reservation number doesn't change. I got new luggage tags at the port before sailing. Very easy!
  13. I recently learned that NCL uses a third party company called Plusgrade for their Upgrade Advantage program. https://www.plusgrade.com/partners/ The people at NCL have nothing to do with the bidding to buy an upgrade. Lots of airlines and other cruise lines use the same company. A computer algorithm determines if your bid is accepted, not NCL management.
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