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  1. Key Review for Serenade out of Stockholm on July 7, 2019 I'll keep this quick, the short answer is that I'm glad that we got the The Key for our cruise. Embarkation - At the Stockholm terminal, there weren't any Key signs, but we breeze through check-in in about five minutes. Once we crossed the gangway, we saw the large Key sign, and we were able to hand over our hand luggage. We also collected an envelope with a list of our perks and the access codes for the wifi. Lunch at Chops: Because we boarded at 11:30am, I really liked this perk. It was a calm way to have some lunch before the cabins were ready. I don't have a photo of the menu, but the selection was similar to the ones posted in other reviews. When cabins were ready at 1:30pm, our hand luggage was waiting in the room for us. Our SeaPass cards were on our door, and there was a Key symbol on them. Wifi: Really liked this perk as I would have purchased it anyway. Priority Disembarkation: The port this helped us the most was St. Petersburg. Key guests were able to get off the ship in between the Royal Caribbean booked tours and those who had booked independent tours. We were off the ship at 8am and met our independent tour. Other ports we just walked off the ship ourselves. Last Day Breakfast: Did not participate Priority Seating for Shows: Did not participate (too tired from the (awesome) port intensive itinerary) Select times for Activities: Did not participate (only the Rock Wall was on Serenade) Even though we didn't use all the perks, I still believe that The Key was worth the price and would purchase it again, especially since I would buy WiFi for each person in the cabin anyway. The biggest perk was being able to get off at St. Petersburg before the non-Royal tour folks went; it made it really, really easy, and the Chops lunch.
  2. Hi Everyone - hope your Saturdays are off to a great start! Is it possible for a Grande Suite bed on Serenade to be made up as two separate twins? Traveling with my mom, and I'm thinking that would be more comfortable for us than one of us taking the sofa pull out. Thanks! Joanna
  3. Hi - we're on the one right before you. Too bad because that would have worked out well!
  4. When we were in Santorini, Dimitra was an excellent guide - http://santoriniguidedtours.com/ Also, when in Mykonos, try to take an excursion to Delos if you can. It's beautiful and very well preserved.
  5. Hi everyone - hope all is well! It's been a few years since I've cruised Royal Caribbean, and I know I haven't kept up with the various changes/updates to dining options, so I'd love input on what folks would do in the following scenario: My mom and I are cruising on Serenade to the Baltics in July, and because it's just the two of us, we would enjoy sitting with others at dinner to meet folks and swap stories from the day. We're currently assigned the 8:30pm MDR slot, which is likely too late for us, and based on our tours, the 6:30pm option might be too early, meaning we don't want to be rushing when we're back on the ship to change and go to dinner. What's My Time Dining like on Serenade these days and how does it work? Are we able to request to sit with others? I'm also assuming that, with the exception of the Chef's Table, any specialty restaurant will likely put us at a table for two. Thanks in advance for your help! Happy Cruising!
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