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  1. We'll be on the Ritz Carlton Evrima in Jan '23 for the Pacific coast of Central America. And on the Symphony in Nov/Dec '22 in the Middle East. So we can directly compare the experiences, tho Crystal ships are 3x the size of the Evrima.
  2. Interesting --- no response from Ms. Muckerman! I agree with gogo65's first sentence. We were on the Silver Explorer in Jan. 2016 to Antarctica, etc. Wouldn't go on her again -- too many new luxury expedition ships now (or soon) available.
  3. I'm worried about the part where Genting "warned about its ability to continue as a going concern". We have a B2B cruise towards the end of next year with Crystal. Sure hope Genting can pull it together over the next year and that Crystal is viable at that point!
  4. And all other Alaska 2021 cruises. Ditto Oceania exc. LA-Tokyo Oct. '21 (but all "wait list").
  5. We were on the July 10th Greece Intensive cruise on the Pursuit. Personally, I'm glad it's been cancelled (tho the itinerary was great) as we were not comfortable in traveling to Europe this summer. Will now have a lot of FCC to use on something in the future.
  6. Anybody hear if Azamara will require all passengers (as well as crew) to be vaccinated? Many other lines are requiring it. Although we've been fully vaccinated over a month ago, we would not be comfortable going on a ship that did not require it. Too much risk. We're on the 1st cruise to re-start for Azamara (July 10, Greece intensive). Greece is opening up to tourists next month, even though they're undergoing another Covid spike (look at the new daily cases plot). They're clearly prioritizing euros over public health! I wouldn't go to Greece now if you paid me!
  7. Correct. We got 6 free nights as we moved up to Discoverer+. Had 6 cruises on Azamara and 5 on Celebrity.
  8. We're on the July 10th Greece Intensive cruise -- 1st one after start-up. Do we think this cruise will happen? NO. Just waiting for Azamara to cancel July cruises. Booked this with FCC, so it should be rolled over to something else we'll have to find. Hurry up & wait.
  9. We were on the last cruise of the season, Vancouver - Tokyo. Like you, we figured the 2021 Alaska season is toast. We cancelled Wednesday. Many of those on the thread for that cruise are thinking the same way, albeit waiting until next week hoping against hope.
  10. gnld


    We did a month in Australia 6 years ago on our own. Looked a business air LAX-Sydney on Qantas -- $8000r/t. Woof! Wound up booking Fiji Air 1-stop business class for half that!
  11. Do you plan any expeditions to East Antarctica? Usually r/t New Zealand. None are shown on the Ultramarine's schedule out thru winter 2023.
  12. All 2021 Alaska cruises in the same category, incl our Vancouver-Tokyo transpacific at the end of the season. I agree with OP -- these cruises are toast!
  13. Considering one of these Bahamas cruises in Oct. if our Vancouver-Tokyo cruise w/ Regent in late Sept is a no-go. But it appears all these small islands are tender ports (Nassau excepted, of course). DW doesn't like tenders, tho, so it might be a hard sell. 🙁
  14. Orlando to Ushuaia is a looong flight! I wouldn't want to fly it coach. Given they talk about "ultra-luxury experience", I would hope the whole plane would be business class. 12 hours in a coach seat is NOT ultra-luxury!
  15. Ditto. Will be looking for something "new" in 2023.
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