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  1. But can you actually taste the alcohol? That is one thing I'm guaranteed, and I'm an infrequent drinker....I never get any feeling from any drinks on Royal. I always take something at the events, sometimes 2 or 3 of them...absolutely nothing....sober as the proverbial judge...and they are supposed to be alcoholic drinks. I suppose my liver thanks me.
  2. I think it’s fine, too. Young kids have alot of energy and aren’t afraid of threats given their bravado. I was young once and nothing bothered me, no matter the hour. My friends and I were ready to take on the world. Things change and now I give way to the young and brave!! My brain is young at heart, but the rest of me acts my age!! I love the young people for their enthusiasm and energy..it warms my heart to relive the memories.
  3. Nitemare...I am enjoying life. Attitude changes with age, I’m not the same confident , able, strong person that I was 50 years ago. I know my limitations. I also can’t tour around on foot for 18 hours a day anymore either. I accept this as the normal part of aging. The dark doesn’t scare me, I just prefer to see what’s around me in a strange neighbourhood. I have no problem in cities where I’m familiar with it. I’ve had no problem my whole life in NYC or Newark, and I have been out after dark. There’s always people around in NYC, I feel safe being among them. Toronto, Montreal, Miami...same thing. Everyone is different and should be respected for their views and abilities. You and your wife can travel anyway you want, and so can I. I’m very happy that I’ve always been safe and hope it continues with my health too. Live and let live.
  4. Not knowing exactly to whom you refer, not knowing if you’re male or female and not knowing if you’re 6’5” and 350 pounds of muscle....if you want to wander around outside after midnight, be my guest. Who am I to tell you how to feel, what you want or where you want to go??? But to judge others for their feelings and types of likes and dislikes is just plain ignorant. To say you’re stupid for your judgemental comments is not very nice of me, but my opinion is that you deserve it.
  5. Thank you Post Captain. You are full of good ideas. I appreciate your ideas for supper. I just might stay and eat in Hoboken. I do find the area very interesting. I had a good walk around last time I was there. Those restaurants you mention sound like places I would enjoy. As far as wandering around after dark, its a blanket policy I have. I thank my lucky stars that nothing has ever happened to me due to always paying attention to my surroundings. Perhaps nothing would have happened anyway. I’ve had a few threats in the daytime, but nothing came of them. I’m sure Hoboken is safe and trustworthy, but I’ve never mastered feeling relaxed walking alone after dark. Now that Im older, slower and weaker, I feel less relaxed. It’s a learned behaviour from everyone who tells me to ‘be careful’...so, it’s worked for me thus far, I won’t change the lucky streak. I just hope the weather and Uber work out for Sunday. I look forward to my visit to Washington St in Hoboken! I know I’ll enjoy my visit! Thanks again!
  6. It sounded a little judgey.....but now you can see that I have only a few hours to do something and Carlo's isn't too far away. I don't want to just sit in the hotel room when I could be at least looking at pastries and wishing I needed to gain 20 pounds. A few hours doesn't leave enough time to go to Manhattan and do something. It's a Sunday too, so I'll do something familiar and one never knows what one will see on the way there or back. The sun will be going down around 6-7 or so and I don't wander alone after dark so getting back in the light is imperative. I love NYC and plan many trips there but usually in better weather for site seeing. Have a good day.
  7. In response to Nitemare and mjkacmom who seem to be somewhat judging me for my decision to go to Carlo’s Bakery....I only have about 4 hours of daylight between landing and being safe inside at nightfall. I’ve been to Manhattan several, several times in the last 20 years and have seen so much, and of course still have lots to see. In fact I was just in Manhattan at the end of October staying in a mid-town hotel. I’ve stayed in Manhattan, I’ve stayed at the Robert Treat, I’ve stayed at the Hilton Penn Station NJ, all of which affords easy access to Manhattan. What’s around the Doubletree on Frontage St for me to see? I’ve been to Carlo’s before, I also went to the fruit and vegetable store beside it, I also walked up and down the street just observing different stores and having a walk in a different area. I am alone so I don’t venture too far near nightfall. Sometimes I go somewhere just to pass the time, did I say I was buying anything? You’re presuming alot especially when you know nothing about my reason for the visit. Do everyone a favour and go do your people bashing elsewhere, not on these forums.
  8. Thank you markeb. I appreciate your comments. I do like seeing a price for somewhere that is the first time (by cab). I got my Uber all set up...let's hope it works well. I might use it to get to the airport next weekend as a trial run. 😊
  9. I didn’t know that. Thank you, I’ve only used Uber once. Does the drive disappear because the fare isn't enough for the driver? I had trouble at the Miami Port because the taxi driver didn't want to just drive me to the Holiday Inn. His boss forced him to take me....talk about a stressful ride...thank goodness it was short. I tipped him well out of guilt..yikes! Thanks for letting me more about Uber.
  10. Thank you for that tip. I've used Uber in Canada...I presume it works the same in the US. I just have to set it up on my new phone.... Do Uber drivers mind a customer asking what the approximate fare will be? I always like to have an idea. Is your cost from the Doubletree on Frontage Road, and fairly recent? Thank you for taking the time to respond. 😊
  11. Thank you. I will plan to go, but if the weather isn't looking great, I won't go. $60 one way..yikes..no cab for me! I'll definitely be looking at all the schedules. I've gone there before by public transit, so at least I have an idea. Thank you again!
  12. Thank you for all that advice, 138east. I hope to see you at the Meet & Mingle!!
  13. I'm staying at the Doubletree at the EWR airport....and have a day to do something. I thought of going to Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken. I've been there before..but was staying at the Hilton Penn Station and went on a weekday. This time, it would be a Sunday. The taxi company said it would charge me $60 for the trip. I'm presuming that's a return trip. Is there any possibility of taking the PATH train like I did before, with transferring at Journal Square? Again, I'm there on a Sunday. Or should I wait for another time when I'm visiting during the week? Thanks for any advice!! 😊
  14. Would like your learned experience please. Three of us would like a ride from Doubletree at the Newark airport to Port Liberty for Anthem. The hotel has a shuttle which charges $25 PP. I looked up taxi rates, and they're saying $60-$75 for the 14-minute ride to the port. Are the taxis really that expensive? Thanks for any enlightenment!!
  15. Thank you for the information. I have it on my iPad now. Am looking forward to appearing like I know what I'm doing, LOL...😊
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