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  1. We commented on the lack of paper maps on our recent cruise on SoD, both on the mid-cruise and end of cruise questionnaires. Never heard back from the Explore Ashore team or Saga HQ.
  2. We were on SoD on the Italy and Western Mediterranean cruise, which returned to Portsmouth on 28th May. Our Captain was Franko Papic, a Croatian, who was also good, we saw him around the ship a lot. I assume he has taken over from Captain Darin Bowland.
  3. This is very helpful. Thank you Medeba.
  4. There is also a very good wine shop in Lisbon called Garrafeira Napoleao, in R. dos Fanqueiros, which is about 15 minutes walk from the cruise terminal. It is very well stocked and we are usually offered tasting samples! Enjoy your cruise.
  5. LandC


    That’s strange. Can you give more details please?
  6. LandC


    I had an email from Saga stating that Summer 2025 cruises will go on general release next week.
  7. LandC


    We’ve just booked one of the Scandinavian cruises in July 2025. A Standard cabin on D Deck worked out at £272 pppn with a 35% discount. Prices seem to have gone up a fair bit!
  8. LandC


    Saga are calling people who pre-registered in 2021 and earlier. We pre-registered in January 2022, so are hoping to get a call soon.
  9. LandC


    I wonder when Saga will start making the calls.
  10. 01293874810 or 08009885165 These are the numbers I’ve stored on my phone I hope one of them works!
  11. LandC


    When did you pre-register? Folks will post on here when they get the call. If you are still in S.A. then an option would be to ring Saga and ask when you are likely to be contacted.
  12. That’s a shame, we liked him. He was due to be on our next cruise on SoD in May.
  13. LandC


    Itineraries have to be planned well in advance in order to book the ports, so perhaps Saga leave it until the last minute to decide what price to charge for their cruises. We are also looking at 2025 itineraries with Regent, Azamara and Silversea but want to see the Saga itineraries before we make a decision. Some of the offers expire on 29th February, so it’s going to be touch and go!
  14. The balcony cabins have no balconies, and the Junior Suites and Suites are in fact just balcony cabins, with a few canapés provided. Unless people are prepared to pay for a premier suite they do not get the suite experience.
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