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  1. The UK government have now announced that international travel can resume from 17 May at the earliest. We’ve been trying to work out the logistics of re-crewing the ships. Presumably this will mean that the crew can be transported to the UK from this date. Perhaps the ship can be used for this purpose? They will need to be quarantined and tested for Covid at least twice. As for vaccinating the crew, how is that going to happen? It’s not possible to buy vaccine in the UK, you have to wait your turn according to age. Or could Saga arrange to have them vaccinated before they arrive in the UK
  2. It will also depend on how many ports will accept cruise ships in June.
  3. Yes. We’re booked on the same cruise. Our Sept 2020 cruise was cancelled before we had paid the balance. Saga offered us an extra 10% to move the deposit to another cruise in 2022, which we accepted. We’re still hoping to cruise this year, as we should be fully vaccinated by June!
  4. Really? I don’t think it’s going to be a major issue. If customers can’t meet the vaccination requirements, Saga will give them a refund. They will then be able to book a cruise with another cruise line if they wish. I can’t see many discrimination cases arising, if any. People have got better things to do. In any case, until the Foreign office advice changes, there won’t be any cruises from the UK. Let’s try and be positive and look forward to cruising again.
  5. I always understood that Saga were keen to attract passengers living outside the UK. Perhaps this has changed due to the current Situation with Coronavirus. What does the letter say?
  6. I sent an email to The Oceans dept last week, and have received an automated acknowledgement. They haven’t dismissed my request out of turn, so perhaps they’re thinking about it. We sail with more than one cruise line, as well as taking land based holidays. The issue for us is that we have had several cruises and holidays cancelled due to coronavirus, and have moved them forward. There may be more cancelled this year, so we don’t want to book any more cruises at present. It’s a nice problem to have I suppose! I agree with you about Fred’s prices though. We’d li
  7. We’ve been on several Fred. Olsen cruises, but not for a few years. We plan to book again when the pandemic is over. It would be helpful if Fred could temporarily increase the maximum period between cruises from 5 years to 6, so that we could retain our Oceans privileges. Is anyone else in the same situation?
  8. We got a cruise sale mail shot from Saga in the post this morning. The inaugural on Adventure is still advertised on 4th May, but the first cruise on Discovery is now shown as Romantic Ireland, departing on17th June. I understood that Saga was planning a Mediterranean cruise departing early June, but perhaps they have decided it would be just too difficult to organise, given that ports may not be willing to accept cruise ships.
  9. We booked the cruise pre-Covid. I’m pretty sure we completed an online questionnaire last year, and are in favour of all passengers being fully vaccinated. If we’re unable to go on the cruise, because we can’t meet this requirement, so be it. We will cancel or move the booking, depending on the incentive offered at the time. .
  10. I agree. We’ve booked for Romantic Ireland in June, and are resigned to the fact that it probably won’t go ahead either. In any case, I’m in Group 5 so am unlikely to have received my second Vaccination by then.
  11. The letter we received from Saga this morning outlined the vaccine requirements for passengers. It stated that the crew will be tested regularly, but didn’t say whether they will have been vaccinated in time for the Inaugural cruise in May. As you say, that would be pretty much impossible to achieve.
  12. We found the standard cabin OK when we were on Discovery for 7 nights last year, but I wouldn’t want to be in it for a long cruise. The wardrobe is rather small, and we had to put the life jackets and other gubbins under the bed in order to make room for our shoes. Also the gap between the bottom of the bed and the wall is only about 2 feet, so it felt a bit cramped. The deluxe cabin, as well as being more spacious, has a walk in wardrobe. Having said that, I agree that the mid ship suite is the way go if you can afford it!
  13. Thank you Solent Richard and Windsurf boy for your advice.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. They are helpful up to a point, but it’s difficult to get an idea of the dimensions of the lounge and bedroom in The mid-ship suite, going by the virtual tour alone. The bathroom looks amazing though!
  15. A very interesting and informative review Richard, thank you. We have a big birthday coming up in a couple of years, and plan to book a cruise with Saga to celebrate. We are debating whether to book a deluxe cabin or a mid-ship suite. What did you think of the mid-ship suite?
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