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  1. Are you asking why must I have a connecting room? I don't *need* a connecting room, but it certainly is preferable when we are a family with kids booking 2 rooms
  2. If there was a non-connecting one right next door, why wouldn't you book it? I understand if inventory is limited, but 3/4 of the rooms are free, including the ones right next door. Regardless of soundproofing, non-connecting rooms are always quieter.
  3. Exactly! I also find these rooms noisier, and hence my question why people book them when there is plenty of inventory of non-connecting rooms nearby.
  4. Symphony, and they found a pair of rooms! So happy, it was the one pair left for my sail date. one room was showing unavailable on a few websites I checked. Lift and Shift completed!
  5. I know when I am traveling alone with my husband (not with the family), I prefer a non-connecting room if given the choice, soundproofing is typically better. Usually they are 1 room over, so almost the same location.
  6. I am on the phone with RCCL now, doesn't look promising 😞
  7. I am looking at booking 2 connecting rooms for August 2021. There are no sets of connecting rooms available, only 1 of the 2 rooms in many cases. Why would a single party book a connecting room? I would expect a TA would flag this to their customers. There is a significant inventory of non-connecting rooms to choose from.
  8. Thanks for posting. I am scheduled for the end of August, so I will need to see if they will extend.
  9. I agree that the sailings on Allure in June will likely be cancelled, but I thought the CDC order only affected US sailings.
  10. When will the ship be ready to sail? As of right now, the June 14th sailing has not been cancelled.
  11. I have been asked for this before - a video of an adjoining central park balcony room on Harmony.
  12. Thanks, that answers all my questions! Just one more - does OBC extended by Resolutions count as Service Issue OBC?
  13. I have an upcoming cruise with my daughter in June, and I anticipate it will be cancelled. Assuming we get a FCC and book a new reservation, say with me, my daughter and my husband, and the cruise fare per person is less than the FCC, can we then apply the remaining portion of the FCC to my husband's fare? I spoke to Royal Caribbean and they said No, but I wanted to check with my experts on Cruise Critic, as info from Royal can be inconsistent... Also, we pre-purchased excursions with (cruiseline provided) OBC. They told me that all OBC will be lost if the cruise is cancelled, regardless of whether the OBC was sitting as cash on the account or whether applied to excursions. Can anyone confirm?
  14. All of mine are there as well. You may want to call and follow up with them. At a minimum, take a screenshot of your total number of correct points. Years ago, they messed up my account (some agent entered me multiple times in the database, then deleted the account with my cruise history). I reverted back to a lower level, and it was incumbent upon me to prove my past sailings. I had all the documentation and we finally worked it out, but it was a real pain. Best to make everything right.
  15. I will let you know, as I am set to sail before you (if it does not get cancelled). I have a flight at 9:30...
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