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  1. So what does that have to do with the change to the number of nights, o hater of NCL?
  2. The news about NCL taking a new credit line using Epic as security is probably 2-3 weeks old.
  3. Booked a cruise last Friday. Was going to use a meta upgrade to go from ocean view to balcony. Called yesterday and was told because they are working from home, they cannot do upgrades. The young lady said that they don't have access to their portal to the Bank of America system. Just a FYI for anyone who sees this. She suggested I call back around June.
  4. That should not come as a surprise to anyone. Apparently Amex is aware that NCL has a refund mechanism in place, and they won't be approving anyone's chargeback requests. Neither will Visa, MasterCard and Discover. There has been no commission of fraud on NCL's part. Everyone is just going to have to be a little patient and wait it out.
  5. Nice. Your TA omitted that little piece of information.
  6. You can try to do a chargeback. Your credit card may give you a provisional credit while they investigate, but in the end you will lose the chargeback as soon as NCL acknowledges that they have a refund mechanism. You have to settle the matter with the merchant first.
  7. They said the checks will be 1200 per person, 2400 per couple (filing jointly) and 500 per child. No one earning over 99,000 will get anything. This just doesn't seem like the time to invest in the cruise business. I thought about buying some more while it is this low, but I will just stick with the 100 shares I own.
  8. Filing a credit card dispute isn't going to do anything for anyone. As soon as NCL acknowledges that there is a refund being processed, anyone who filed a dispute is going to lose their claim.
  9. Gem was going to sail on the 26th.
  10. Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas was denied entry into St. Thomas yesterday. There is a press conference going on right now. Found it by googling 'port of St. Thomas closed today'. You'll see the facebook page for USVI port authority. Apparently Grandeur had a crew member onboard who traveled from Japan in the past 14 days.
  11. What I saw earlier today priced at $601 is now $1035. This is not random.
  12. Don't be surprised if they say no. There are so many platinum and above, that they routinely find the group bigger than they would like. Adding people who are not platinum or above, would really make for a very big group.
  13. The stairs I mentioned are designated as crew only. Up at the Great Outdoors, the stairs down are roped off, and sign says "Emergency Exit Only".
  14. Stairs... they run from deck 9 all the way up to the Great Outdoors on deck 12
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