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  1. Century in Alaska 2011 I just liked how the ship and mountains looked merged in this pic
  2. I just cancelled my flight today, and they said I'm getting 100% back to by credit card. Flight was for Apr 30.
  3. We are on that cruise. I've seen it switch back and forth between Talkeetna and the correct name several times
  4. We had an S3 on our last cruise. The MC goes by a couple times a day. No people are every in it when it moves. Your view is blocked for maybe 5 minutes. There is a rumbling nose as it moves, but not very loud. We would book it again.
  5. We have typically been in Aqua over the last few years. We did our first suite in December on Edge. My wife is a very picky eater and found the Luminae menu not to her satisfaction a couple nights. We went to Blu a couple times as she always liked it on previous cruises. The dining room was never more than half full. About half way through the cruise we went to Luminae because of a dish I really wanted. She mentioned to the waiter that she didn't really see anything she liked on the menu. His response completely changed her outlook on Luminae. He told her they could make lots of other dishes that aren't listed on the menu (and they are not coming from other kitchens). He brought her a twin filet mignon that was much better than what we had in Fine Cut. After that night, we won't be back in Blu when in suites. I think Celebrity needs to do a better job of communicating what can be done, and following their rules. Based on that one waiter talking to her, now she only wants to book suites and not Aqua anymore. 3 months till our next suite on Silhouette.
  6. From Celebrity site The Meeting Place With 1,970-square-feet of flexible space, The Meeting Place is perfect for your next event. Strategically situated to provide stunning ocean views, the venue can be configured for any need—general sessions, conferences, banquets, or cocktail seating. Seating is modern and comfortable, with options for theater-style, classroom, U-shaped, or circular layouts. And, when top of the line AV comes standard, the only thing left to do is close the deal.
  7. What we learned on our recent cruise was if you want something that is not on the menu, ask. My wife did not like anything on the menu one night and mentioned it to our waiter. He brought her a couple of filet mignon, and a salad.
  8. We were in 8206. Never obstructed except when the MC cruised by for a few minutes each day.
  9. Quite a bit of scotch. Probably some Irish
  10. If it's anything like the Edge, you better pick something else. Last week the only things I found on the ship were Maker's Mark, Woodford, Jim Beam, and 1 bottle of Elijah Craig small batch.
  11. Just off Edge 2 days ago. Waffles available in OVC, Blu, and Luminae everyday. Show times were 7:30 and 9:30. Eden shows were at 10:15. Club had shows at 7:30, 8:20, 9:30.
  12. Date of Cruise: 12/8/2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 8206 Deck #: 8 Cabin Category: S3. (sky suite) Cabin Location: starboard midship Bed Position: by bathroom Balcony Type: regular Balcony/Window Size: large Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: none Balcony Overhang?: Normal overhang Magic Carpet Issues?: Hear noise when it's moving Noise Issues?: Just magic carpet once or twice a day. Otherwise zero noise Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: Connects in private hallway to inside cabin 8208. Never saw anyone heard anyone even though it was occupied Suite Details: was set up exactly like a regular stateroom, except larger. Bathroom was fantastic though. Double sink, separate makeup counter. Huge tub. Balcony had 2 regular chairs, small table, and a lounger Advantages/Problems/Comments: loved the room. Being midship, it was not close to elevator or stairs Would You Book It Again?: absolutely Photos or Photo Links:
  13. We recently booked a flight through Choice Air on Delta. Delta has basic economy which sounds like this discount class. We called CA and asked which class we were getting. They stated that it was standard economy, as they never book basic economy. After the purchase, I verified through Delta and we are in regular economy. Sounds like they are doing something different with TAP.
  14. Seems like it keeps getting less and less. A 3 years ago on Millennium I found Booker's, Baker's, and Blanton's. Two years ago, I only found Maker's, Woodford, and JD SiB. This spring on Allure I found Blanton's and Four Roses SiB.
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