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  1. Hey all, Question if anyone has already cancelled an upcoming cruise under this new Celebrity policy... Did you have to re-schedule the replacement cruise upon cancelling, or do you get a credit and can select the new cruise later? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I just saw this article in South Florida Sun Sentinel. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/os-tr-cru-coronavirus-cruise-rules-changing-20200306-azrxlh5xnjdwxbcadluezv6cte-story.html
  3. Is the absence of footstools only being reported on Equinox or on all ships?
  4. Do they have a group, a Brain Trust of sorts, sitting in a dark room smoking MJ and coming up with these convoluted offers and incomprehensible rules? I can't stop laughing. 🤣😂🤣😁
  5. Thanx much for the heads up. I was booked late seating, wait list for Select dining for a March Edge cruise. Just double checked per your post and have also now been assigned Anytime. So happy about that. 🤩
  6. Wow... Thanks so much vtcruising!. That's great information. The difference in price was pretty significant so I went with the CC Guarantee and I'm pretty happy with a mid-ship location. The cruise is Eastern Caribbean, March 22, 2020.
  7. Hope you can change it. I also booked a CC guarantee on Edge and was almost immediately assigned 11225. Since I haven't completed my research on Edge cabins yet, I have no idea what I got. Would appreciate any feedback because there are plenty of other cabins available.
  8. I was told when I upgraded & booked the same deal that it would take a few days (or a week) to have the new invoice reflect the added perks. Either call or use the chat to verify and request new invoice. I'm giving them a week before I do that.
  9. Looking for this one right now for my hubby! Thanks TFLG! 😁
  10. Just booked a new cruise and upgraded another cruise past final payment to be eligible for the sale. The Celebrity website is simply not pricing the Veteran's Sale correctly in most cruises which qualify. I know it makes no sense but it's true. Take the time to call them; it's not a bad wait time today. You will find out that the pricing you're seeing on-line in most instances is incorrect. Best!
  11. You are NOT seeing the correct Veteran's Day Sale pricing for your cruise. Call them for the correct sale pricing, ask for a quote through the chat, or use another website to obtain correct information. And for Celebrity reps to say that no one has complained is beyond absurd.
  12. Probably Reflection, Nov 2nd. Have to talk to hubby to get his opinion, and then book the one I picked. 😉
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