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  1. This was the first trip of the day www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt2n6pR9LnY
  2. By stepping on the ship, you agree to the cruise contract. It is the Passenger's sole responsibility to obtain and have available when necessary the appropriate valid travel documents. All Passengers are advised to check with their travel agent or the appropriate government authority to determine the necessary documents. You will be refused boarding or disembarked without liability for refund, payment, compensation, or credit of any kind if You do not have proper documentation, and You will be subject to any fine or other costs incurred by Carrier which result from improper documentation or noncompliance with applicable regulations, which amount may be charged to Your stateroom account and/or credit card.
  3. You should be honest and ask the right question. Do you take snapshots or photographs? There is a difference. I'm not a professional, but I've taken over 30,000 photos over the years. That small optical lens on your cell phone simply can't measure up to a mid range large format SLR camera. Want to take a shot of that lunch plate, take out that cell phone. A mile wide glacier, I'll grab my camera.
  4. Seen some renditions of the plan, UGLY is an understatement. Phony girders and enclosed in glass. Same plans show water side of shops/restaurant open air to channel. Guessing what ever bar opens up will drop $200 for a PA system to pick up the gauntlet.
  5. No room by the cruise center. Read posts that signs have been seen directing pax to distant city lots meant for short time shopping. Post stated only signs, never heard of them ever being used.
  6. On paper it might have been a good idea. Room and waitstaff done up as steak house, Asian, Italian and Southwest motif. Same daily menu all four rooms except for one item that remained entire cruise. I recall tacos and orange chicken were offered. Whole concept only lasted two years but they left the dining rooms the same.
  7. jlp20

    Camera for Alaska

    Not sure what you want to know. Bottom line is no film to buy with digital. Practice every day until you don't have to think of the controls. Remember, it's the person not the camera.
  8. Suggest you read the cruise contract you agree to when when cruising. You'll find almost anything that has the potential of causing a fire is prohibited. Since your asking this question, I'm guessing that document may be eye opening.
  9. I have to be blunt, you simply have to know what your doing. You don't book an inside cabin expecting the upgrade fairy putting you in a suite. You book what you are willing to stay in for that cruise. Your reward or letting them choose what you WANT is a discounted fare. We have done this four times, since we booked what we wanted we were happy with the results. Of the four, two were "upgraded". Meaning it was the same cabin but different location. Our assignments were 3-6 weeks in advance. If anyone books guaranteed and is not happy with the type cabin they get, it's their own fault.
  10. Well, it's called looking or asking. Cruise lines release their next seasons for booking 16-20 months in advance. when your getting close to that window, you start checking. As stated before, I made my booking about a week after the bookings were available. We wanted one of the four cabins with our preference on this ship. One had already been taken.
  11. Unfortunately corporate America has infiltrated the doctor's office. While the doctor mat dictate and sign the letter, office staff do the billing and word processing.
  12. You have booked a "guaranteed" cabin, actual assignment can be delayed up until embarkation. This is what you booked!
  13. First, because of all the steel, your standard radio will not work. No mater how big the ship is, keeping tabs is not that difficult. The cabins have phones and you can let others know your plans. No matter what size ship, you quickly learn that people will frequent the same places on a daily basis.
  14. There are two lots, directly in front of the cruise center and another to the North of berth 93. Never heard of anyone not finding a spot.
  15. Long thread has been closed. After 20+ plus years, Princess has declared that there is no room for this "barrel" chair that has always been there. We have already passed the final payment date so are locked in for our next cruise. Conclusion of other thread is Princess has made a decision based on unknown factors over minimum passenger comfort. Sailing in about 50 days. If chair factor not rectified by then, this will be our last Princess cruise.
  16. I have been screwed over personally or as one of many customers by several companies over the years. As an example, I will not use Pep Boys, Firestone Tires or a local appliance store, Pacific Sales. As it stands now, Princess will be added. Oh by the way, I am not shy about sharing these experiences. I had emailed customer services about 3 weeks ago, got a call back from someone using the prepared script and had no actual information.Yesterday I emailed Swartz and got a call this AM. The woman calling was aware of my previous email and again regurgitated the same company line. I pointed out that we had booked a handicapped cabin out of necessity 18 months ago and the chair was not a luxury. Asked why there was not a way to pre reserve a chair and was told no, had to ask when aboard. Told her "thanks, you have been of no help" and hung up.
  17. MARINEMAMMALCARE.ORG Entry is around Gaffey and 30Th South from cruise center about 3 miles. check on website for hours
  18. Don't like surprises and don't want to be blamed because of others. Vacant cabin/hotel room can be checked in less than a minute. On ships I have found a woman's swim top, tie tack and a huge bag of canned sodas under a bed. Turns out the steward was using the bed space as storage to fill the mini bars.
  19. After being dropped off at airport, the handle of my rolling suitcase self destructed. Five minutes with the tape and I was set for the rest of the trip. If possible find a used roll with less than a 1/2" left. Step on it to flatten it and store in a packed shoe.
  20. How many thousands so far using the OM and not one reported issue. So you are complaining about a potential problem.
  21. TSA is looking for weapons and the like. Since I travel with syringes and insulin in original Rx packages, we have never had an issue.
  22. About 14 years ago we were on 10 day Mexican trip. Verified three deaths and rumors of a fourth. We were told our ship had a morgue locker for two and that older ships did use space in the frozen foods lockers for that purpose.
  23. I can only go by what was posted, as I recall It was 2-3 days for them to get transportation back to the states. The cruise was over. Like a lot of people, they had no insurance.
  24. Our next cruise is about 50 days away. On this ship there are four cabins that meet our needs. To be sure of the booking, we made deposit 18 months ago. One of the four had already been booked. So after a year of my booking they make the change. Rebook with another cruise line and wait another 1 1/2 years?
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