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  1. As stated, all entertainment on the ship is censored/regulated. From language to the actual length of time on stage, everything is controlled. Even the movies, no matter the original rating, they have been re-edited to PG-14.
  2. Info only, most scooters use identical "keys"
  3. White Pass is not owned by any cruise line. From what I could tell, on Princess, they were not connected in real time with the excursion. The SHIP PERSONNEL have no idea of the number of seats available. White Pass can add another regular rail car with little problem. However there appears to be only one accessible car with lift. I can only imagine White Pass has given strict instructions on who can/can not book this particular rail car. We were the only ship in port and rail car was over half filled
  4. The dressing is not the issue. Our only experience with "packing" was done by a doctor. I can't see doctor/nurse using anything you provide to pack into open wound just due to liability. No matter what the cruise main office says, ship's medical staff will have final say.
  5. The question is what ISN'T. The "free" coffee on the ship is a concentrated syrup in a plastic bag. The syrup and hot water is mixed as it comes out of the dispenser. While not horrible, it's not brewed.
  6. This is why a true accessible cabin is located at corridor intersections or by elevator areas so scooters can have a straight shot at the door.
  7. You do know that any pilot can simply say no to any ship citing safety. All ships act like a sail in any breeze. Anyone taking bets there is a new contract coming up for ship pilots who want more money from the cruise lines?
  8. jlp20

    Juneau Dock Time

    Safe, no. A good gamble, yes. One cruise we had to wait 90 minutes to dock due to other ships. leaving late.
  9. Skagway-"Sweet Tooth Cafe" on Broadway Juneau-"The Hanger" Right behind the seaplane docks Both places kept alive during non tourist season by locals.
  10. Go outside of your front door, now open the door 90 degrees. The door itself blocks a small section, same on the ship. Say the door opening is 22", because of the door, the actual clearance is only 20.5"
  11. Like I said, what it looks like after spending $6 at the laundry.....
  12. Two weeks ago got on the Ruby. We by passed the "regular" line with 8 people in it and went directly to an open station. Despite all the different stations, cards/medallions are retrieved from central table by the staff.
  13. 4/23/19 Ruby Princess, entire power strip policy changed mid embarkation. First half pax going through security no issue. Had two in my carry on. Per two separate pax, second half had any thing looking like power strip taken. No debate, hand over or no cruise.
  14. Just off the Ruby. MUST use cruise card to purchase tokens. $3 wash $3 dry. Dry cycle is 30-35 minutes long. Set on high for a medium sized load. No where close to dry. Ended up using packed line for this purpose. HINT don't use the screen to make purchase. The reader is the black disc UNDER the screen
  15. No set time, totally up to captain and customs.
  16. New releases from NetFlicks and Amazon Prime is your guide. Fair to good Las Vegas lounge acts. Won't bother to list since they can change cruise to cruise
  17. Getting off Ruby Princess R/T Alaska. There simply was no dress code in the dining rooms, formal night or not. Ball caps, T-shirts even jogging suits. Looked like Princess simply didn't care.
  18. 4/23/19 Ruby Princess, entire power strip policy changed mid embarkation. First half pax going through security no issue. Had two in my carry on. Per two separate pax, second half had any thing looking like power strip taken. No debate, hand over or no cruise.
  19. Most cruise lines offer this service, HOWEVER, all they will do is get you onto the ship and deposit you into a ship's chair and leave with the wheelchair. If you need a wheelchair for embarkation you are more likely to need one during the cruise.
  20. This paragraph of the contract has been in place for 17 years that I know of. Bothered to read the contact before our first cruise. In the U.S. any type of contract trumps those advertisements with all that small print. Over the years there have been countless threats of law suits and class actions. Because of the contract all passengers agree to, they have no standing to take any action. Here is the Princess contract link, take a couple of minutes to read. Quite simply, if you don't agree, don't get on the ship https://www.princess.com/legal/passage_contract/plc.html
  21. Damn, every once in a while plain logic works.
  22. As I posted, by stepping on the ship you agree to the passage contract for you cruise line. Here is that section from the Princess contract: Carrier may, for any reason, without prior notice, cancel the cruise; deviate from the scheduled ports of call, route and timetable; call or omit to call at any port or place or cancel or modify any activity on or off the ship; comply with all governmental laws and orders given by governmental authorities; render assistance to preserve life and property; or change the date or time of sailing or arrival, change the port of embarkation or disembarkation, shorten the Cruise or substitute ships, aircraft or other transportation or lodging. Contractually, the ship can push back from the dock and stay there for a week and call it a cruise.
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