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  1. Sue, I really do feel for you and your disappointed children. If you can't find something else suitable for you all at this late date then I hope you can have a fun staycation at home anyway.
  2. I know someone onboard who is a Consultant Trauma Surgeon. He is due in work on Saturday night managing a large A&E dept. His wife absolutely refuses to fly so it looks like he is flying home alone and she’s staying onboard until Southampton.
  3. Well you shouldn’t be able to get antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription....anywhere. That’s part of the resistance problem.... people buying antibiotics with no idea whether they are appropriate for their medical condition.
  4. Very sorry to hear that FluffyFiFi. I know how difficult it is to organise everything like time off work together. You must be so disappointed. I bet you and your daughter look gorgeous though! Why not go out for a special meal as a family.... just to show off the hair and manicures?
  5. Absolutely Ann. The greatest danger to mankind today may not be climate change but diseases resistant to antibiotics due to overuse when they are not medically appropriate. A virus will not respond to antibiotics. Many bacterial infections are now close to fully resistant to antibiotics. The answer to viral chest infections, common colds, Norovirus etc is simple. Isolate yourself from infecting others, strict hand washing and general hygiene, plenty of fluids and rest. It’s most certainly not taking antibiotics.
  6. Many passengers travelling a long distance to Southampton have no choice but to stay in a hotel overnight. Why SHOULD they be out of pocket when their cruise is cancelled through no fault of their own? P&O are notorious for not compensating passengers properly...for example it is very rare for them to refund the port fees for missed ports, which many other cruise lines do routinely. It seems that Ventura is staying in port in Tenerife for the repairs to be undertaken. Then presumably a slow return to Southampton arriving next Tuesday. I’d much rather be stuck in Tenerife too P&O Sue ....LOL but I do feel very sorry for the passengers who had their little pre Christmas jaunt cancelled.
  7. I hope they also compensate the passengers for travel arrangements and hotels booked. Often with the excess on travel insurance it is not worth claiming smaller amounts but no passengers should be out of pocket due to the problems with Ventura.
  8. Update from a passenger onboard. Ventura is still in Tenerife for repairs and passengers have been told she will not be getting back to Southampton until next Tuesday. This will obviously severely impact the next cruise, as passengers were expecting to board this Friday. Feel very sorry for them...but the passengers already onboard Ventura are enjoying their extended cruise and the sunshine of Tenerife. Must be quite significant engine propulsion problems though.
  9. Lottie A


    True, I have been to a lot of places Phil (but not quite as many as you!) but I would really like to do something like the Greek Islands cruise we all did a few years ago for late summer or early autumn 2020 or 2021. It was such a lovely itinerary but the Greek Islands do seem very expensive nowadays...and not just on Azamara either. I nearly passed out with shock at the price when getting a solo quote for a Corinth Canal Cruise on Fred Olsen!
  10. On Pursuit in the summer I regularly had dinner with 3 people with gluten intolerance. I don’t have that condition but the waiter just bought gluten free bread rolls for the whole table, so I tried them. I must say I thought they were actually much better than the ordinary bread rolls!
  11. Lottie A


    That cruise is a very reasonable price Phil. Unfortunately not an itinerary I’d want to do now as I have been to all the ports many times before, but for someone who hasn’t then it’s a bargain.
  12. Lottie A


    I really do hate these pricing games that Azamara are playing and it has definitely put me off booking future cruises with them. Normally I would have 2/3 Azamara cruises booked for next year by now, but I only have one and I have booked several cruises with other cruise lines. I have done four very enjoyable cruises since August this year and none of them have been with Azamara. That is very unusual for me. I want to pay a clear reasonable price, with no “fake sales” and the knowledge that there won’t be extreme fire sales last minute. I don’t want a bargain basement price....just a fair price that is consistent for everyone. In that way the passenger group onboard should be the usual well travelled, pleasant group of people they always have been. Is that too much to ask? Someone said we “original passengers” have seen the best of Azamara and sadly, I think that is now true. I will miss the stellar onboard crew very much ...but unless the management ethos now in evidence changes drastically then I will be exploring my other cruising options. I will be very sad to do that as I really do love Azamara.
  13. Well, I was interested in a 10 night Greek Islands cruise on Pursuit in August 2021. Not any more! Do Azamara think we are crazy? It was priced at £7093 solo price for an obstructed OV on deck 6! That is without any flights or transfers. Needless to say, I will be looking at other options!
  14. I don’t think the running out of golden triangles was really that important to my friend and we weren’t “moaning” ....but thanks for your advice about the chef in a tall hat! 🙄
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