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  1. THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG!!! We had a Great Cruise on the Oasis - the ship was AMAZING and the entertainment was much much greater than on the smaller ships............... BUT............ That ship was CROWDED EVERYWHERE!. At lunch, the staff were standing at the doors of the Windjammer (where the LINE was out the door and all the way down the stairs) telling everyone to go elsewhere because "It Is Too Crowded". We went down to the Central Park Cafe, and the line was 20+ deep. Everywhere to eat for lunch was at least 15 to 20 minutes of standing in line. All the shows/venues - even if you have a reservation, if you don't get there at least a 1/2 hour early, you won't be able to get two seats together. We loved the band playing in Dazzles every night. If it was in the compass that they would start at 8:00 - you better get there at least by 7:15 or you won't be able to get a table. THE SHIP IS CROWDED - lot's more than any other class of ship.
  2. This particular Itinerary (Rhapsody 11-night Panama) was weird because it was in the middle of a string of 7-night cruises, and just "Popped Up" back in Feb. or March of this year. We found it and booked it because cruising buddies of ours live in Tampa. Then we saw the prices going crazy right after that.
  3. Patty; Come join the Rollcall for this cruise! 😁 We are all making friends and getting to know one-another. Here's the link: We booked when the itinerary first came out, so got a pretty good deal.
  4. Now That's exactly what I was saying. If you knew anything about how "Major Corporation LongTerm Planning" -- There are literally BILLIONS of dollars involved) you would realize that something like this was a total FAILURE in planning on RCI's part. And, I never said anything about Hardship - we can rebook anything; it is just disappointing. Our additional problem was that we were booked with another couple in a Two-Bedroom Grand Suite. When I got the list of 11 different offered replacement cruises (Oasis, Symphony, and Allure), I went to each and every one of them, and there are NO Two-Bedroom GS available on any of them.
  5. I agree with your statements, but wouldn't you question the Business Planning of RCI? It does NOT build any confidence in the Company who Publishes the Itineraries, Books the cabins, and THEN, (four months later) decides: "Oh, DUH...... we should put the ship in for Dry-Dock!" Then they have to Screw Up eveyones plans, pay evryone $200 to $500 additional onboard credit, and Start Over. AND.... It's Two Years Out - so it's not like there is an EMERGENCY or anything. There are no May Itneraries out yet, so why wouldn't they just wait until May 2021 to do the Dry-Dock?
  6. Has anyone else heard about Harmony going into a major (3-weeks) dry-dock? Our April 18th of 2021 cruise was canceled plus all the others in April of 2021, for this. I can't imagine why, all of a sudden, they would cancel cruises for this with it being almost 2 years out.
  7. The whole premise of the Meet & Mingle Party has EVERYTHING to do with Cruise Critic. When the CC website began, it was completely Royal Caribbean Chat Board - that's when CC made a deal (I think it was an actual contract) with RCI to put on the party if they (Cruise Critic) could drum up enough interest (via your minimum of 25 registered) with RCI cruises. The list of REGISTERED GUESTS, is supposed to be emailed to the Cruise Director Staff evey cruise from RCI Corporate; then the staff onboard is supposed to put out the invitations and set it up. Once again, RCI Customer Service does not know what they are talking about. I don't know if they are TOLD to "Make Something Up when you don't know the answer, or if they just do that because they really don't care. Cruise Critic CREATED the Meet & Mingle Parties, and also, in cooperation with RCI CREATED the registrations for the party. Hope This Helps.
  8. When we were on the Oasis, we spent almost every evening in Dazzles because of the GREAT 6-man band that played there. The problem was that Dazzles was TINY for a ship with 6000 pax! If you didn't get there at least 30 minutes early, you couldn't get a seat, and the dance floor was big enough for about 10 people. I think the Music Hall on the Anthem is about TWICE the size of Dazzles on the Oasis, and I'm hoping it will be that large on the Oasis.
  9. Each cruise is completely separate. There are staff members that may be getting off after your first leg. It is conciderate to tip each cruise.😉
  10. You better have it booked for 2019, cause if you try to find that itinerary again in 2020 or in 2021, you are out of luck. The ONLY Panama Canal cruise RCI has available is one-tim in May of 2020.
  11. We are always looking for longer itineraries too. The Repo Cruises are about the only way to find those with RCI. They had the Serenade doing 10 and 11 nighters for the Caribbean, but I don't know if they are continuing those. The other was the 15 night Panama Canal, and I don't see any of those in the future.
  12. It's a straight shot into the Bay of Tampa; have you ever been up or down the Mississippi? It's like a drunk snake.😉 LOL!!😁
  13. It's not "Demand" - the ships are full all the time. The problem is the RIVER. They are constantly having problems going down the River for 8 hours before you reach the gulf (and back again). Fog, wrecked barges, traffic, etc. They had talked about building another terminal/pier a lot further south, but nothing has ever happened.
  14. Sounds like I touched a nerve - sometimes the truth hurts.
  15. You (and all the other people sniping about not getting enough FREE stuff) seem to be forgetting that you also got SEVERAL GREAT CRUISES - what you paid all those dollars for in the first place. Why don't you appreciate that you GOT what you PAID FOR? My life experience has shown me that "Sometimes you Don't"
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