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  1. our room attendant just put in something for us. I had brought a used gift card to use but didn't need it.
  2. The TV is actually on the wall straight across from the bed. Kind of inset in the wall. Not sure about any connections as I didn't look.
  3. carried our own and were off ship and out of terminal in about 10 minutes
  4. we did and were seated quickly. 8 of us
  5. let us know their response. seems strange for our dates to be already sold out and ParkNCruise isnt
  6. checked to book in nov of 2020 and already shows sold out
  7. there were plenty of choices for me. some of the premium stuff may not be available
  8. we have 9708 booked for next year, cant wait
  9. photo not required. they usually retake at port anyway. and if the messaging is available you can text with anyone, you just have to set it up with them. and I would print out the setsail pass
  10. Anarchy.. Civilization is doomed over a pair of shorts. Which can't even be seen once wearer is sitting down. Guess the walk of shame we must endure to get to our table is the breaking point.
  11. read my responses to the upper class guy who likes to insult me. i just dont care. im not affecting anyone, and its allowed.
  12. Give it up Renee. You ain't gonna sway me with your sweet talk.
  13. gosh you better hope i'm never on a cruise with you then. i would probably spoil your experience with my, i have to say, pretty nice, legs. sorry we disagree on this but we appear to. greatly..
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