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  1. I noticed that the earnings call is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:00. I am hoping that call brings a lot of information.
  2. Good morning all. I just checked the refreshment package for our Jan 21 cruise and it is only a 10% sale. $32/day is now ‘only’ $30/day. I guess we’ll wait a while.
  3. How many of you who don’t want a cruise line bailout buy American made products? Most of the stuff we buy is made elsewhere. This is to avoid American labor costs and taxes. IMHO, get the money to the people, not the corporations. The huge corporate tax cut, which was promised to create all these new jobs, went to executive bonuses and financed the largest corporate stock buyback ever. Another question for you. How many of these companies will pay the employees for quarantine time? Yes there are some. Most will have to take unpaid time off and/or lose their job. Help the lower and middle class. The 1% has already been helped. Sorry, your argument that ships aren’t American flagged and therefore do not qualify for assistance doesn’t hold up.
  4. Following as we will be in our first balcony cabin (10 previous, all RCCL) next January. We stumbled on an aft balcony and with all of the talk here of aft balconies, we had to try. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. I’m another sailing in January 2021. Nothing yet. I have seen people talking about November 2020 packages available and a price drop already. Soon we all hope.
  6. I agree with MapleLeafForever. Maybe closer in prices are dropping , but in looking at mid-2021 and farther, they seem to be way high. 7 night Caribbean cruises starting at over $1000 for an inside.
  7. If you would, please let me know how this works out. We live in WPB and are currently considering this option. People don’t seem to be to positive about off-site parking in Miami and with a nine day cruise at $25/day that’s a bit much.
  8. I’m sorry to hear you have had billing issues. I have not heard about that. I am not sure that even the Viking Crown could hold 700 people.
  9. The issue is too many Diamonds and above. As stated, more than 700 on that sailing. About the only place to host a group that size would be the theater or the main dining room. Obviously the dining room would be in use. So. .... I would be interested in hearing your feelings about solving this issue.
  10. I rented a scooter through Scootaround. It fit through the door fine.on Indy. The big issue we had was the layout of the Promenade Room we had. Due to the layout, you could not get it past the bed. This meant it was parked just inside the door and blocked the bathroom. We ended up with my son taking it to his inside room where it fit fine.
  11. The tips collected by RCCL go far beyond the people you see every day. They also go to some behind the scenes people such as laundry and others who serve the customer facing crew. If you remove the auto-gratuity and tip cash, these tips must be reported to RCCL and pooled also. If you leave the daily gratuity in place and tip extra to those who serve you, they will get all of that. If you remove tips and feel only tipping the people who serve you is the way to go, you are doing a dis-service to laundry help, dish washers, etc. All of the people who make the customer facing staff look good. And if you feel this way about cruise line tipping, do you advocate for honest wages to be paid for service people in the U.S.? Just raise the prices of the food and beverages. I will continue to pre-pay gratuities and add extra where deserved.
  12. Thanks for sharing. We will be on her for the same 5 night itinerary in early January. 🙂
  13. Following. I also have the RC App and it has the menus for our 01/05 cruise. As you, I wish there were more details in the app.
  14. I did find it amusing that my wife and I got one, and my son got one. My daughters did not. So they picked the top and the bottom C&A.
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