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  1. This is what one of our posters on our Roll Call posted. States free movies will be reinstated immediately. I received the following from Celebrity: We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share your thoughts regarding our recent decision to remove free movies from the stateroom television line-up. Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we have been carefully reviewing all comments that have been sent our way and sharing them with our operational teams. The message we have received has been loud and clear! I am very pleased to say that because of input from guests like you, we have decided to reinstate complimentary stateroom movies aboard our Celebrity ships, effective immediately. When sailing with us, you’ll now continue to be able to enjoy a selection of films, free of charge, from the comfort of your room. Den
  2. With all the new cruise lines and ships, there are so many options to enjoy. We still focus on Celebrity as our preferred Line when starting a search but there are so many fun and varied options to consider now. As as you can see from my list, we are doing more river cruises and trying a small ship experience that calls in ports that larger standard lines don’t or can’t use. We have added a week of exploring the southern UK prior to joining the TA. and even on a holiday cruise w a group. So we’ve kind if covered a good deal of the spectrum. But each to our own. Some enjoy what they are more familiar with, others look for bargains and others for variety. Fun! Den
  3. I did a quick look at Celebrity and there are two UK-focused cruises. One from Dublin to Amsterdam in July and another in Aug a round trip Amsterdam with lots of UK/French Cannel ports. So you do have two choices. Iv’e done the Around the UK cruise twice and loved it so I recommend either. I also love Amsterdam and strongly recommend staying a number days there. Fantastic. And you can get great hotels without going through the very expensive Celebrity pre/post hotels. The one from Dublin would allow you to enjoy that city for a while too. I’ve stayed in fun hotels in both cities and used their common trams which are cheap and excellent (get the multi-day use tickets!). As to your specific question, these are very popular cruises. But having no crystal ball, can’t say if it’s good to book now or watch. I am a guy who books a year+ ahead for many cruises. And I use to do all my own bookings, but I now use a local (not on-line) TA who gets me cruise prices that may not be avail to individuals; watches for changes; gets me good flights and upgrades; and helps with hotels, when needed. So I suggest a TA. Gives you good rates and specials that aren’t avail to individuals. With all that said, I’d recommend booking now, watch for price drops and use a TA. Why book early? You can then set up pre/post stays and good airline pricing, etc. Have fun either way, but if you wait, watch out for big changes in availability and prices going up on these special cruises. Den
  4. I agree with the two issues being asked: 1. Is Celebrity living off the past (MDR): yes, the MDR options have changed and although I enjoy the current menus, I think it’s not at the same level as years prior. But I’ll say that the options offered on the Edge’s 4 different DR’s were very good and was close to prior quality, in my opinion. 2. Compared to other Lines (specifically Carnival/Princess): Although I found Princess and Carnival dining to be OK, I think Celebrity is a definite cut above. I’ve cruised with Carnival 4 times and Princess 3 times. I’ve cruised 25 Celebrity cruises so obviously I think X is a better package. But the way, this Does Not Make Me a Cheerleader, just someone who has found a good quality cruise line who also cruises with other Lines. By the way, I don’t really care that it was ‘better years ago’ because “So What”. I can’t go back and I find the current quality to meet my level of enjoyment. Den
  5. Yes, my experience is the Wi-Fi has improved and I used it on our various SRs. Den
  6. Why is it ‘sad’ that cruisers pick the same Cruise Line? I should go with another Line because it’s going to make Celebrity add incentives? Right. Most of us that go on the same Line do so not to get more points, but that Line is meeting our current needs and interests. I’ve cruised on many of the mainline Cruise Lines and find Celebrity meets what I enjoy and why I cruise. Loyalty points are nice and provide a few goodies, but with Cruise Lines, including Celebrity, adding included benefits such as drink and internet packages and so on to sign up, the Loyalty benefits aren’t that big of a deal. I’ve had friends upgrade a SR in order to get more points to get to a new level, but not pick a Line only for that reason. And wondering about another post; why would I move over to another Line just because I reached Elite+ and won’t get to Zenith? I got to Elite+ because I enjoy this Line and when/if I cruise on it again, I’ll get nice benefits as an Elite+ that enhance my cruise experience. I’ve made 25 Celebrity cruises, and as you can see from my signature, I’ll be making a few more on Celebrity and going over to other Lines that provide an experience Celebrity doesn’t. Each of my selections were for a specific rationale: New Years cruise with friends/river cruises/smaller ‘all inclusive’ cruise to ports that large cruise ships can’t pull into/.....and Celebrity when it provided an experience I want. And back to the OP’s post: LLP was very clear. No changes. I’ll just enjoy the current benefits. And if Celebrity decides to acknowledge in some way me reaching some number, great. If done at some social event, I’ll be sure to stand up and make a big deal out of it just to embarrass my wife!! Den
  7. I save my Euros and GBP’s for personal use and tip extra with US$. That way I don’t have to worry about getting enough for tips and personal use in port and the crew will not only accept (gladly) US$, it works best for them in many ways. The US$ is very strong against most other currencies and many don’t use the tips for personal use, but for family support back home which in many cases isn’t US/GBP/Euros. And onboard purchases are in US$ for them as it is us. But any currency works just fine. Den
  8. Thanks Lois! Did the small ship on Crystal and had convinced myself that it wasn’t worth the extra costs and headed back to Celebrity, but just find ourselves trying river cruises on small ships and starting to think it’s worth the extra cost to give it a go with ocean cruising. This Silverseas cruise is very port-intensive with only one sea day so that appears to be one of the positive of small ship cruising. Guess I’ll be going small ship for good port cruising and mainline for TA’s and and lots of at sea days - until I fall for these cruises and enjoy them at sea!! Who knows. Hope there’s a lot to do at sea. Sounds like dining is a real cut above, and understand it’s open seating within a set time. Looking forward to that. How is dining in the SR and how about the other dining venues? Is there a buffet or mainly sit down. Haven’t seen the shore tours yet because they don’t open up until 4 months or so prior. Are they like other MainlIne tours, just a big smaller crowds? Add we like to dance, so is ther live music or what? Thanks all in advance. Den
  9. Thank you. When’s the Reception that we make the contribution. Is it done via cash or OBC addition or check? Do you also provide tips to select crew such as the butler and a special bartender/server? I realize gratuities are part of the basic costs. I read a bit about the renovation and sounds major. Den
  10. Hello All OK, going to ask the inevitable asked by newbys such as I.......going on the Shadow in April and been reading the threads here and the reviews, but please share what is your favorite thing or place on the Shadow. What to do, what Not to miss. It’s a small ship compared to the one’s I’ve cruised on, mainly Celebrity and other similar Lines and once on a 950passenger Crystal, so I’ve been on a similar ‘all inclusive’ type, but what is special, what is neat about Silversea and specifically the Shadow. I enjoy dining, but not a foodie; love to meet new people; like playing cards (hacker at Bridge, and play other games that allowed talking and laughing so not a serious player) and love trivia games. Not a big pool person or ‘sunner’ but do like dipping a bit, and love watching the ocean run by and reading. So that‘s what I enjoy. How does the Shadow line up with those? Started a Roll Call for the 23 Apr 2020 Shadow Med cruise, but fully understand that with 350+ passengers, there won’t be many CC’s on it....not quite like some of the other 80+ page Roll Calls of other cruises I’ve been on. Greatly appreciate sharing and ideas. thanks in advance. Den
  11. Hello Lois! Haven’t run into you in a few forums. Just signed up for a Shadow Med cruise in April and looking forward to learning more about SilverSeas. May start the classic ‘new kid on the forum’ thread to learn from the pros. Jumped on this cruise to try something different than the Celebrity. And this one spends overnight in Malta, my favorite port. Hope to share more later. Just wanted to say Hi! den
  12. Hello Lois! Haven’t run into you in a few forums. Just signed up for a Shadow Med cruise in April and looking forward to learning more about SilverSeas. May start the classic ‘new kid on the forum’ thread to learn from the pros. Jumped on this cruise to try something different than the Celebrity. And this one spends overnight in Malta, my favorite port. Hope to share more later. Just wanted to say Hi! den
  13. Yes, I bit later than set time because the normally don’t open the doors until the set time and where will be a line.....never sure why people line up when they are already assigned a table and set dining time but they do. So a few minutes later would work best. Den
  14. Yes you just pay the online time use or you can get one of the shorter time packages. You probably do this, but to reduce on line time, go on and open your email browser and download all new mail. Then log off and read them. Answer any needed. Then go back on line and they will be sent and then log off. Den
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