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  1. Congrats on your career change. may I make one suggestion though if you are going to be a med asst and work with the public.......get a haircut and shave the red monster bush off your face!!! Just a suggestion from one who has a redhead daughter. Den
  2. I guess what I get confused about is those that keep asking the same questions that have been answered by experts, but don’t seem to accept the responses. So ‘asking’ here even with posters such as nocl with deep knowledge who also have responded with good info puzzles me. The ‘Yes, but...’ doesn’t help, to me its just a game. For specifics about your personal medical history in relation to the vaccines, and questions such as ‘what should I do?’, this isn’t the place. Ask your Dr. And please use a medical Dr, not some ‘Dr’ with a PhD in medieval literature who is now expounding on
  3. And the blood clots may very well have nothing to do with the vaccine. But they are taking the precaution to check. Den
  4. Hi Julie and Riger! that was a great TA! And a very active Roll Call. Lots of socialization and fun. We have to join up again. Den
  5. And it’s not folks from nontipping countries. Back when we left tips in envelopes the last night of the cruise, this couple from Texas asked us what the envelope i put next to my plate was. Told them, and he said he’d forgot his and got up to go get it. The wife said she’d join hIn since he’d not find it and left too. i turned to the English couple at our table and said we’d not see them again, and we didn’t. I noticed the English couple slide in extra to cover for the cheapskates as I did the same. we got a good chuckle as we 4 took proper care of our diligent staff.
  6. OK, I’ll fess up that I have No Life! I had no idea why someone would have to take a shuttle between two airports that didn’t appear to be in South Florida, so I checked the airports. PEV is Perryville airport in Alaska and POM is Jackson airport in New Guinea......ao I think this wasn’t airport abbreviations because I don’t know about Uber, but I’m sure Super Shuttle doesnt have shuttles between New Guinea and Alaska. Oh well. And I haven’t been on a 7N cruise for a long time, every 7N cruises we do B2B’s. OK, have done 7N Euro river cruises, but added days onto them before and
  7. Just a reminder for those that won’t take the vaccine because it’s ‘experimental’ or ‘too new’ or whatever, in reality, you aren’t getting vaccinated to protect yourself, but to protect family, friends and community. There’s a good chance (yeah, chance, you know rolling the dice) that you will not get extremely ill if you contract COVID, but you have a good chance of passing it on to someone who will get very ill, or die. Over 500 thousand Americans have died who weren’t vaccinated; no one who has been vaccinated has died of COVID. And when someone insists on spreading such weak evidence, eve
  8. We drive from the Panhandle also, shalimar/FWB. People think we are so lucky to be close to the cruise ports living in Fla.....it’s a 9+hr drive. den
  9. 22 out of 22 posters say longer is better.....I won’t go any further with that comment, but sounds as if the OP has to pick ‘longer’. den
  10. I assume the OP looked at the itineraries, but I don’t really think the 4D cruise would be that much closer to the dept port. And unless the ship itself has to return because of a COVID outbreak, having a medical emergency and being flown back isn’t a real consideration for a shorter cruise. id think the only consideration I’d think about if I thought medical issues would come into play would be rethinking a Euro cruise. Or a TA. den
  11. And you picked a perfect time to cruise the Great Lakes. den
  12. I realize there is a difference between preferring going casual but dressing up when specified, and those that refuse to. All our choices. But what I got a kick out of was the guy who say they had to wear coat and tie to work so refuse to their vacations, which is another way of saying, I’ll wear a coat and tie when paid but won’t when my wife asks me to dress up a bit. And yes, heard all the arguments back and forth. I love the current state of Celebrity so it all pretty much goes away. We can go tux, jackets, or shirt and pants. If that’s a problem, then I think the complainer is
  13. By the way, you don’t have to wash shirts in the sink or offend very sensitive noses in elevators, all Celebrity ships have laundry facilities on board. You just put those ‘dirties’ in a provided laundry bag, fill out the form, leave the bag on your bed, and like make magic, it shows up a day or so later. And you don’t even notice the cost because it’s automatically added to your account and then added to your chargecard. And since you are on vacation, you dont have to worry about wasting time at the sink or in some self-serve ship laundry. And please, please please do not ask about laundry
  14. Oh Noooo! You’ve put a photo of the Vaccination Card on the internet and now all ‘those people’ can copy it and do all kinds of things to it, and.......oh, its a fake one. Never Mind.... Den
  15. PTC DAWG - that is the Greatest One Ever!! My wife and I went to an art show and I saw a great yard ornament called ‘Praying Mantis On a Date’ and it had a mantis standing there holding the head of the other. When my wife saw it, she starting moaning, because she Knew I was going to buy it!!
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