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  1. Putting my feet on a table?? I’ve got up on tables when I was wearing a Speedo and woman were sticking $’s in my waistband!! Oh, those were the day’s my friend, we thought they’d never end.......well, I guess they did. Den
  2. I used to wear shorts/muscle shirt/backwards cap, but my legs would be described as ‘spindly’ now, my muscular pectoral ab’s moved to behind my bellybutton, and my cap keeps sliding off my bald head......other than that I look great in that stuff!! Den
  3. Sue. I’m glad this is helpful. It’s always tricky in open forums such as this. den.
  4. I volunteer at a local library and love it, but when I travel, I do take an ipad with my Kindle app and read away. Understand the love of an actual book, but lugging an ipad or tablet instead of a 400+page book? Along with many other reasons, that’s why many move over to digitals. It does keep reading and publishing (digital) alive. One suggestion since libraries are on the way out on all ships is to go over to the Roll Call for your cruise and suggest book club/exchanges there. Done it and it worked nicely. Den
  5. I’ve also used Choice Air and it worked fine. It was competitive and in fat simplified the vacation. My TA handled it; I was doing a TransAtlantic from Southamption UK and then driving home from FLL, and the prices were silly for one way to Heathrow, over 2x the cost of a roundtrip! It was very odd. So instead of rooting around in various websites, called my TA, she got Choice Air. Added a few bucks for my specific Airline, and so on. Upgraded to comfort and all worked fine. And no payment until final for the cruise which meant i did a quick check prior and the Choice Air was still the best and stuck with it. Den
  6. When you say ‘watch’, what are you watching for? Corona to break out in Alaska or Norway? One case? Two? People aren’t going to local Asian restaurants in areas that corona hasn’t shown up within 1000 miles. And yes, theoretically, someone could book your cruise and bring it aboard. Yup. And I could step out of the van taking me to the cruise ship and forget to look left/right (or is it right/left for the UK??) and get run over by someone wanting to get to the ship Really quickly. My uneducated, subjective wild guess is the threat really this year for most of the world, it could (Stressing ‘could’) be Winter and we should ‘watch’ what occurs then. I’m on a Japan TransPacific in April/May 2021. I Will ‘watch’ what occurs prior to final, but that’s only because of the itinerary being closer to the epicenter. My final payment is mid-January 2021 and it’s nonrefundalabe, which means since I don’t think how Celebrity has and is handling this situation is ‘shameful’, I’ll take a future credit for a different itinerary. The US State Dept only has China has a Level 4 (do not travel) threat due to Corona Virus. The rest of the level 4’s are due to violence levels. Heck, Hong Kong is Level 2 (incensed caution) and most all other SE Asian and western Asian countries are Level 1. Go enjoy Norway, or Alaska, or Europe and Africa and in truth, most of Asia.....stay out of China, especially Central China!! For now. Den
  7. Changed my mind on posting my comment. It wasn’t useful and could be considered a putdown just re-reading it. Den
  8. I agree with cruisestitch’s inference that Celebrity has little to do with your plan after the cruise unless somehow they’ve set all of this up for you. If not, it’s up to you to get off the ship, to the airport via the sky train, get your car and drive back to the ferry. Normally, it should take you about an 1/2+ hr to train to the airport, 1/2 hr to get to the car rental and get that all set and a 1/2+ hr to drive to what I assume you are referring to as the ferry back a bit near the cruise terminal. So yes, its quite doable and I personally dont see any ‘strategy’ beyond you doing this all yourself. Only other options is to take a taxi or the Celebrity transportation bus to the airport and a few alternatives such as that. But you appear to have a good ‘strategy’ set up. I’d stick with the sky train unless your luggage would be a pain, then I’d consider a hire to the airport, not the ship bus. The walk to the Waterfront station I think I remember is a bit short of a 1/2 mile, or 10 min or so. Den
  9. I just paid $1.45 for a Suite on a Celebrity 25 day cruise!!!! OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. That’s the problem with this type of ‘sharing’. And I may list a source, but as Bo says, we can’t for most of them. Instead of thinking some anonymous post is a great source, try using a professional who can aim you towards a good pricing and benefits, or do the many, may searches. But on a forum?? I’d go up to the top, select “Find a Cruise”, look for an itinerary and date, and then compare. But trying to work your way through a forum that lists prices for some itinerary but doesn’t list a date, that’s of no help at all. Or if it does list a date, and you want a month later, no help....... Den
  10. I had promised myself (and posted!) that I would never, ever, never never never post again on a Corona Virus thread especially with the word ‘Shameful’ in it....but here I am. But after these latest posts, this has gone around the bend. “Celebrity was wrong to not inform individuals before cancelling”????” What?!?! Email to customers: Don’t tell anyone else, but we are going to cancel your cruise. We havent told the Capt of the ship, the crew, the ports we have contracts with, the tours we have contracts with and anyone else, but just want to let you know........ Got it. And the customer then calls their airline to cancel their flight: - Customer: “Celebirty has cancelled the cruise so I want to cancel my flight.” - DeltaAmericanCheapoflights: “Please hold......ahhh, no, your cruise still appears to not be cancelled, Celebrity hasn’t informed anyone that they are cancelling......By the way, did that email informing you of the cancelation come from Nigeria???” Or this scenario: I’m on a Caribbean cruise and a hurricane is heading into the islands and towards a port of call we are to go to: - Capt: “This is the Capt speaking. A Hurricane is expected to hit our port of call in three days so we may cancel the port. Please dont’ make any changes to you plans, or anything but I just thought I’d let you know so you can sit around and worry about something you have no control over it.” - 3 Hrs Later after Hurricane website update: “this is the Capt speaking. The hurricane has turned away and slowed down so all is OK. Quit worrying”. - 3 hr After that: “this is the Capt speaking. A new update show the hurricane is now a Cat 5 and heading straight for us and although I can run away from it, there is a minute chance we could be hit and sink, so I want all of you to get your life jackets on and go sit in a safe raft. Out”. All such good ideas. Den
  11. The main differences is in where special SR groups dine. The Suites have Luminar, the Aqua has Blu. You won’t even remotely be impacted or feel you are excluded. and for loyalty, Celebrity gives some benefits such as Wi-Fi and laundry. The only ‘benefit’ you may run into that you may feel excluded will be a social happy hr that could close the Sky Lounge for a few hrs. That’s for those who have cruised a lot w Celebrity. so there is little if any real ‘class system’ that impacts regular customers. den
  12. Not knowledgeable of that cabin, but it is above the Oceanview buffet area..... As to a B2B, love them and done them more than a few times. It’s great to have the same cabin and stay right there, making Seattle just another ‘port of call’, except as a US port, you will have to leave the ship to go through customs and then return when they start normal boarding. Not a real issue. The ship will gather you with others who are B2B, and walk you off. You won’t be going through check in again, they will give you new cards on the ship (your previous cruise charges will be closed as will the OBC from that) and you’ll have a new on board charge set up. You can go explore Seattle, walk over to Pike’s Place or take a ship tour or your own. When you get back, you’ll go through port security and show your card and walk right on. Enjoy! Den
  13. I understand the OP feeling the term ‘threat’ is a bit overwrought, but not sure how a cruise line offering 4-5N Caribbean and 7N Med cruises is in competition with any line such as Celebrity, no matter if the prices are per cabin and all the goodies/no kids stuff. Most people who take short cruises such as that are dipping their toes into cruising (and missing the point on such short excursions), can’t get off work more than a day or so beyond a weekend, or are traveling through Europe and think a quick cruise to ports such as Palma would be neat....fly to Europe for a 7N cruise?? Nope, done as a secondary afterthought, not the focus as done with most Euro Celebrity and other mainline cruise line customers. I think Virgin Voyages will introduce a whole new market into cruising, and those who try it and enjoy it will then move over to cruise on Lines such as Celebrity. So after rambling on, my guess is VV will increase Celebrity clientele not compete. Den
  14. Funny how MSC works its way into many Celebrity threads that have nothing to do with MSC. I don't spend any time over on other cruise forums telling them, especially when not asked, why Celebrity is better or worse. Odd. Den
  15. We are cruising Silversea Shadow in April and looking forward to it. Love Celebrity, but this cruise (rome-barcelona) stops in lots of smaller ports and overnight in Malta, a wonderful port. The OP said formal was coat/tie; I thought it required a suit, not 'coat' as in a blazer, and a dark suit at that. Please clarify, may help in packing. Will see how it goes with a 'luxury' line. \ Den
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