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  1. I guess I’ll be very tacky and just say, “That’s why I use a TA. I ask them to check on whatever and they are the ones who have to get through’. Yes, tacky and of no help for the OP right now. Den
  2. Nice tastebuds there. And you are ‘sure’ most can’t tell the difference…that’s interesting you know this kind of stuff, and…….. what the heck am I doing?!? I’ve Got to get a life!!!!…No, I think I’ll get a bowl of Gelato and try to figure out how someone can’t tell the difference between that and ice cream! Kind of like someone saying they can’t tell the difference between a nice Chianti (yes, I loved ‘The Silence of the Lambs’!) and California Red Mountain wine I drank in college - you had to drink it quick before the color settled out……….. Den
  3. I get gelato because I like it More than ice cream; I drink expresso’s and lattes because I like them more than regular coffee; I buy travel shirts and pants at Sam’s instead of specialty shops…..it’s called personal preferences of what we enjoy and what we are willing to spend our money on. But I bet the OP and all others fully understand that. It’s why some of our friends would never go on a cruise because it just goes to ports for short times and they don’t see themselves enjoying being ‘stuck’ on board; it’s why we cruise instead of RVing…….well the reason I don’t RV is because my wife says her idea of vacationing Isn’t taking the kitchen, the bathroom and a bed she has to make every day along with her and my response is…..”yes dear”. Personal preferences. Den
  4. We had our steward chill it, then we didn’t drink it for a few days, and he chilled it again….and again! I think that’s why we usually don’t bring our own wines on, we just don’t drink them that much in our SR. And by the way, ideas about wine (and beer) temperatures. More than a few of us store wines in their general home areas. And many of us serve red wines as stored. Here in Fla, our rooms are usually mid-70’s. And I heard people say the Brits serve ales and beers at ‘room temperature’…..but I think the Brit idea of ‘room temperature’ is more about high 50’s! And that’s what many experts say red wine should be cooled to 55-58deg….so much for Fla room temperatures! But Not Sparkling Wines! Funny story about British ales. I worked with an RAF pilot for a few years here in the States. I took him to an international beer hangout and ordered some Brit Beer. I told the waitress, Not to get it out of the cooler. She gave me a funny look, but went back and got a few beers out of their general storage. She then took the two steins she’d brought and poured the beer into them…..the steins of course were ice cold and the beer turned into just foam. She was so proud of herself! I just turned to my RAF buddy and said, “What do you expect of Colonials!”. den
  5. If going solo is OK for you, I’d contact Celebrity and if my friend could get a FCC, they could cancel and get that for a future cruise….with you! And you’d pay the solo up charge. That way, you could cruise in the future with your friend, they don’t loose money and you don’t pay more than solo, which I assume you’ve done if you have no issues going solo. Den
  6. Thank you. You are right, I gave up reading many of the COVID threads and need to track it better. den
  7. I checked a few of the at-home tests and the one’s available in a non-big city appear to require to be mailed back and it take’s 2 days to get results, so not sure for many of us at-home suffices for this for a Celebrity 2-day prior. Am I missing something? den
  8. Did you change your name because you are under some Federal Witness Protection Program??? If so, don’t post your original name!! I had to change my name a few times, not because of that, but because of a few ‘misunderstandings’ that, shall we say, I needed to step away from. den/ben/Jim/Flynn/Glenn/…..
  9. Being Acute, I’ll stick with making less than 90deg turns in all of this and just make itty bitty twists and turns!! I’ll Now drop the dumb math references….. I have a Thanksgiving cruise, and plan to get my booster shortly, then sometime after 5 Nov, when I quit teaching adult classes with a dozen or so attending, I’ll get a COVID test to see that I’m clean. After that, I’ll limit my exposure, wearing a mask and staying out of larger groups and so on, and test when I’m required prior to boarding and off we go! For this cruise, my wife and daughter and I will drive down and stay away from most; stay the night prior in Palm Beach to not get hit by the FLL jump in hotel prices Fridays prior to departures, and get on board for what we hope is a great time on the Apex. I booked a number of ship tours, 3 of them, but got the word from Celebrity that 2 of them are canceled, I assume by the tour company, so it looks as if we will just enjoy the port if we can wander around a bit, or enjoy the ship, which is the point of the cruise, not the itinerary. All enjoy and stay safe. den
  10. I guess when I cruise on the CDC Line, I can then worry about CDC recommendation not being a requirement, but since I’m cruising on Celebrity plus other Lines, I’ll focus on their Requirements ……and by the way, I’m not Obtuse, I’m Acute!! Den
  11. Well, if the poster thinks this is ‘technically’ a recommendation, don’t get tested prior and see what happens when you get through the Line to check in……..Kind of similar to the stores that have ‘Please wear a mask entering’ and the ‘Please’ is just a nice way of saying, “Put the Darn Mask On or We will Throw You Out!’. And I think it’s more than a bit obvious reading and listening to actual news for the last 6 months why testing for All is Required. But what the heck….I think most of us would appreciate it if someone who refuses to even get tested would cancel their cruise. Den
  12. OK, which iron? I’d recommend the 9-iron as the most flexible? And your tag is ‘GatorDad’ and you are breastfeeding??? That could really really hurt, but up to you. Candles are just fine, but don’t forget the small funny-looking round batteries that go in them! den
  13. What Sanger727 says. Waiting till 3 days or less for many of us would add more than a bit of an issue so I’ll check prior, then do the required test for the actual get-on-the-cruise test. hassle? Yup. Reduce stress, costs, and even more hassle if there’s an issue? Yup. Hopefully if more get vaccinated and the pandemic subsides, back to less hassle. den
  14. Fully understand but recommending testing that early is to ensure you are ok then play the isolation to some level, as an approach of not finding you are positive at boarding. but you are right in that the risk, although higher due to Delta and of course the unvaccinated, is still very low. We just hear about it more because it’s news. myself? A cruise in late Nov and will test sometime in mid Nov after spending 3 months teaching a few adult classes and then hunker down a bit more before taking the test just prior as required. I’ll be more exposed than ‘whatever is normal’ and go from there. And you are doing more to protect yourself and others than so many of our ‘I’m smarter than those scientists….where is the horse deworming stuff!’ den
  15. I have an answer: 1. Be Vaccinated and get the booster. 2. A few weeks prior to the cruise, take a test and if OK…. 3. Stay isolated and be overly cautious in all you do: A. dont go out except required, don’t eat out, don’t be inside a shop for any extended time. B. wear a mask around Anybody, in or out side. C. When traveling to the ship, keep as safe and protected as possible, wear a mask and a face shield. You know, what we were all suppose to be doing During this Pandemic to end it and what we didn’t do, so the Pandemic continues…… den
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