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  1. Davekathy, I've met many long-married couples and a newlywed or two who have had different levels. I do think it's appropriate for them to be allowed to CC functions together. (I'll bet in private they share the laundry perk. )
  2. I'm getting on a 15-day Northern TA next week. If there aren't any free movies available, I'll definitely post here. Last year's TA had all outside decks and balconies closed for the entire crossing. Every available indoor space was packed so in-cabin movies were a welcome diversion. I bet some of the "I never watch movies on a cruise" contingent would have noticed on that cruise if free movies hadn't been there.
  3. The last time I cruised with someone (Select) who didn't have my same status, 5 years ago, she had access to breakfast and happy hour but not the coffees. I doubt X has become more inclusive since then. I accompanied her the first two breakfasts and happy hours, then no one checked and she went on her own. I imagine the CC hostess recognized her by then.
  4. To add insult to injury, if you're solo, they charge you DOUBLE for the bev package. So on a 14 day cruise, it's $392 additional for one. Guess who'll never be taking a beverage package again.
  5. Turtles06, your photos and this entire review are wonderful! Thanks for doing it for us.
  6. I am currently facing this (again) so called primary care doc who wrote me a new scrip for my med. Then used Goodrx app for cheapest fill from a local pharmacy without going through my insurance. Got a 90-day supply for $11.34. Why didn't I do this sooner??
  7. I'm within 60 days and couldn't find it so called CC yesterday.
  8. Go back to the second post, click on the flyer link, go all the way to the bottom, and it begins on line 8 of the fine print at the bottom. Doesn't specifically say $14, just increase if you choose classic beverage package, based on length of the cruise. Usually lots of annoying little details can be found in X's fine print.
  9. Funny you should mention that. I travel solo and for quite awhile, I've noticed that all the European Edge Exciting Deals have a 150% single supplement. All the other ships are 200% solo, except for the Silhouette Northern TA. I can't recall ever seeing a 150% on ANY European itinerary for as long as I've been cruising - only occasional TAs. Just a hunch that the Edge isn't attracting quite as many "demographics" as they'd hoped. It isn't attracting me, but I do have 5 cruises on S-class booked (for now).
  10. My experience has been that either your travel agent or the Captain's Club can book it pre-cruise.
  11. Woo hoo!! Cancel my blowup beachball!👏
  12. You'll have better luck with Twitter than FB.
  13. Chicagopaul, who is doing a "live from" on the Millennium Transpacific right now, showed a pictures of the free movies still available on his TV today. Removal seems to be somewhat piecemeal.
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