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  1. Concierge was awesome when my roommate became ill and had to fly home from Amsterdam. Concierge got her onto a fully booked nonstop flight to the west coast (still have no idea how she pulled that off) had someone accompany my roomie all the way to the gate, contacted roomie's kids, and on and on. Never really appreciated a shipboard concierge until then. Haven't needed one since but I always stop by and say hi now.
  2. I book C2s on the hump for location and points. I like the longer balconies and being near the mid ship elevators. Lots shorter distance to get to my morning double cappuccino fix (in my insulated tumbler) to go along with room service breakfast with the better OJ. I was on Summit in 2013 when cabin steward changed sign on our cabin to concierge. It magically became "better" I guess. Celebrity had trouble selling the cabins beneath the pool deck until they made them aqua class. I was in marketing for years and respect a good campaign when I see one - creating Blu was brilliant. Tremendous return for relatively modest investment. They're doing precisely the same thing with suites and seems to be working amazingly well. As a shareholder, I'm genuinely impressed.
  3. You definitely need to speak to the maitre d' regarding sodium. The soups (in Blu also) are absolutely loaded with it as are most of the gravies and sauces. Even the $139 chef's table in Murano was seriously heavy in sodium. I tasted/nibbled everything but that was about it. If you tell your maitre d' when you get onboard, they'll do a great job working with you.
  4. If you can get 3112, it's the best in that category on M Class.
  5. Incognito browsing is always your best bet, especially for airlines. Just right click on the browser icon at the bottom of your screen. I default to incognito mode whenever I open a browser - don't want targeted ads showing up on every news link. Forgot to do it last year when comparing insurance rates = went on and on for months. I have a hotmail email account just for online shopping and it was blasted with insurance spam. Incognito is your friend. 🤫
  6. I took a last minute 4 nighter on Silhouette 3 yrs ago solely to book some future cruises (OBC, reduced deposit). I'd quit cruising for a couple of yrs and didn't have any. It definitely was a booze cruise. Like someone else posted here, first time I'd ever seen knee-walking drunks (lots) on a Celebrity ship. Now, to stay ahead of the game, I book several refundable placeholders every time I'm onboard.
  7. My experiences with spring TAs have been all over the map. From 98 in Lisbon, to 45 in Le Havre. And a whole of of the "April showers bring May flowers." Bring waterproof shoes.
  8. I fiddled with the website last night trying to compare prices for cruises I have already booked. Finally, when I clicked the little box "no thanks" when selecting perks, got a refundable deposit.
  9. Sort of a glass half empty vs half full perspective.
  10. I've been sailing solo for years and the only time on Celebrity that I get an occasional 150% supplement is when I book after final payment. I check Exciting Deals (just google those words) every week to see if there's anything worthwhile. They had a whole lot of Edge 150% single supplements on Europe cruises prior to the Transatlantic. And that was for a full-sized cabin, not solo cabin. The price on those solo cabins on Edge isn't much less than paying double for a regular cabin and in a regular cabin you receive double points. I've had much better quotes from Holland America as a solo.
  11. I've booked concierge cabins solely for location (long hump balconies) and points for years. One of these days I'll move up a tier in the Captain's Club and that'll be the end of concierge, at least on M-class (those wonderful C1s have become too pricey for me). I'll still try for hump cabins of any category on S-class, though. BTW, I tell cabin steward "no" to the canapes as soon as we meet and request fruit/cheese platters, hold the crackers (celiac = bring my own).
  12. That's usually marriage counseling and child guidance advice.
  13. Ditto. I quit dining in Tuscan after 4 or 5 successive failures. Not willing to give them a 5th "second chance."
  14. They didn't serve her, however, I have no idea if that was her choice. It's a whole lotta food.
  15. In November, I had a bunch of NR OBC but the form that guest services gave me for additional gratuities allowed designation by name ONLY for a butler. I insisted I wanted to reward my waiter and cabin steward by name. Nope. My only options for additional gratuities would go into the dining room pool, housekeeping pool, etc., whatever group(s) I designated. No named personnel except butler. I fussed way up the chain of command without success. Could not designate the best waiter I've ever had. I paid cash. I've recently booked a suite with a ridiculous amount of OBC......hope I get a worthy butler. 😉
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