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  1. Gluten free desserts are pitiful as a rule so my GF go-to is liqueur over ice cream. Usually order a shot of creme de cassis, creme de menthe, or kahlua, etc., when I sit down for dinner. Then when it's time for dessert, I have it to pour it over vanilla ice cream. Need to google "liqueurs" to come up with other things to try. Had the CBP last cruise and only thought of the creme de cassis as a substitute (poor) for Chambord because they use it in kir. Next few cruises are PBP so will opt for Chambord. Lots of OBC so maybe Chambord should go over gelato at Cafe al Bacio. 🤗
  2. Do they show up on the website as upcoming cruises? If not, add your booking numbers within the website; there's a place to add missing cruises. Then it should populate the app. If that doesn't work, I have no idea. I had to add two of mine.
  3. Back in the day, if you cruised for 14 nights on a TA in a CS, you got 3 pts (2 for cruise length, 1 for suite). At the changeover, that equated to 90 points. Under current system, it would have been 168 pts. Then for several years, I paid double but got single points. I would have made Zenith ages ago under present system. I still resent paying double beverages and double gratuities, but at least they seem to be giving me double wifi, and I usually receive double points. Often have to call to correct double point errors, though. I like the beverage package if for nothing more than wine with dinner, wherever I choose to dine. I'm still cruising Celebrity but Crystal is on my radar for when I feel more confident about their financial health.
  4. That's the Constellation. Just signed onto the Pier 66 webcam at sunny.org. Gotta say that the Connie's paint job looks so much snazzier than the Equinox's. Guess I'm a traditionalist.
  5. You'll need the faster speed and not all VPNs work. I've used Nord in the past but on some recent cruises, I couldn't so used TunnelBear free version since I only needed it to check some financials. You can't download most VPNs while aboard so be sure you have a couple set up before you leave home. Speed worked fine all the way across. I made video calls, used wifi calling for texting, and had no problem streaming.
  6. I asked the store clerk where the Schwarzenegger action figures were and he said "Aisle B, Back."
  7. An S2 for a Fall 2022 cruise is now $6K than my S1 fare booked in February = I'm very happy with what I already have. 😁 BTW, if anyone has booked a suite and they're sold out, check if there are any handicapped suites. If so, they aren't sold out. Mine showed sold out until I tried that. That's how I found the current price.
  8. I have had the C1s (usually C1s anyway) on all 3 decks. If I were choosing for a Greek island cruise, I'd opt for deck 8 for the slightly higher view. On a TA, my preferences would be in order 7, 8, then 9. I had some noise on deck 9, but it wasn't worth giving up the aft view on a 15 night cruise. Since I travel solo, I'm never eligible for the FVs, so to me, the M-class aft cabins are the best cabins in the fleet. The reason I mentioned "usually" above is that on the Oct 2022 Constellation TA, X has designated those aft cabins as SV. The 3 handicapped cabins in the middle are still designated C1s as are all the cabins across the back on the cruises preceding and following the TA. Someone at X made a mistake and if I weren't in a suite for that cruise, I'd have jumped on one of them in a NY minute. BTW, the C1s on the TA, including the aft handicapped, are $2119/person; the "SVs", directly adjacent to the handicapped, are $1879 ($240/person less). Heck, a plain-old C3 with a funky location is $80/person more. I figure the five remaining cabins that have been there for months are still there because we're conditioned to look for them as C1s.
  9. My own opinion is that following the sales is my job, not my TA's. She has lots and lots of clients and checking category availability, cut off dates, and pricing are done manually. I looked up all my booked cruises thru 12-31-22, compared sale prices to my existing invoices, and then sent her an email for the cruises where I could save money. I sent her the booking number, old price, new price, and the OBCs. Made it easier for her. I chose to upgrade one cabin and took savings on the ones that weren't sold out in my category. She knew exactly what I wanted to do and I knew it was done when the new invoices showed up in my inbox.
  10. Got the discount for a booking made in March 2021 for an April 2022 cruise.
  11. On an earlier cruise, Capt Tasos said the pax would be flown home; heard those specific words. May depend on the passenger's needs.
  12. Please make sure those don't have "OTC" printed on the lower left of the box. If they have OTC, they're not the monitored versions.
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