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  1. On 14 May, I received taxes and roughly 75% of fare for 17 Apr Silhouette TA. Yesterday a credit for $20.79 showed up. Don't know whether to consider that a hopeful or pitiful sign. Still short over $800. BTW, I've never called X but my TA evidently did; she emailed me that X is aware of the additional amount due.
  2. Grandma's still got it! https://www.chonday.com/40352/this-grandmother-telling-a-joke-at-a-wedding/
  3. I'm in the throes of choosing a cabin (not a suite) on the Millennium. My in-cabin morning cappuccino is sacrosanct so my question is, can you get a take-away cappuccino in the Oceanview? I know I can on an S-Class but I haven't tried on an M-class. I don't want to eat in the Oceanview or even sit down - just order a cappuccino, get it, and leave. Is that possible? Or only in Cafe al Bacio, in which case I'd book midship rather than aft.
  4. Even easier to skip on by if I don't see it in the first place. Gotta maintain my happy place bubble. 😎
  5. Semi-relevant question: How do you "ignore" a poster? I know I used to be able to do it but I don't see a button for it anywhere now.
  6. Depends on who answers the phone. I think there are more exceptions than there are rules. I had three cruises moved, one of which was S-class 13 night to M-class 10 night, 18 months apart on different continents (both technically repos). Another was 11 nights but switched from S-class to M-class. My TA handled them on separate days. Kept original booking numbers so retained onboard booking OBCs. I didn't expect any joy and was genuinely surprised when the new invoices showed up in my inbox. Keep calling and, frustration aside, ask pretty.
  7. My TA called X and got the discount applied to sold out suite for our April 2021 cruise. Saved over $1K. I wasn't expecting it at all for that one (she surprised me with it). Could be worth the wait time for a call.
  8. Do I need to have my TA do it or will they tell me?
  9. Re: 4-17 Silhouette TA. Requested refund 3-24. No calls to X. Taxes and chunk of cruise fare hit my credit card about an hour ago. Still ~$800+ out there somewhere, but I'm hopeful. If it hasn't arrived by June 1st, I'll call. If necessary, CC dispute will be 2nd week in June.
  10. Lots of negative financial buzz about RCL today on Wall Street with its stock being downgraded to junk category.
  11. The moral to the story then is never prepay a cruise and always wait until final payment? Will they bill your credit card for the balance if you cancel a $100 deposit?
  12. After reading that RCL investor announcement yesterday, I believe renovations may change. They were planning to add more cabins; however, looks like future cruising may see governments, ports, etc., mandating fewer pax. Passenger stacking and packing will probably diminish. That'd also impact future builds. Cruise lines have a whole lot on their plates in addition to canceled cruises. Tough business to be in (actually, anything travel related).
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