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  1. A Royal Caribbean online chat agent is literally the last place I would look for reliable information. Sorry but I wouldn’t put any faith in that response.
  2. Does anybody know a current ballpark figure for a day pass for Surf and Surf and Steam onboard? Trying to decide if we need/want internet all 9 nights, in which case we should do the current 12.99 per day deal, or just chance it onboard and use the D+ two days free and buy a day here and there as needed. Thanks
  3. Then Galveston should be advertising this and putting up signage to indicate other options. 99.9% of cruisers aren't going to see your posts and are going to sit in the disaster that is getting to the ship in Galveston. It's not a personal attack on you that sailing out of Galveston is terrible...
  4. His comment is appropriate. Galveston’s infrastructure and traffic patterns can barely/can’t handle the smaller ships that sail from there now. We’ve sailed out of about 10 ports and never experienced anything like the disaster that is sailing from Galveston. It’s great that it is convenient to the middle of the country, but that’s about it. It’s rough.
  5. We have been on both recently. They are very similar and have very similar amenities for that age group... there shouldn't be much difference in terms of nightlife. I definitely prefer the Independence over the Navigator, but both are recently renovated.
  6. Midship hump. The superstructure of the back of the ship obstructs the view from the aft balconies in Voyager/Freedom class ships. You can google and YouTube the view. It’s terrible IMO but some people think it’s worth it for the extra space.
  7. Their customer service representatives are going to be the last ones to know... they won't know/give a reliable answer until there is a press release.
  8. Yeah- I think the hallway/stateroom staying the same was a huge miss with this refurb 🙁. I'll definitely stick with Harmony and Symphony now. I will say that the public areas look great from what I've seen.
  9. The most seem to be if you go to "places" in the search, Oasis Of The Seas 1800 Eller Dr, Port Everglades, FL. Most of what I have seen is in public stories.
  10. That may be the case for suites, but you can see clearly that the standard oceanview and balcony rooms on IG at least appear to look exactly the same.
  11. Based on the photos and videos being posted on Instagram, the standard cabins have not been updated. Same outdated carpets, bedding, sofas. That's a huge disappointment. Harmony and Symphony are so much nicer.
  12. I think its ridiculous. I understand a small cover charge to limit crowds, but this is just nickel and diming. I'm shocked they haven't started charging for El Loco Fresh.
  13. If Independence isn’t going to Southampton in 2021, I’d put money in it replacing Harmony for the summer season out of Port Canaveral like it took the place of Allure during its 2015 season. It would be awesome to have an amped Freedom class doing that itinerary for the summer.
  14. We always do a cruise in May/June and December. Positives of December- Generally great weather, few kids, cheap before Christmas and NYE Negatives of December- It gets dark early, generally a geriatric crowd, cold/flu/noro season
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