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  1. That’s probably one of the most far fetched statements I’ve read on these boards. And that’s saying something!
  2. Interesting to see that Air2sea reservations are generally slower. I’m at 41 days (but 37 before we leave for Barcelona) and just noticed ours haven’t been issued. This is the first time I’ve not had them at 49 days.
  3. You have absolutely nothing to base a month long drydock on....
  4. Thanks of a recap for the blatantly obvious. 😉
  5. It was fantastic. We sailed on Navigator the year she did the 7 night cruises out of there. Loved it.
  6. There will likely be some concepts carried over, but the Navigator and Mariner refurbishments were heavily geared towards the the 3-4 Bahamas day cruise market.
  7. Thanks for the pictures! Any way you could post photos of the new gym? Is there still steam and sauna in the gym?
  8. Emily- Can you please check and see if the new fitness center has steam/sauna like the old one did when it was at the front of the ship? Also any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  9. I booked a cruise on Symphony for August 2019 in December 2018 and got my assignment last week, so it was just about two months.
  10. We are deciding between a 7 night cruise and a 9 night ABC island cruise from Florida in late 2019 with extended family. We will have 5-10 family members in the 20-30 age range but I'm worried that if we do the 9 night, the majority of the ship is going to be an older crowd and it will be hard for them to meet people. I know that usually the 3-6 nights attract a younger crowd and the longer ones attract older. Has anybody had any experience with the 8-9 night Caribbean sailings? I believe Navigator is doing them this year and Explorer next year. Thanks!
  11. I am attaching the cruise compasses from the 12/7/18 Mariner 3 night sailing. MR.pdf
  12. If anybody is interested, I am attaching the 5 night (12/10/18) Independence compasses. It is the Costa Maya, Cozumel itinerary. Indy.pdf
  13. It used terminal 18 when it is available, but if Harmony or Serenade are in port it uses terminal 29.
  14. The MDR is terrible now. We haven’t dined in the MDR regularly in quite a few years now but we try it a night or two per cruise. Unfortunately, all-inclusive resorts that we go to seem to be going down the same downward sloped path. It’s definitely frustrating. I don’t eat TGI Fridays/Applebees quality food at home and I sure as hell don’t want to when I’m on a vacation. You’ll get people popping in on these threads saying they think the food is good. Sure, you can generally find something that tastes decent on the menu, but it is going to be buffet quality meats and sides presented as a sit down meal.
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