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  1. I would be very annoyed since that was not what was booked. I will say, however, that I have been going to Cococay every year or so since 2000 and after seeing last week on Navigator, I was blown away. It is so much nicer and I would honestly like to go back every cruise (as long as you can still find a quiet place on the beach after plans are finished). I never cared for it before.
  2. Thats exactly what happened to us. We booked thinking the changes would be the same as Mariner. It feels fresh and new, but they just way over-did it. Feels chaotic. Totally fine for 3 nights we just totally prefer Mariner.
  3. He was on Navigator this week. He was annoyed that there we no Pinnacles on the sailing aside from him. Have seen him a few times in various DL/CL/SL. Seemed like his normal, if not a bit unsatisfied, self 🙂
  4. That’s a huge draw to the Voyager and Freedom class. Nothing better after a few days of drinking and eating junk. Navigator went from one of our favorites to a “probably wouldn’t do again” with the updates. There’s a lot of positives to the updates, but there are better much options in Mariner and Indy now... Still a good weekend, but disappointed in the new path.
  5. I’m interested to hear the opinions on people who have sailed both on the 3/4 night itineraries post refurb. We did the Mariner in December and the Navigator this month. We would pick Mariner hands down. Mariner- feels like a Voyager class ship brought into 2019. Refreshed, new amenities without sacrificing its character. Would have been better if the cabins were all refreshed. But we loved it. Navigator- between replacing the old fantastic gym and spa facilities with cabins and the moving of venues around on decks 12, 13, and 14, the new cabana type things and overall layout of deck 12, the ship feels so chopped up and chaotic. You can no longer walk along deck 12 to the back of the ship, they moved the DL to a dungeon on deck 5, the whirlpools take away valuable deck space on 12 and cause a weird zigzag. The actual pool is beautiful, but they just overdid it and squeezed way too much in. Curious what other think.
  6. Whenever I hear of a coworker or acquaintance going on a cruise, I cross my fingers that it isn’t an older Carnival ship or Majesty and Empress knowing they will be expecting something much more representative of the brand. I cringe to think that’s what they picture us enjoying/recommending. I can imagine Royal would probably feel similarly especially since the short and cheap cruises are what many first timers typically choose...
  7. I could see it going either way. We booked a GTY on Symphony recently for Labor Day and even though the category showed sold out, we received an assignment soon after.
  8. I did not. I just happened to stumble upon it on the website. It was a banner at the bottom. My bid, however, was accepted last week. We leave on 6/21. Ship has been showing sold out for weeks.
  9. I think it started a while ago. I placed a bid using a link in the website on May 22 for a June 21 Navigator sailing.
  10. Exactly. We just got the $250 for 8 nights offer. No thanks!
  11. Crazy pricing. But my vacation time is worth more than that. I’d go nuts on Empress for more than a couple nights!
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