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  1. Did somebody forget to take their meds?... Or take too many?
  2. Exactly! Galveston is a miserable port to sail out of in terms of traffic/terminal congestion and distance from airport. That said we have done it a couple times because prices are absurdly low on Liberty compared to Florida during the summer.
  3. There isn’t a way to expedite it. You’re going to have to wait it out. 🤷‍♂️ I will never understand why people use debit cards for things like this. Next time use a credit card for better protection, points, and to avoid this.
  4. There is a smaller gym with low ceilings. There is a group of lockers right when you walk in, they are in the gym not a bathroom or changing room. They cut out the ceiling so that 3-4 treadmills can incline, the rest do not. There is a men’s and women’s restroom with sinks but no shower or locker room.
  5. I would be LIVID if my itinerary were changed due in order to put political pressure on the port.
  6. I have been on both recently and would pick Mariner hands down over Navigator. The new gym is terrible on Navigator, they moved around a lot of venues, added more staterooms, and cluttered decks 11 and 12 on Navigator making it feel crowded and chopped up. They feel equally modern, but they did a much better job on Mariner IMO.
  7. I'd also do Harmony because of the ease of Port Canaveral over Port of Miami.
  8. I definitely did not see that announcement. Very interesting move. Glad to see them back in New Orleans even if it is just MJ.
  9. This thread title is absurdly dramatic, even for CC.
  10. No lobster on the Oasis 7 night Mediterranean cruises. Just an upcharge option.
  11. I know. But they were all connected with the locker rooms in the prior fitness center.
  12. Yeah. All the new added cabins were noticeable on Navigator, especially in terms of the elevators. It was the first time on this class for me that the forward elevators couldn’t keep up. They always used to be the better option compared to the aft.
  13. That is absolutely not true. Maybe if you don’t use the gym you don’t know... The new fitness center at the back of the ship on Navigator is TERRIBLE and that sounds like it’s the new “upgrade” for the remaining Voyager class. The ceilings are too low for most of the treadmills to incline, there are virtually no free weights, virtually no open areas for yoga, stretching, or abs. As a couple who is young and very active, I wouldn’t sail in Navigator (or now Voyager) again for that reason alone.
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