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  1. I’ve been on both this year. I would recommend Mariner hands down. Between the gym changes, more added cabins, cluttering the pool deck with hot more tubs and new cabanas on Navigator, Mariner has a much nicer feel. They did a good job on Navigator, they just took the pool deck and gym situation way too far.
  2. I don’t know why you would want to pay premium prices for a cold-weather designed ship from Florida to the Caribbean when you have Oasis and Freedom class options. You have to take reviews with a grain of salt, but Quantum class ships have received consistently lower marks than other classes for half a decade. Why combine that with an itinerary that doesn’t best suit them?
  3. Oasis isn't my favorite class because of the lack of sea views, but I love the fact that it seems like after a couple days, everybody has found "their" neighborhood. There are the groups that stay inside all day in lounges, the groups who read in central park, the sun lounging crowd up top (us), the solarium crowd, etc. It really ends up splitting up the crowds nicely IMO.
  4. Honestly Oasis class has always seemed the least crowded to us. There are three exceptions to that- the Windjammer (avoid at all costs on Oasis class), public spaces on boarding day, and after muster. We have been on several Oasis cruises that left us wondering where everybody was...
  5. We did this United flight from Barcelona on the way home from Oasis, same week this year. I think you will be fine to make an 11AM. We were through security by 9AM.
  6. Symphony stays on ship (Miami) time. That said, turn off the auto time update feature on your phone. We were connected only to ship WiFi and when we got to Mexico on Symphony, our phones updated to Central time, so we overslept!
  7. I found a video on YouTube before I sailed. I would do a search within the past year on there. It’s terrible. If you’ve sailed in Voyager or Freedom class ships before, you’re probably going to be very disappointed. I’m hoping it was more work than anticipated since construction wasn’t done during the first few weeks after drydock and they won’t do it to Freedom during her upcoming revamp 😞
  8. I've always really enjoyed Oceanaria and Oasis of Dreams. Not so much the Fine Line on Harmony. Hiro on Symphony was in the middle for me.
  9. I would too. I love the cabins in the newer Oasis class. To be honest, the Oasis and Allure cabins didn’t even look good when they were new 🤷🏼‍♂️.
  10. That would be virtually impossible. I will be shocked if they do much with the cabins cosmetically after the lack of stateroom updates on the other Amplified ships. Mariner and Indepndence were largely untouched and older than Oasis/Allure.
  11. Did the children policy change in the past couple of years? I have always read that the children should get the same status as the parents until they are 18 years old. After age 18, they retain whatever status they have accumulated (if they are Diamond because of their parents, they remain Diamond) but they will not get to the next level until they accumulate enough points on their own to warrant the next step.
  12. We’re on the Symphony heading back to Miami from Costa Maya. Interestingly that Mariner left an hour before us but is lagging behind even though they have farther to travel. Trying to figure out where they’re going Wednesday?
  13. The issue is Symphony is doing a special 3 night Labor Day sailing. We are scheduled to arrive back in Miami Tuesday...
  14. Just got the same one for Symphony leaving Saturday. Pissed!
  15. Very irritated at the 1PM "update". Nothing even changed. They have Mariner and Navigator in the Bahamas still... Pretty poor communication.
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