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  1. Hand lotion in front of the computer. Ut oh. I don’t want to see your browser history.
  2. They knocked my boys out last round but I have no problem with them winning it all. They are a phenomenal team. And they just took the lead as I type this.
  3. And least favorite? This is where it gets fun.
  4. The usual Saturday night maintenance. EDIT: I need to figure out a way to use “borked” in a sentence a few times this week.
  5. Oasis is in Cape Liberty in September and October 2021 as well.
  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/fred-I7oVQq8Cp6m08
  7. You will do the muster on the TV in your room. You will still be able to use your keycard for purchases and to open your room door.
  8. Good news. What department does your friend work in?
  9. You can’t lose with either choice. You pick one and I’ll happily take the other.
  10. I used to dislike Nassau until I discovered Oh Andros. Thank you @Kcjarvis
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