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  1. Get too amped up over something on Cruise Critic? Never. Everything is always dissected calmly and rationally here.
  2. I’m sensing a Costco-BJ’s brawl about to break out here.
  3. You haven’t lived until you’ve savored a delicious concoction made with one of their finest bottles of New Amsterdam vodka. Nothing gets those heartburn juices flowing like a drink made with good old New Amsterdam vodka. The ambiance is further enhanced by listening to other cruisers brag about how many cruises they have been on or have booked.
  4. I’m leaning towards purchasing the Sparthos mask for when my gym reopens. Do you know of a better one?
  5. “And with a new name comes an exciting new loyalty program that will replace the antiquated Crown & Anchor program”. Before anyone asks - that is not a real quote.
  6. 20 years of medical school has prepared Ocean Boy for this riveting discussion.
  7. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC0-Xkkj-V4pxmBePDoFfK4w/videos
  8. I know what I’m reading today. Great to hear from you Mark. Hope all is well.
  9. Ugh. We were just talking about that earlier. We would be docked in Hamilton right now. HAMILTON! Not the Royal Naval Dockyard. The main reason we booked it. Maybe next year if the Empress is still with us.
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