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  1. I think I’ll stick with land vacations for now on.
  2. I passed this door multiple times this week but never thought to open it and see where it takes you. Now that all the LSD is out of my system, I decided to finally open that mystery door and see what’s behind it.
  3. We decided to purchase our photos tonight so we can avoid the final day crowd tomorrow. It’s amazing how different we look throughout the week. The sun really does a number on you.
  4. Lots of folks returning to the ship decked to the nines after a great sea day. Captains dinner happening right now.
  5. I guess we weren’t really in Nassau - and I could have sworn today is a sea day. I need to lower my LSD dosage.
  6. You can probably bump that number up a little more.
  7. The Pacific Princess is nearby - would make a nice backdrop for a movie set or something.
  8. Tonight’s A-list performers. The George Reich Dancers are the main reason we booked this specific sailing - and Carrol Turran never disappoints. Rumor in the club last night - Barbara Porteus & Bruce Michaels used to be a “thing” - that is until Barbara caught Bruce in a very uncompromising position with Stuart Feldman recently. Just a rumor.
  9. 8 AM and people are already claiming pool chairs. Hmmm. That just seems strange to me. There should be a term for that.
  10. Not sure where home is for this nice young fella. Wherever he is from, they sure do teach them how to be double fisted. I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before.
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