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  1. The hot tubs are cold. Ok, thanks. I’ll put that in my notes.
  2. So far so good with the photos. Nice job. Although I’m sure in true maureencruiser fashion, the photos will all be offline a year from now. 😀
  3. You can say that again. There are a lot of great live reviewers but nobody makes me laugh out loud more than Maureen (or TheDougOut on the NCL boards). Maureen, promise me you will not behave yourself.
  4. Oh my. I bet the statues in Cozumel are excited for Hurricane Maureen's arrival.
  5. I didn’t do a live thread on my last 5 cruises and I have to say that I actually enjoyed the cruises even more. Imagine that.
  6. Thought for sure a “No Tug” photo or reference was coming.
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