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  1. Were you doing a search for “vomit” and this thread popped up?
  2. Do you know if they serve food at night on the private island or was it just a nighttime beach party?
  3. Good stuff @HappyInVan Thanks for this. How did you like their muster procedure?
  4. Did Carnival say they are going to bus guests from Baltimore TO Norfolk? I understand they are going to bus the guests that are sailing right now FROM Norfolk back to Baltimore but I have not seen anything saying they will bus future guests to Norfolk.
  5. $20 pp to upgrade to Shogun. Got it. Thanks Bird!
  6. Same here. On the Vision of the Seas a few weeks ago, we turned the TV off on day 1 and literally never turned it back on the rest of the trip.
  7. On NCL you can choose Teppanyaki as part of your 3-night dining package. Can you choose Teppanyaki on MSC with a 3, 4 or 5 night dining package?
  8. Oh that is great. Thank you!
  9. @JamieLogical you are such a wealth of information on this MSC board! Thank you for always answering everyone’s questions in so many threads. Have you ever seen a class pass in the gym on MSC like NCL and Royal have? And with the Easy Plus drink package, do you know if you can grab multiple bottles of water at once or is it strictly one at a time?
  10. Hi Andrew. Thanks again for doing this live thread. Quick question - can you find out the middle names of all of the passengers sailing next week across the fleet?
  11. Teenage girls all over North America are looking to fill that empty seat next to the O-man.
  12. Might want to speak to Owen first. He texted me saying that he just booked the Indy for next week.
  13. Ugh. Freeport today, Nassau tomorrow. After lunch, want don’t we swim and meet halfway? Bring leftovers too. And make sure they don’t get wet.
  14. Something tells me that his father is the one that taught him how to use the “zoom in” function properly. Oh hi Lisa. 👋
  15. I don’t like cocaine but it just smells so good.
  16. He probably gave them two bottles of wine for some of their pot.
  17. It’s probably best just to ignore a certain poster in this thread who is just trying to stir the pot.
  18. They had it this past week - and I think every day.
  19. Enjoy. We just got off this morning. I’m sure you’ll have about a half million less kids then we had on board last week.
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