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  1. Mine was just assigned last night for Mariner in two weeks also.
  2. Getting off the ship and to the airport is not going to be a problem. The issue is that the last few times I have flown out of Miami on a weekend or a day with a lot of ships, the baggage drop and security lines at MIA were about 30-45 each. Their system is terrible. You can probably do it, but I would be off the ship ASAP. FLL is so much easier.
  3. The Bahamas cruises this spring and summer have plummeted ($219-$249 per person) for the 3-4 nights, but that could be less about Corona Virus and more about the fact that they will have three ships doing the routes instead of just two ships. Or it could be a combo.
  4. I would pick the deck 9 JS. I cannot understand the hype over the aft cabins in Freedom/Voyager class. They are larger but obstructed by the ugly superstructure and they have soot and vibration. I would never stay in one again.
  5. I like Deck 6 and 8 best on Oasis class. You feel closer to the water and convenient to everything.
  6. We have been on all three in the past year, after their revamps. I rate Independence first, Mariner second, and Navigator last. Independence is slightly larger and slightly newer. The Mariner and Independence received very similar refurbishments, which I prefer to what was done to Navigator. On Navigator they moved the gym to a smaller location and added cabins in its place, more added cabins to other floors, cluttered deck 12 with hot tubs and new cabanas (which sound nice, but feels cramped onboard). They did a good job on Navigator, notably the staterooms and pool decor, but they took the upper deck and gym situation way too far and made the ship feel chopped up. Not to mention I would rather sail from Port Canaveral or Ft. Lauderdale any day over Miami.
  7. Itinerary- Freedom Ship- Harmony Bonaire is one of the best and most unique places I've ever traveled to. Amazing.
  8. Nothing was done to most staterooms. There were a few balcony cabins which will become the spa balconies that got refreshed, but the vast majority are completely 2009. A major reason I would book Symphony over Oasis. The Oasis staterooms were ugly and out of style when they were new, now they’re ugly and tired 🙂.
  9. It’s just a matter of time until somebody decides this is somehow racist.
  10. Harmony. CoCocay and Labadee are great beach days. Harmony's decor and rooms/suites feel much more modern than Oasis IMO. Oasis has been refurbed, Harmony is newer. Having been on all the Oasis class several times, I prefer Harmony and Symphony, but all are subtle differences.
  11. There will be a formal/"dress your best" night and they will probably have beef tenderloin. No lobster on short cruises, but you aren't missing anything. The lobster tails they serve are smaller/lower quality than the frozen tails they sell for $5 at the grocery store. Do a specialty restaurant if you want something better than buffet quality food served by a waiter.
  12. Pretty confident they were talking about per person.
  13. IMO you should be embarrassed to order 5 appetizers and two entrees...
  14. And it has been reported that they are not doing that. They are only asking people. Further, passports are not required on closed loop cruises. Very easy for somebody to just bring a birth certificate for a US based cruise if they don't want them checking their passport.
  15. Coco Beach Club- now $149 per person on Indy 6/12. ABSURD!
  16. If you book directly through the cruise line and are not part of a group 49 days. We have gotten them as late as 18 days for a Mediterranean cruise, booked through a TA with ChoiceAir. Most recently, 42 days in a TA group booking without ChoiceAir.
  17. Nobody would know the answer except the cruise line.
  18. You're going to enjoy it. What ship are you going on? It's also easy now to keep in touch via text/iMessage with your significant other with the wifi these days (if you want to keep in touch!)
  19. They meant well. It was just the exact opposite of what I wanted to deal with 😅.
  20. The best I encountered was being asked to take a picture for a group of older women at sailaway. They asked if I wanted them to take my and my (apparently invisible) wife's picture. I told them I appreciated it but I was solo. They all proceeded to tell me that they were adopting me into their group and they would 'find me a girl'. Needless to say I spent the weekend avoid them like the Coronavirus!
  21. People are idiots. I have been traveling alone for business for years. It wasn't a stretch (and saved a few bucks) when I took a long weekend cruise instead of flying home from Florida. My friends and family had the same reaction. It was totally enjoyable. I did the same thing you are looking to do. I was training for a CrossFit competition at the time, so I woke up early, ran a couple of miles, worked out for about an hour, spent the days by the pool with a book and a few drinks, and ate by myself, went to shows by myself. Loved it. Honestly- don't even explain it to them. Tell them you got a deal and your husband couldn't go but wanted you to enjoy yourself. Tell or dont tell as many people as you see fit!
  22. I guess it’s a totally waste for her to sail from Tampa in the winter then also. Brilliance is already doing those itineraries. They want to expand their presence in the Caribbean from Tampa. It is logical.
  23. I'd do Symphony hands down over Oasis. Newer and better itinerary. Better cabin design. That said, it's bad how common this is becoming.
  24. The rooms and decor are going to be a lot newer on Harmony than Allure if that makes any difference to you. IMO the rooms on Harmony/Symphony are tremendously nicer than Oasis/Allure.
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