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  1. I know that no one really knows, but any guesses what ship(s) will be doing the short Bermuda cruises in summer 2022? Also, when will they release these? We currently have 5 night Freedom this August, and assuming that L&S extends, I'm curious what our option would be.
  2. I for one, hope that Royal requires a vaccine. As a note, we have 2 kids and before our next cruise, one is under 16 so as of now, she can't get the vaccine . I'd rather have a safe ship and the cruise lines to start up successfully without worrying about covid cases, vs us being able to cruise and "hope" there aren't any. Am sad and disappointed as we'll most likely miss more of our booked cruises, but am grateful a vaccine has started and eventually, we will cruise again (and hopefully while both of our kids still travel with us)
  3. You'll be booking a promenade room for pricing/category. Simply call Royal or your TA and have them check if 6305 is available. It's only on Independence, Freedom and I believe Liberty. If you do a google search, you'll find info on it too. Good luck.
  4. Only have 2 to compare but will say Symphony Allure but it all depends on different categories Aqua Show - Cool on Symphony but more dives and "wow" moves on Allure Blue Planet (Allure) - odd show vs Flight (Symphony) was wow...loved it, and even went twice Mamma Mia (Allure) - my favorite musical of all time so am biased, but also really enjoyed Hairspray (Symphony) Ice Show - Monopoly (Allure) was ok, amazing on Symphony with cool affects with the drones Ship decor is amazing on Symphony. Also really enjoyed the included El Loco Fresh on Symphony.
  5. That is so heartbreaking. Here in Southern Ontario, kids were back at in September. Both my kids had about 6 cases at their school from Sept - Dec (different schools). Since xmas break they are back online, which with the current numbers, I am sortuv glad about (even though the education and social aspect isn't the same). Hoping kids get approved soon for the vaccine.
  6. Dh and I had this room on Independence. As above, regular promenade room (although it had little Knick knacks and decorations to make it cute in the cow theme), but for someone who will probably never book a room such as a Grand Suite, it had great perks. We were able to use the suite lounge each night, got sweets delivered to our room and had Ben & Jerry ice cream each day (not that we needed those with all the other cruise food) and a few other perks. it was a fun room too in that it was right by the bridge so when the crew performed, they waved at us.
  7. We have booked up to March 2022...but have stopped there. Pretty sure our Aug 2021 won't happen so will see what will happen in terms lift & shift if it's extended (but we may be limited as it's 5 night Bermuda and on a specific amped ship). We need to see when cruising starts up before booking more. Also for us, although we have specific weeks we travel (march break, end up summer), 2022 is an unknown year for us as our daughter has a special birthday which typically is a large event (i.e. so $ so not sure we would have cruised summer anyways). However, the downside of waiting is that
  8. Thanks for posting. I noticed that they used to cancel one month at a time. These past two cancellations, they've cancelled 2 months at a time. Sad, but smart move.
  9. +1 I love having cruises booked, as the planning, cruise planner watching, price monitoring, etc is so exciting. So even in these times, it's nice to have something in the works...even though it may not go.
  10. Very good question. We currently have 3 cruises booked, up to March 2022, but with each month, I lose hope on the next one. For example, I doubt that our August will run so it's still booked, but mentally I doubt we are going. We have Christmas, but it's out of NJ so it could go either way, and then March. We are also out of Canada so that raises other challenges. Are you in the USA or do you have to travel far and across countries? The other issue is even when they start up, we don't know what ships they will start with. I imagine they will introduce a few at a time....altho
  11. This is a problem now...esp for high peak travel times. For our March break 2019, we booked the day that flights were released (so around April 2018) and it worked out great for us. These flights go up and up with each day so we were glad we booked at a decent price. However, at the moment we have 1 credit from WestJet (booked pre-covid for our Aug 2020 cancelled cruise), don't want any more credits, and so we are waiting and won't book until we know our ship is sailing. Luckily our next two cruises are at a closer port for us so if we had to, we could drive (a 9-10 hr drive so long, but d
  12. Yeah, I have mentally given up on my August cruise, but that's because it's out of New Jersey and Royal has significantly raised the price (which is a bad sign). But yeah, perhaps a few of the shorter ones might have started up. But without a vaccine, each cruise is still a big risk.
  13. So sad...but honestly wouldn't be surprised. Wait for majority to get vaccinated, crew to return, ports to be open, general travel to be open, etc etc Even flu shots this year, we barely were able to get one...so can only imagine how long it will take for this well needed vaccine. Don't know why Royal waits to notify as there is no way that March is running...but guess it's all cash flow and handling FCCs, cancellations and refunds.
  14. The Freedom cruises shot way up a month or two ago. The pricing before was ok.
  15. Have to agree with this. Covid numbers are higher than ever. And now that vaccines are starting, my thought is they are going to wait for numbers to go down and vaccine effect to kick in. Plus, where would ships go in the USA? Would any port accept them?
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