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  1. Completely agree with you on HM and SY. Let's see what Allure brings. We've never been on Oasis so it's a good option for us too. Sounds like you've had luck with her at Christmas....and this time you'll have the changes too. Odyssey would be great too (and another day is a bonus)! Itinerary is different too. That'll be a change for you this March break. We'll probably wait to see the other March break options...and maybe end of summer too for shorter cruise (if we keep up our pattern). We're open to any ship as long as it's kid-friendly.
  2. Thanks. So if we end up going with Oasis, then best to book one of the few rooms that had the diamond shape. (Need to see the rest of the releases, but Oasis is an option).
  3. Thanks so much for checking. Have tried searching but don't see anything about them changing the promenade rooms.
  4. When we were on Allure a few years ago, we were able to book a promenade room that had a sofa bed and a Pullman. From the old deck plans, the Oasis had just a couple of these rooms (indicated by a diamond). e.g. room 7191 . The remaining 4 people promenade rooms had a triangle, which meant "stateroom with a sofa bed" (so two kids share). When doing a mock booking, I noticed that all 4 people promenade rooms now show a star. Diamond symbol is gone. The star description says "third Pullman bed available". So does that mean that they have changed all of these rooms to have a sofa bed and Pullman? Or would I assume only the few with the diamond from before have this configuration? The strange thing is the description for the star doesn't say anything about a sofa bed. I know no one has stayed in yet since refurbishment, but anyone know?
  5. Looking forward to seeing the new releases. Do we know from where Freedom will sail? And Liberty? It looks like both of those are getting amped. And for Oasis, Antigua would be a nice port.
  6. Great review. We were on Navigator in August and really liked the ship; especially with all the amplifications. How frustrating for you though with the refreshment package. You would think that after it happened the first time, they would double check your account and ensure it didn't happen again (or if human error, not sure how to handle). From my understanding, Starbucks isn't included, but Cafe Promenade would be. True about Playmakers. It ended up being a regular hangout for us, but more for the Foosball for our kids and the few arcade games, pool, etc. It never seemed busy but we only went in the day or before dinner. On a side, note...that's disappointing about the suite lounge on Indy. We also stayed in the Ben and Jerry Sweet, and enjoyed trying it out. Everyone was very nice, but I admit that we didn't advertise our room. Congrats on almost being Diamond.
  7. Looking forward to hearing about your cruise. We'll be on Adventure next month.
  8. Yes...but cruise planner showed $23.94 for us. Lol...I never even noticed or thought about how it was Canada Day.
  9. If you book in CAD, then your cruise planner purchases are in CAD. That is the amount that is charged to your CC. If you cancel, then you get back the same amount that you purchased it at. If you have OBC, then you will notice that it will fluctuate a bit, as will prices. Royal already does their conversion, and I think they adjust it every once in awhile (not sure the frequency in how often the adjust the exchange rate). I think I remember reading a comment that once you use your OBC, that is the rate that is used.
  10. LuCruise


    Do you mean it's the best time to sign in to your computer and book your flight? Or do you mean to fly out on a Tuesday afternoon? If the latter....the issue with a cruise as it's very day specific. Also finding very $$$ flight costs for end of August. Hope it doesn't modify our plans of spending a few days at Disney post cruise (although flying home after our cruise doesn't change the cost).
  11. This is my motto...We never get internet so can disconnect and spend time together as a family. Then can come home and write out the trip afterwards. It also helps with post-cruise withdrawal. 🙂 Happy to hear you had such a great time. Look forward to hearing about it.
  12. Thanks. Yes Buffalo is an option as it's about a 2hr drive? Southwest hasn't released prices yet into the summer. JetBlue has one direct flight but we would need a hotel on each side as it leaves early and arrives late. So net price may balance out to be the same.
  13. Thanks. I looked at MLB but they don't have direct flights from Toronto. We'd rather add in a drive than risk missing a connecting flight.
  14. Thanks. Guess it's a double question -ground transportation plus not sure if anyone knows the norm and if flights will come down. Yeah...we have a cruise out of Port Canaveral and then hoping to add a few days at Disney.
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