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  1. I apologize if I didn't use the right words for your liking. "worst case" and "if things aren't back 100%" weren't the correct words to have used. Wow...i was just adding to someone's comment about room type selection going forward...and not about the situation as a whole and where things will be. What will be "normal"? We don't know. But I don't comment on cc to be barked at for wrong selection of words.
  2. Man...I hate these snarky remarks. Yes of course the virus itself is the worst case and your family gets sick or worse. That was the obvious. I was simply stating if cruising returns to some normal, it's just a new mentality. Will we cruise in Dec? No idea. It's day by day. And how someone can cruise "boggles the mind"? It's a judgement that we will make when the time comes. I hardly think we are not the only ones that have dismissed cruising for life.
  3. We have rebooked our cancelled Anthem cruise for December which leaves out of New Jersey. Coming with two kids who will be 15 and 11 for that cruise. Things are up in the air now, but I thought we should book a hotel to ensure we have a spot to stay for the night if our cruise is a go. Last time we had Embassy Suites booked, but it is all sold out. As a note, we will not have a car and prefer a place that includes breakfast. Not sure yet if we would arrive early afternoon or say evening where we just need a place to stay. We don't plan on doing any touring in NYC. Looking for feedback on the following. Hotels new Jersey Mall (seem to have restaurants and shops near by) Extended Stay America Elizabeth (Newark Airport) Country Inn and Suites Newark Airport Residence Inn by Marriott Newark Airport Looks like there are restaurants 10-21 min walk ? (but won't want to walk far if its very cold / icy in Dec) Hampton Inn Newark Airport Hilton Newark Airport Crown Plaza Newark Airport Looks like nothing in walking distance but nice room Best Western Plus Newark Airport Thoughts on any of the above? Residence Inn and Country Inn are the top of our budget, but we would book if they are worth it over the others. (I know it would help if we knew when arriving but we won't be booking airline at this point). Note that my comments of "looks like" is what I see on goggle maps, but let me know if the above is incorrect. Thanks!
  4. There are two very good points and something that comes to our minds. When our Anthem cruise was cancelled in March, we we had 2 connecting interior rooms. Anthem is out of NY and can still have winter weather. Plus the cruise is with out kids and so we didn't feel it worth it to spend the extra $$$ on a balcony. Having said that, our thoughts changed with the current situation. We re-booked our cancelled Anthem cruise for Dec. Originally we booked 2 interior rooms, but I was thinking about it....what if things aren't back 100% and we get quarantined? So we ended up paying more for 2 connecting balcony rooms. I doubt we will use the balcony much in Dec (at least for the first 2 days and last 2 days), but it's a whole new mentality. In the worst case, at least we can see (the true) outside (vs a screen to the outside) , get some natural light and get fresh air if needed. And for your second point...that's often the issue if waiting. Royal has been great in issuing FCC, and/or refunds if you wait and they cancel. But there is still airline that you lose, which can be thousands of dollars. So waiting it out isn't always the best solution and makes the "what do we do?" question that much harder.
  5. OP here. Sounds like the price increase is common across 2021 cruises.
  6. Also in a similar situation and have a question. We used partial FCC from Dorian on our March cruise, which was cancelled. We used the rest of FCC from Dorian on an August cruise. Expiry for the Dorian cruise was Aug 2020, but I hear when re-issued, it will be Oct 2020....to use it by that date (no restriction on the date of the cruise). We got another FCC for the March cruise under cruise with confidence. I have a feeling we will be cancelling August (or Royal cancels), which would be under cruise with confidence. For these FCC....they need to be applied to a cruise sailing on or before Dec 31 2021. So my question is....can you use more than one FCC to pay off a single cruise? Or can you only apply 1 FCC per person per cruise? Hoping we can basically pay off say our Dec cruise with our outstanding FCCs.
  7. We're on that same cruise. That's the same one I mentioned above for $5318 CAD. Pretty nuts.
  8. Us too .. except we lost the March cruise. We also have it for our August cruise, but I have a feeling that one will be a no go too. Great that you could enjoy it for your Feb cruise before all if this!
  9. On my Anthem cruise for Dec, the Floating Cabana is $5318 CAD. Who would pay that?
  10. That's pretty good as those prices seem like numbers of the past. Maybe because they are longer sailing.
  11. Very true. The exchange rate is pretty awful right now, so that doesn't help.
  12. Ha ha....so true. It's all relative. Even makes my Mariner deluxe cost at $91 look not so bad. Hurts even more loosing those $18 drink packages (or $23 CAD for us).
  13. Crazy. $89 USD is about $126 CAD. Wow! For our CAD price to USD, that would be $83.34 USD.
  14. They just added drink packages to my Harmony cruise for March. The refreshment package is showing at $45.22 CAD and the soda package is $17.96 CAD. That's pretty high. But the deluxe package....get this....is $118.37 CAD! Say what?!?!? A new high record. Anyone else seeing these kind of prices?
  15. Thanks for pointing this out. I just checked mine and it says the same. I just noted the expiry data and thought it worked similar to my other FCC (issues last summer).
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