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  1. I'm in Ontario and recently have noticed that the resident discount often pops up...and is a nice savings too. Don't remember when it started...maybe since covid.
  2. Sorry, short for Spacious Balcony (just the category of this specific room). Good to know you enjoyed the aft balcony. This one is supposed to be the size of a JS which is why we booked it as well.
  3. Ok...here's an "is it worth it" question. Next year we have March, Aug (5 night) and Dec (7 night) I am not counting March as at this point, we are 80% sure we are going to cancel. I am hopeful for Aug and Dec. With Aug and Dec, that would get us to 79 points when we board our cruise in 2022 (ugh!) We have an aft corner Sp Balcony room (extra large) booked in Aug. as refundable. We could switch it to JS non-ref for $1100 more, or to JS ref for $1900 more. That would let us be Diamond when we board our cruise in 2022. I'm thinking it's not worth it since that's a lot of money just for a few included evening drinks. Plus, who knows if they modify the points for each level by then....But wow, so close! The double points actually brings us close to where we would have been had we not missed some 2020 cruises, so I am thankful for Royal's deal. Thoughts? (I know everyone's financial situation is different so prob hard to comment anyways).
  4. Fyi...OP here...I called Royal and and the single price I am seeing is refundable (as shown in view cancellation policy link). So for whatever reason, our stateroom category doesn't even offer non-refundable price. This one was a nice savings too so not bad. Ocean Boy, good luck. Sorry that you will most likely cancel but good you can do so and get your money back. We have one for March and may end up doing the same if things are still iffy by final payment.
  5. Maybe will call Royal and have them check...just need them to verify and have them re-verify that it is the refundable rate. And yes...for this specific cruise, we've have quite a few price adjustments. Not sure why but I'll take them.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. The strange thing is it seems like it's just our stateroom category.
  7. Not sure if anyone has come across this issue. I am doing a mock booking for my Freedom cruise for next August to check for price drops (I've had 3 price drops in the last week). We have a refundable booking and until today it's been showing the non-refundable price, and then the option to select refundable. Today there is no refundable checkbox item. When I select 'View cancellation policy' option under the pricing, it does show "refundable" and the corresponding dates. However, I am thinking this is a website error as the "Total price" listed at the bottom adds up to the Cruise fare - any discounts + Taxes & fees. Normally the "Total price" adds up to the non-refundable amount, and then if you select refundable, it adds the refundable amount to the Total price. Has anyone else seen this or know if this would just be a website error? I'm hesitant to call Royal for a price adjustment as I don't want an agent to not know and then we end up with a non-refundable fare.
  8. We were in this exact same room. Loved it. It's mid location of the Boardwalk rooms (top to bottom and front to back). You still have a view of the ocean and can see some of the show and screens from further back. And the walk to the stateroom itself isn't bad. It's fun to people watch and just see what's going on on the Boardwalk...and would be happy to book again. P.S. - Never noticed the merry go round and for noise at night, we just brought ear plugs when ready for bed. The noise really wasn't an issue for us.
  9. DH and I purchased it for the first time last Dec for about $44 USD. I came out even on some days and other days I didn't drink enough for the cost. However, what I really liked was being able to order what I wanted without worrying about "will I like this drink?" or "don't think I can finish it". It let me try new wines and fun drinks I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. To me, that is part of the "worth" of the package. Also really enjoyed the fancy coffees, and with a little Baley's, even better.
  10. I've been watching Caribbean March 2021. It's been interesting as Empress was quite cheap, along with Oasis and Allure having good prices. Last week, I noticed that Oasis jumped way up with Harmony and Symphony being cheaper. Now today, Empress is still one of the cheaper ones but it jumped up $200 CAD base price (from main search page). My personal thoughts are they are trying to stop lift and sift. But also not sure why say Symphony is cheaper than Oasis. They are both our of Miami so not port driven. Maybe based on number of cabins booked as suggested earlier.
  11. Adjusted the price and looks like the original gratuities remained. So one good reason to add them in upfront.
  12. Thanks. Good to know. Will still call for the price drop.
  13. Ah ok...I didn't realize that they adjust as I've never noticed that before. Taxes and Fees haven't changed. Anyone know if I re-price if it will also update the gratuities amount? Or do I get to lock it in? (still worth it to re-price but just wondering)
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