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  1. Seems like Royal is investing in other family things...adding waterslides, laser tag , sky pad, kids splash area not to mention CoCo Cay changes.
  2. Cruise compass is the paper they put in your stateroom each day that lists the activities, shows and things going on for the day.
  3. We don't get internet we can disconnect from the world and spend time together as a family. So my phone stays in the safe. But I have a hand held camera that I carry around. I wear a waist pouch so it goes in there along with cruise compass, etc.
  4. Going through same dilemma for Disney (and even Universal). At first when we booked the cruise I was so excited we could go to Disney for our port day. but then we prob won't get there until afternoon and like you, need to leave dinner hour? If park prices weren't so much then we'd just go for it. For us, we have a cruise next summer out of Port Canaveral so are going to try and add 2 Disney days on at the end. So we are skipping it (and may just do Disney Springs to get a "Disney fix"). But if don't think you'll be in the area again (or in near future) and it's in budget,l and you said you were never at Universal, then I say go for it. Have only been to the California Universal so can't comment on Florida's Universal but as poster above, just do some research beforehand to get an idea of those "must do" things and have a plan.
  5. Thanks. Guess it's all based on ship cost, which of course they don't list.
  6. The best part is seeing a discount applied when pricing balcony rooms. We have a couple cruises and then up to Emerald too. And with each level, more savings (of course you're spending along the way...lol)
  7. Is the BOGO above different than when you see it online? Online passenger 1's cost is the same as pasenger 2's cost....even though it is buy one, get one half off. From the poster above, passenger 2 is actually half of passenger 1's cost I.e. $31.50 vs $63)
  8. This is what we booked for Navigator (same class ship). Our kids are looking forward to having their own room (and their own bed) and we get 2 bathrooms. We like a balcony but decided on the 2 rooms for those reasons. We also like promenade rooms as an alternative to standard inside.
  9. Agree. If you'll be on Harmony, then go for Symphony... you'll see different shows. Haven't been on Harmony yet so can't compare ship to ship but Symphony is amazing . It's fun to explore with amazing art work all around and great service, food and amenities (which is probably the same for Harmony)
  10. A JS seems great if its in the budget, but from the other side, we managed fine in a Boardwalk Balcony room with 2 adults, one 13 year old (month away from 14) and a 9 year old. You would switch to Harmony if you changed to balcony?
  11. Nice feedback on the Costa Maya waterpark. You don't hear too much about it on here. We did the same when there in March but stuck to just the slides (I'm a little cautious at these places and don't trust ziplines - sounds like they weren't overly careful, which is scary). DH and DS went on the 'adult' waterslides and like you, DH got banged up...but his was visible upfront. DS also went on that straight down drop slide which he didn't realize did so until he was already on it. He liked the slides overall though, especially the ones on the tubes. DD and I went on the lazy river which I found was quite nice and relaxing with the env and sounds they did all around like you were in a jungle (well, relaxing when not getting drenched under one of the waterfalls). She also enjoyed the slides in the younger section, and even DS joined in afterwards. We were warned about the pricey and not so great food so avoided purchasing there. We enjoyed it there though, like yourself.
  12. Agree...if you book online. You clearly get the to last page after entering the passenger details. On that screen you select your dining time from the drop down, and then radio button if you want to include gratuities, and radio button if you want to switch to refundable with the additional cost listed. But I suppose if someone if booking via RCL agent on the phone (or even via next cruise when onboard) or Travel Agent, then it depends on what they tell them. The invoice does specify refundable or non-refundable with penalty/refund amounts for various dates if cancel. We always book refundable. But even with any price adjustement, I never hang up the phone until I receive the invoice from Royal and verify all details on that invoice.
  13. Nice trip with your son, daughter and grandson. Very sorry about your loss. Thanks for the review of Harmony.
  14. Sorry you were so disappointed in the shows. I've seen We Will Rock You and happen to love it but get that it's not for everyone. It's silly and a little out there, but i find it fun with lots of energy. Keep hearing the same comments about The Gift so interested in seeing what everyone means. Were there any other kind of shows? Headliner? Comedy?
  15. Enjoying your review so far on Anthem. We are trying that ship for the first time in March. Very neat that 'Starbucks' coffee is included with drink package (as I read it's from a coffee shop by different name?) and you can also get a milkshake without purchasing anything else at JR. Didn't know that, so thanks for sharing.
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