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  1. We loved Jamie's on Symphony (but didn't try Hooked so can't compare)
  2. Day 5 (continued) - Evening Shows That evening we had Flight booked which we were quite excited about. We sat around 8 rows back in the centre section which I heard was ideal. Flight is the history of flight from the first airplane to the future going to the moon, but told in reverse. Some songs we recognized and others we didn't (which I assume are originals). The show is amazing...quite a production. And the end is really cool. This is my daughter's favorite show o the week (and we even went a second time later in the week). Oops...Love & Marriage show was actually this night. But since I already talked about it , I won't describe again. Lots of fun.
  3. Day 5 (continued) - Back from Cozumel We returned back on the ship by early afternoon so we could enjoy some ship time. You need to prepare yourself properly for the some activities so decided what we wanted to do, and then changed accordingly (shorts, tops, and closed shoes). Then we headed to the Abyss and went on a couple times. If I remember correctly, this was my first trying the Abyss. And it certainly wasn't my last as it was tons of fun. As mentioned, DS loves laser tag so he wanted to see if he could get on stand by for when it opened at 3pm. Others had the same idea, and there was a bit of a line up…plus you had all the groups who had reservations. Thus, there was a bit of a wait, but we were able to get in for one game. DS is quite good. I always get the first spot…for being at the bottom. Lol. Good thing I don't care if I win or lose. While DS and I played Laser Tag, DH took DD on the zipline and we met back at the stateroom to get ready for dinner (early dining time meant our afternoon ended at 4:15pm for all of us to shower, etc - only bad thing with first seating). We really liked dinner in the MDR. Our waiter Ashley and assistant waiter Sony were great. Don't remember if I commented already, but we brought our own wine and were never charged a corkage fee (which was much appreciated). We also found the food in the MDR quite good. A bit of food porn... DD loved the French Onion Soup and ordered that every night. I usually get the Caesar salad and sometimes escargots, but this time tried the Beet and Orange Salad. DH got some fried shrimp DS strategized and skipped an appetizer in order to be sure he had room for dessert. For meals, DH got the Lamb Shank DD got grilled cheese DS and I got the Cheese Tortellini, which was excellent For Dessert, DH got the Bread Pudding DS got the Chocolate Profiteroles (DS's favorite dessert) And I had the Cheesecake from the classic menu (excellent) DD had chocolate chip cookies which look plain, but they're actually really good. It's funny how they bring 5 cookies for one order. That's a lot of cookies for one kid...but of course, she didn't complain.
  4. Interested in the post too as we have back aft corner booked on Mariner (deck 10)
  5. That's what we did too. First couple days we wore long sleeves or cardigan. Then the last couple days we saw that we all went down "flat" or "straight" so tshirts were fine for us. PS - It was quite quick for us. Guess it depends on the person and maybe your position?
  6. Day 5 (continued) - Cozumel Not sure what happened to the rest of the Cozumel post so continuing... We had brought a couple blow up rings and a beach ball so our kids played with those for a bit. I personally love playing in the Ocean, but the beach was so nice at Roatan, that our kids weren't loving it quite as much at Cozumel. Paradise Beach has a lovely pool so we moved our stuff over to the pool. It's quite large and same depth all around. A couple spots it has a ledge with water where one section has where you can sit, and the other has loungers in it. (You can see one of the loungers in the right side of the picture) Forgot to mention that Paradise Pier now offers an all inclusive option (for food) if preferred. I forget the exact cost but I think it's similar to Nachi Cocum and Sanchos. Then if you want the Aqua Park ontop of that, it's half price at $9/person. After swimming for a bit, we ordered lunch, which was good (but not as good as Roatan), swam a bit more and then headed back to the pier for a bit of shopping. Last time DH and I were in Cozumel, we stopped in one of the shops that had these beautiful handmade figurines. He regretted not getting any so we went back there. This time, he purchased one for him and one for DH (superheros). DD also found a nice souvenir from Cozumel which is now sits on her bookshelf. We then headed back to the ship. It's always fun seeing your ship next to its "friends" to see how they compare. It's hard to tell from this angle but Symphony is definitely larger than Equinox (and all other ships to date).
  7. Lol...exactly. We'll go out to a nice Italian restaurant and my 9 year old asks for Butter Pasta (ironically it's the 13 year old that is the pickier one). SO nice to look through all photos. I'm a picture person too, and still old fashioned keeping up photo albums and I make a photo book with every trip (post trip blue project)
  8. Day 5 - Cozumel We were loving the ship so much with so much still to do that we were debating on staying on the ship for our Cozumel day. But instead, we stuck with our original plan; to go to Paradise Beach. The nice thing about this option is that it is "Pay as You Go" with just a small entry fee of $3/person and $10/person for food. So we thought we'd just go for a few hours and then return early afternoon. (Note...they also have an all inclusive option if preferred) The beach wasn't busy when we got there. They have a nice Aqua Park that we debating on purchasing but our son said not to bother.
  9. That's what's so great about Symphony; it's a ship for all ages. Great to hear that the picky eating hopefully will change. Finding food for them on Symphony was no issue though as so many choices (almost too much and my one regret is that we didn't get to them all - such problems ... ha ha). Completely agree...they grow up way too fast. That's why we started taking all these vacations more regularly....take it with them while we can.
  10. Day 4 - Evening (Hiro and Love & Marriage) Tonight we had booked Hiro, the Aqua Show. It's always a gamble as you hope that the seas are calm enough and they don't cancel. Thankfully, all was fine and the show went on as planned. (Note...Luckily we didn't have it booked for the next evening as that one was cancelled). The Carousel area at night. Everything always looks so different at night. And now the show. Our daughter and her friend were braver than us older folks (including our DS13) and they took a seat front row at the splash zone. We sat safe and dry about 7 rows back central. All I can say is the show is amazing. Comparing it to Allure, it has less diving, but the overall production is done better. It's a mix of different acrobatics, dancing, type ropes, etc etc. I wouldn't do it justice in words. After the show, we walked around and returned to our room. Our kids were content to watch tv for the evening. Funny enough, Royal had a channel that played shows from the 80s and 90s so totally DH and my timeframe (Family Ties, Doogie Howser, 7th Heaven, etc). The Love & Marriage show was that evening at 10:45pm and so we just gave our kids a lights out (or tv out) time and we headed out. We stopped at Schooner bar to get a drink for the show and headed over to the Royal Theatre. This is always a fun show and it amazes me what people reveal. We returned after midnight and our kids were fast asleep.
  11. Day 4 - Nice Surprise DH bought his drink from Bioinic Bar and then we noticed this on the counter. It's a pretty good deal between the two of us. And it can be shared among friends or other family as it's just a punch card (vs attached to your sea pass). So we figured we'd purchase it. We don't drink enough for the drink package (esp when with our kids) so this was a good opportunity.
  12. Day 4 - Back on Ship We'd had enough slides and swimming so we returned back on the ship by early afternoon. After our "lunch" of froot loops and bagel scraps we were hungry and so stopped at the Windjammer for a snack. (Hey, at least the American cereal has nutrients, unlike the Canadian version) . We caught the end of the lunch buffet, but went for the nice selection of desserts. Nothing better than to sugar up before dinner. We walked along the Promenade for a bit. Usually it's quite busy but guess many were still in port. And then DH decided to try the Bionic Bar. You can make your own drink or select from suggested drinks. Your drink goes in the queue and so you can see when your drink is coming up. Then you can watch Mr Robot make it for you. Here is is pouring DH's drink... It's pretty cool technology. Our kids got a kick out of it (and got a non-alcoholic drink later in the week)
  13. Omg...thank you for sharing your incredible pictures. What a great job of capturing everything! I'm really looking forward to Navigator in the summer. From the slide rules you posted, it looks like you can actually wear eye glasses as long as they have straps? That's great news as the tube one is one I will actually go on. Those drinks for I'm lime and coconut look amazing. Beautiful changes they've done.
  14. Thank you. I highly recommend Roatan...the sloths themselves are worth the port stop.
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