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  1. Anyone know if that's the long term plan? Looks like it's out of Fort Lauderdale until April 2021, which is interesting for Quantum class ship.
  2. We've started doing 2 cruises a year, one at March break (7 night) and one end of the summer (4 night). This year, also throwing in a 3rd in December (DH and me only)
  3. I even saw the 10 drink card on our Navigator cruise (last day). Go figure....
  4. Ship: Symphony Sailing: March 2019 Show: Hairspray Thoughts on the Production: Excellent. It's not my favorite musical but I really enjoyed it. Set, costumes, directing were all excellent. Thoughts on the Cast: Also excellent. They cast Tracey perfectly as the 'mom', etc. Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: No. The option existed but didn't think it would be worth the money. (Thought about it though) Would you see the show again?: Yes. Almost went again on stand by but didn't end up. Any other notes?: It is the full show but well worth seeing. Pictures?: (Sorry, all I have)
  5. Ship: Allure Sailing: April 2016 Show: Mamma Mia Thoughts on the Production: I've seen Mamma Mia 25 times in total (Broadway and Toronto) and thought this was a pretty good production. The set is a bit simpler than seeing it off the ship (e.g. the platform didn't raise), but overall pretty good. Thoughts on the Cast: Very talented (but would be a change of cast now as it was a couple years ago) Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: No (probably only production I would have done this as I love this musical) Would you see the show again?: Duh...yes! Any other notes?: Pictures?: Didn't take pictures as I sat front row center (before suite and the key seating), so only have the beginning (as they kept the curtain open as you arrive unlike at "regular" productions)
  6. Oasis class is amazing for all ages. You have things like zipline, flowrider, mini golf, rock wall, abyss, then standard cruise things like pools and fun activities going on during the day. Haven't been on Harmony yet, but from Symphony and Allure, they are fun to explore, have amazing shows and tons of food options. In evening, also tons going on from music, to game shows to regular shows, etc etc. Good for active or just relaxing or can do both.
  7. Do you remember how long the class was and how much beach time? Do you recommend this excursion? DH looked at this excursion but not sure if it's worth the price tag as we won't use the waterpark (kids aren't with us) and already have drink package on the ship (I e so don't need open bar). The cooking seems fun though.
  8. Great review Andrew as always. Sorry your cruise wasn't how you planned, but seems pretty good in the end....double the fun. And I remember reading your comment earlier about lemon into lemonade. Safe travels home. Think you said you have to fly through Ottawa? All the best returning to work and school for Owen.
  9. On Symphony we stayed on deck 10, mid way and really liked the location. You hear of a lot that like the end rooms for seeing the Aqua show (but probably long walk).
  10. Many "Best" items 😁 Best Appetizers Caesar salad escargots ...will mention French Onion Soup as both my kids love those Best Entrees Garlic Shrimp Risotto (and I'm not a rice person) Cheese Tortellini Best Desserts Key Lime Pie Cheesecake ...will mention the Baked Alaska and Profiteroles as my kids loved those
  11. Thank you both. Yes this is a US sailing.
  12. Is there a formal night / lobster night on a 6 night cruise? This is for Adventure if it makes a difference.
  13. Ah sorry about that. They are so cute together, and so sweet of Sara. She seems like a great kid. 😊
  14. OMG...your kids are so sweet! (And your older one is quite the gymnast) Enjoying your reivew!
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