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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. First one I've seen of the wave pool...and great other ones too.
  2. How long does Chef's experience typically take?
  3. We were in 10307, so about mid way, and could see the ocean. Obviously it wasn't right off of our balcony but it was in the background looking towards the Aqua Theatre (and yes, Abyss was there too).
  4. Our Adventure cruise is just a 6 night Western Caribbean. But I think a couple of the production shows would be the same plus a general feel / similar headliners.
  5. Really appreciate the feedback and especially interested in the entertainment which you don't hear a lot about. We'll be on Adventure in December. Sounds like you had a great cruise.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. 😊 Your photos look amazing...really nice experience and great food and wine pairings, and a great evening with meeting new people. I don't eat meat but looks like they also serve seafood.
  7. That's a great deal....and sounds like they really tried to fill night 1. Our cruise planner cost is $113 CAD each (not USD).
  8. What ship was this? Were you restricted to a certain night? Did they offer 50% off or did you have to bargin? Debating on trying this on Adventure as it seems like a really nice experience. There is no way I can have 6 glasses of wine but different tastes would be interesting and the food really good....but also quite pricey on cruise planner.
  9. A Boardwalk room is not for everyone but I'm on the flip side as I really enjoyed it. It was fun to people watch and see what was going on on the Boardwalk. One evening we watched a bit if a movie (DD and I caught the our favorite song/scene in Greatest Showman), we saw parts of Hiro, and you can see the water/land in the background. It was actually quite pretty. We only noticed noise in the evening , more with the movie than Hiro, but ear plugs solved that issue. We would totally book one again.
  10. Personal decision and how you use your stateroom, but we went with the Central Park Interior as the additional cost wasn't worth it. We wouldn't spend an extra 3K for a window to the ocean when you can just go elsewhere to view the ocean. The balcony on central Park would be nice , but again, 2K for us, seems like a lot.
  11. Took me about 4 minutes last night on the phone with a Royal agent. But of course, it depends who you get.
  12. Similar pricing difference on our Harmony cruise. We booked Central Park Interior as it seems like it'll be nice to have a window to the outside with the pricing of an interior room. It's quite a jump for us as well to ocean view and even more to balcony room, and it's a great option over a regular interior. We like the promenade rooms, which are similar in that you get a window and extra seating area, but Central Park looks out to Central Park vs Promenade. The room as well is a bit bigger than than other standard rooms (probably because of the bay window and seating). Looking forward to trying it. Let us know what you decide.
  13. My favorite ship so far is Symphony, followed by Allure...so Oasis class for me. They have a ton of amenities, the shows are first class, many food options (both included and specialty) , love the different neighborhoods such as Central Park and the Boardwalk. There are also many pools to spread people around. Symphony as well is just beautiful and fun to explore (cool art work and little details all around). Having said that my next favorite is Independence. Still a great ship, a bit smaller if you don't like the mega ships, and has waterslides and laser tag so great family ship. It also has Broadway show and Once Upon a Time Royal show. Mariner is going eat ship too (DH's favorite).
  14. Yes, I've seen that too, and recently with one of the Wow sales (I'm not diamond but same idea where it was better without the C&A number). The funny thing is in my case, I've had it twice where the Royal agent started with my reservation, and then was getting a higher number than I was seeing. Guess entering the C&A number is a separate step when pricing. Once i reminded him, he got the correct sale price. What's scary is what if its someone not familiar with stuff and then they get booked at a higher price than it should be.
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