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  1. I am a history lover. Visiting St Petersburg is on my bucket list. Fingers crossed!!
  2. Thank you all for the kind words. DH and I enjoyed our cruise and we're glad we went. I do not think any of us will be cruising for many months. We had planned to booked a couple of fall cruises onboard to get the OBC and reduced deposit and did not. We have 2 cruises booked for 2021. The first is a Celebrity cruise next February. This is a Western Caribbean cruise that ends up in New Orleans for 3 days of Mardi Gras. We did this cruise in 2017 and really enjoyed it. I am just not sure 11 months will be long enough. We have a Baltic cruise in July 2021. As long as nothing crazy happens that one should be OK. I hope so--it is a birthday cruise of me.
  3. Yes, but I would not apply it until you need to at final payment [or just before]. I think the cruise environment is too iffy now.
  4. DD warned me how hard it would be to find things so we went to the store as soon as we got to her house in Odenton. I got a few non-perishables there. We had a 3 hr trip to our house so I couldn't get cold things. ] DD had already purchased for us a pack of the illusive toilet paper and paper towels. . . . and even got us 2 jars of pasta sauce. [who knew that would be such a hot item] 😏 We stopped at a store closer to home for a couple cold items. I found milk, but no eggs; chicken [thighs only] but no hamburger. My favorite shelf was a frozen food case that stretched from the front of the store to the back. It was totally empty except for a few bags of okra. I am sorry I did not take a picture. A few years from now that will be a classic. 🤣 I passed on the okra. I am glad DH and I took the cruise rather than cancelling. I think it will be a long time before we can all cruise again.
  5. We were scheduled for the cruise today, too. We are sorry we missed it--but, it is good to be home under the circumstances.
  6. Thanks, it is great to be back in the USA. Getting through customs was not difficult. The majority of the agents had on masks--but, I can understand that. Many of the entertainers went through customs beside us.
  7. If you are wondering what the crew will do when we leave we could see some of the sanitation protocols this morning. These sheets are taped beside each cabin door. . . . . . . they had already started on the cabin beside ours. PS--they did allow self-disembark. That was a rumor that began because they distributed a separate sheet after the instructions that said it would be discontinued if there was a crowd. I am sorry to spread a rumor. There did not seem to be that many that took the option to self-disembark. Also, the disembark is going quickly. My number is 5 and I am scheduled for 8:30-8:50. It is 8:15 and they have already called the numbers through 4.
  8. It was time for one last chocolate martini from the Schooner Bar. . . . . . . time for the main dining room wait staff to tell us goodbye . . . . . . and a group picture at our dinner table.
  9. Thank you for posting this. I did not hear the announcement. One of my very few criticisms on this cruise is that the Captain's announcements were not broadcast in the cabins. You must be in a public area to hear them. [A few times they were] However, with the type of information he had to share with us I don't care if someone is taking a nap at noon. We all need to hear him. JMHO Captain Patrick is a rock star in my opinion. I hope I sail with him again.
  10. The end of a cruise is always bittersweet. This is especially true for us since we are missing our second cruise. But, we are ready to be home. When we spotted the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay this evening I felt like we were home. I was glad to see it. There was a fair amount of other marine traffic. Check out the submarine and the tug boat. The next thing we passed was the Carnival Pride coming out of the Chesapeake Bay. She had to leave the pier in Baltimore so we could disembark. It was beginning to get dark outside--but, none of the cabin lights were on. A very strange sight.
  11. On a positive note I got the number 5 for disembark. The estimated time is 8:30-8:50. The times start at 8:10am with the Royal Caribbean airport transfers. All numbers are due to be called by 9:30am. There is no self-assist disembark tomorrow. I heard that was because it leads to a large crowd where we leave the ship. [So we are going to practice social isolation after 12 days? 😊] There is still no word on what happens to us after we leave the ship. Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. The CD came on at 12:15 and gave some updates on afternoon activities--but, I did not hear the Captain speak. I could have missed it, but I was listening for it.
  13. We are all going to have to get ready for the real world. Here are the children playing together from the Adventure Ocean program. [I took this picture from behind on purpose so you could not see the kids faces--for privacy] The adults are used to close contact, too. . . . one thing we have down is washing our hands. I bet we encounter the hand sanitizer 8-10 times a day and then I wash my hands when I get back to the room to get it off. . . . and again when I leave the cabin. It was warm and nice yesterday--but, not so much today. There is not a chair hog in sight. They are all in the Solarium. HaHa! 🤣 DH and I walked through briefly. We knew there would not be any chairs, but we wanted to see if the water was still sloshing around. [yes--a little] I spoke to an elderly I sat by a couple of days. He said he and his DW got there at 6:20am and he found one lounger and another that was wet because it was below a leak in the roof. He moved both of them to a drier area. 😏
  14. We had an issue in our cabin yesterday. I noticed the night before that there was a small wet spot near the bathroom door. I thought we might have gotten some water from the shower on the floor. [our shower curtain does not meet the floor] However, by yesterday the rug in front of the closet and all the way to the sofa was wet. So we reported it to maintenance. They set up a big blower. At bed time I had them remove it so we did not trip over it during the night. . . . and it was soooo loud. 😕 Today is the last day of the cruise--so I will just keep my shoes on in the cabin. They found the leak in a water line in a panel in the hallway outside of our room. We hope they do not bring the blower back.
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