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  1. Use a combination. I always get my foreign currency before I leave at my local Wells Fargo bank. I live in a rural area so I pay $7 postage to get it mailed to my local bank from the main bank. [not a bad price to pay] I use my CC for everything else. However, that is a lot of cash. Start out with some euros and then use ATMs to get more. One problem is sometimes you are limited in the amount you can get per day. People will say you get a better exchange rate at ATMs. Likely true, but my bank charges an ATM fee out of network and they didn't have any in London. . . . so I was glad I took euros along. YMMV.
  2. I was on the same Snowbird Migration cruise mentioned by a previous poster. We got back 2 weeks ago. You need to look at the attractions in the city and decided what you really want to see. My usual practice in booking a hotel is to be next door or very close to something I want to see. That way at least on one day you do not have to travel far and you can be among the first to enter. We booked the Hilton just outside of the city wall. [view from our window below] We picked this hotel because we booked it with points. Since we are gold members we got a buffet breakfast each morning. [40 CAD value for us] Also, it is very close to 2 city gates and across the street from the Parliament building and the fountain. [they have free tours in English and French or on your own] We visited there on the morning of the day we boarded our ship. It was cool and rainy. We had read this was a good rainy day activity and it was. Several passengers [ about 20] on our ship stayed at the Bellevue Chateau Hotel in upper town. It was 1 block from the Hotel Frontenac. It was a small boutique hotel and some had stayed there before. It was close to almost everything in upper town. [I have not stayed there myself] Now that we have stayed there a few days I would pick a hotel in upper town for the convenience and the ambiance. However, do you want to be within walking distance of the port? It sounds crazy to even think of dragging luggage to the port--but, we took a taxi and the traffic is CRAZY on boarding day. Lower town is small and all the streets were clogged. We had our taxi stop and let us out and we walked the last few blocks. A policeman had told us it would be an hour from where the taxi came to a standstill and he suggested we walk. [The taxi pulled into the public bus turn around and let us out--no bus there at the time. We did not block traffic]] Lots to consider before selecting a hotel. Have a good cruise. I did a live thread on the Royal Caribbean Board for our trip. I posted about what we did in Quebec City. Here is the link if you are interested.
  3. I did the escape room on the Harmony TA when it was first came to the US. I signed up on our own. At that time there was no charge for the escape room. I had scheduled this at a time on my planner before the cruise. That time ended up being a conflict with a D+ bridge tour. So, I took a slot in the next to last time slot on the cruise. [couldn't get an earlier time]. They eventually cancelled the last slot. My time slot ended up being 2 hours before the photo op for the 3 Oasis ships and the last time period for the whole cruise. It took some time to get all three ships into position. There were helicopters overhead, boats shooting water in the air, etc. Passengers and crew were out on the decks and we only had 5 passengers show up. The minimum number to participate is 6. There is a reason for that. [I will not say what it is] We had 4 adults and a 16 yr old. The teenager was very helpful. But, there is little chance a 10 or 8 year old could have figured out the various challenges. Maybe the escape room is easier on others ships. We were lucky to make it out just as time was ending.
  4. I would welcome something else to do in Nassau. The beach there is very beautiful already. [or was before the hurricane]
  5. I have found on each of the last 4 cruises [over 2 years] that they will run a special on board for the rest of the cruise for surf and stream. This is usually the last 2-3 days. We did this on the Adventure of the Seas cruise I got off October 20. With DH D+ coupon I paid $5. Also, every port stop terminal had free wifi. I looked up your cruise. I noticed that there is wifi in the Nassau terminal [Festival Place Welcome Center] This is what you walk through to get out of the port. Hopefully you will find a sale and have it for the whole cruise. If not you should be able to make do.
  6. I did this, too. I would not post of FB either. That is a little more public. I print a couple of pages worth of lists. [2 or 3 column--I try not to waste paper] I give copies to the hosts, so they know where they are in the scheme of things. I also have enough to give 2 or 3 to each group. Not everyone needs a copy. However, you may have some that take the stairs and some elevator users that may get separated briefly. Great! It sounds like it is coming together. I would make a couple of more pleas for cabins. Explain you have enough balcony cabins and that you would LOVE to see some suites. You may have a number of veteran cruisers and they do not plan to attend the M & M. If that is the case tell them you would be willing to give then a call on the house phone to let them know the M and M is over and people will start coming around. I found that once people start to volunteer other will, too.
  7. Yes, it is a great time for pictures. But, I agree that anymore you will fit in with almost anything. It is hard to hide class.
  8. I agree that it is a more traditional crowd. Having said that. . . there are few tuxedos. [always a few and they look very nice] More passengers drive to the port in Baltimore, so they do not worry about airline baggage fees. My DH used to wear a suit most cruises. Now he goes for a dress shirt and tie of shirt and sports coat. I think those are the most common for men. You see a lot of black dresses and black pants with dressy tops for ladies. Many women still wear cocktail dresses [short and some long]. But Bob, is correct. Almost anything goes. . . . I have not personally seen shorts in the MDR on formal night.
  9. I was on this cruise, too. Yes, it was a little after 11 am. Once we exited the suite lounge and dinged on the ship it was around 11:30. General boarding started shortly after that. I do not think the cabins were ready until 1:30 or so. We were B2Bers and in the same cabin--so not worries.
  10. OP--yes, a little more information would be helpful. First to answer your question-- There is a Hertz at 23 America's Cup, 401.846.1645. I read that it is inside the Visitor Center and 2 blocks from the tender port. I do not have direct knowledge of this. Everything else seems to be in Middletown. It would not be worth the trouble to go there to get the car. JMHO When are you going to be there? DS was at the Navy War college for 11 months. We visited for a week at Thanksgiving and a week for graduation in June. There was a huge difference in getting around during those 2 times. During the summer months it is very busy and parking is VERY difficult. In the off season it is a quiet place to visit. What do you want to see? Walk along the various wharfs and Thames Street? It is right there. No need for transportation. There is also a water taxi in season that will take you to Jamestown island and around the harbor. [in season only] We found just walking and shopping the various wharfs enjoyable. Visit the mansions and walk along the seaside path? Take an Uber or taxi to your starting point and get one to pick you up when you are ready to stop. We had our car both times and had to backtrack to pick it up. Eat lobster? There is no need to go too far. We ate a several restaurants on Thames Street. [1 block from tender dock] They all are pretty good. [lots of competition] and they serve lobster for a price. Our Timeshare was on long wharf. [near the tender dock] There is a lobster shack at the corner on Long wharf. This is a very short walk. It is owned by the fishing cooperative. The food is great and the prices are much better than a regular restaurant. Have a great cruise! Our DIL was not very happy to be stationed there for a year when she first found out. [She felt it would be too cold.] I told her the people who made Newport famous were rich enough to live anywhere. They picked Newport. It is such a fun place to visit. It can be chilly there even in the summer. Take a light sweater--just in case the wind is coming off the water.
  11. We just got back from our cruise. There was a long line for the funicular when we lined up. The line moved very quickly. [or quicker than I thought it would]. Yes, they take US dollars at par. [$3.50pp] I bought several souvenirs in the gift shop at the funicular. I know that sounds odd--but, they had good prices and cute things for the grandkids. After we got to the top we spent time on the Dufferin Terrace. While DH spent a little extra time I did my shopping in the little gift area. Also, there is a little gift shop at the foot of the funicular. [directly across] that had cute things. PS-- they take credit cards if you by gifts.
  12. It is time to leave Port Canaveral. It has turned out to be a beautiful evening. Time to turn around to head out to sea. I wish you could see the red in the sky.
  13. That is the way I feel. We had some weather issues at the end of the cruise. But, we were gone 17 days. If I were at home I would have poor weather at least 2-3 of those days. We created some wonderful memories.
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