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  1. Thank you. We have decided to do this during our port stop in Portland this October. It is good to know there will likely be seats available.
  2. We will be taking the last cruise of the season in October. {the Snowbird Migration] We are expecting cold weather and maybe rain and fog. Glad you had a good cruise. Did you take ship tours or DIY?
  3. Thank you for this suggestion! We visited Portland a few years ago on a cruise ship. We took the Duck boat tour and walked to several sites around the city. We really enjoyed our day there. [our lobster lunch was great] The mail run sounds like a really great way to see things we would never get to see any other way. We are on the Snowbird Migration cruise, too. It will be lots of port days in a row. We will appreciate a leisurely day.
  4. On our April 6-18 GOTS cruise there were several ducks hidden. I did not find them, but someone I knew seemed to find several. She gave me one. I plan to hide it on our next cruise that leave from Quebec City. The duck she gave me was from someone in MD. So, I thought it would be good to take it somewhere much farther away. Here are a couple of pics. Each duck has a "passport." edit: I was told that if you rehide the duck that it is good to add your passport with city info. that way passengers can see how many times the duck has been hidden and where. I saw a pic on the internet that had 5 passports hanging from the duck. . . . talk about a migratory water fowl.
  5. If you want to do both of these I would do them independently with taxi as transportation. You will maximize your time at each and have a better visit. At the Segrada Familia I would book tower tickets. The visit to the church is short. There are so many parts of the church you only see walking down the stairs.
  6. OK, thanks for the clarification. . . . No problem. They are both toast, so I guess it should not happen again. 😥
  7. I am not sure what to do on our next cruise. I had a Samsung Galaxy S6. On ,y last cruise I had it plugged in overnight with a Sumsung cord. When I went to unplug it in the morning it was HOT. I had to use a cloth to unplug it and the phone is fried. I have insurance--so I will get a new phone for $150. . . . But, I do not want it to be the same problem next cruise. What can I use to avoid this? It has been a PIA to deal with the insurance, etc.
  8. Interesting. I hope this does not become the norm. Thanks for the info.
  9. I have never seen the D+ BOGO available on the cruise planner. I book for one person and pay in advance. then I go to the restaurant when we board and tell them we are D+ and there will be 2 of us. We did that on a cruise we just got off. [Grandeur]
  10. I am sorry you are having the same issues I had with the internet connection on the ship. I went to the Internet café during my second cruise to talk to the person in charge of VOOM. I explained my issues and told him I felt it was because I was on deck 2. He suggested that when I sign in to VOOM that I open the cabin door and stand by the hall until the tablet/laptop/phone "grabs" the connection. This did help me. Also, I had to do this multiple times when I lost the connection. He told me his cabin was on deck 1 and this worked for him. We had a friendly conversation. I told him that every time I hear John Blair talk about the internet and he describes it as the fastest internet at sea-- I laugh. What a joke. . . he just smiled. 😀
  11. We di this ship tour couple of years ago. We had gone to Dunn River Falls our first tiem there. But, we wanted to see some of Falmouth. The tour was very safe. It was led by 2 women. One was in the lead and the other brought up the rear. The one thing I remember was them asking us to watch out for cars. And they were not kidding. Cars did not watch out for pedestrians. There is a shopping area [several tents] just outside the gate. They shopping there was much better in price than in the port. It was literally across the street from the port entrance.
  12. Wow! That is a sparse crowd. We had almost every seat full for our cruise. I hope the weather smooths out for you.
  13. I would ask your dinner waiter. They all work the MDR or in the windjammer for breakfast, too. . . Or ask the head waiter as they walk around. If they do not know they will find out for you. I always loved the little savory bites they used to serve in the MDR. [mini hard bread rolls with poppy seeds] I casually mentioned this to the assistant waiter as he passed out bread. EVERY night from then [20 days] I got savory bites for dinner. I could not believe it.
  14. It was the next to last day, a sea day. It is not a new thing. I have had the chocolate breakfast before. I can't tell you if it is unique to Grandeur. We have been on Grandeur 7 times. I don't remember if the other times were on Grandeur or other ships.
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