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  1. We saw that there were 2 ships o the day we are there. So we booked the 11 am trolley already.
  2. I am interested in this, too. We arrive in Bar harbor on the Adventure in October with the same arrival time. I have not been lucky with tendering in the past. So, I scheduled the trolley at 11 am.
  3. OK--I agree this is cutting it too close. . . . but, you did not ask that. While we always arrive the day before a cruise unless we are sailing from Baltimore. [We live about 3 hrs away and leave very early.] We had a family obligation we could not get out of about 3 years ago when we left on a TA from Barcelona. So for the first time ever we flew in the day of the cruise. Yikes. Our flight got in at 7:55 am. So we had some wiggle room. I looked at all of the plan B and Plan C options. One option that I found was a ferry from Barcelona to Palma. It takes about 8 hrs. There are 2 companies that run this route and they have overnight runs. I checked for tomorrow and a cabin for 2 runs 180 euros. You arrive in the am and could meet the ship. https://ssl.directferries.com/ferry/secure/2a_booking_accom.aspx?stdc=DF10&grid=0&rfid=337&retn=false&curr=1&cult=en-GB&bd=1 I also looked at flights. That would have been my plan B--but, the ferry had some appeal, too.
  4. I ate at that restaurant. It was very good. Yes, it is a chain--but it has good food.
  5. I think this varies. We had a Grandeur cruise cancelled for a drydock [March 2019]. We got 200 OBC. They price protected us on 5 cruises. However, those cruises were almost sold out when they announced the cancellation. . . . so we really did not have any price protection. Everyone we knew who changed rather than just take a refund had to accept a lower cabin than they originally booked. [at the same price] I did not feel they were generous. The classic was they were going to take away a promo OBC I had because I changed my cruise. 🤨 My TA got that fixed.
  6. I can not tell you if RCL has a free bus to the port entrance or not. When I have been there it was always on embarkation. There was a port bus that had a fee. 5 euro RT when we were there. Maybe be more now--but, not much. It would go to each terminal and then to the port entrance on a continuous loop all day. Once you get back to the port entrance you have a very walkable area with lots to see. The Columbus statue will be in front of you and Las Ramblas [a pedestrian walkway] will be uphill beyond that. There are many squares if you choose to enter the Gothic Quarter on your right side. This old section of the city has lots of restaurants and little shops. If you can walk around 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the port entrance you can reach the cathedral. [must be dressed appropriately] It is in the Gothic Quarter, too. Or walk straight up Las Ramblas. Many of the restaurants are touristy--but, fun. We stopped at a nice bakery right on the street. The St Joseph's market is 3/4 of the way up Las Ramblas from the port. It is on the left down a little side alley way. I think it is near the Dunkin Doughnuts. We had an excellent lunch at the market by buying items from several booths. There was GREAT fruit and fruit juices. [not open on Sundays] At the top of Las Ramblas is Placa Catalunya [Small park with fountain] . There is a department store on the Placa. El Corte Ingles--It is a Spanish institution. Here is a link to a description. https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/shopping/el-corte-ingles-barcelona.html There is so much to do within a short distance to the port entrance. When we stayed a few days we took the HOHO bus. It was a good way to get an overview--but, ate up a lot of time. The most iconic site in Barcelona is the Segrada Familia. If you want to go there buy your timed ticket online. [line for tickets is crazy long] . . . take a taxi directly from the ship to the Segrada Familia. then taxi to the Placa and walk downhill.
  7. We get senior rate. . . so $14.50 vs $20 pp. The real difference for us it that if the weather is terrible and the seas are very choppy we can go to plan B without having $40 invested in it. I take the email at face value that they rarely sell out.
  8. I contacted them to see if I could buy tickets in advance or make a reservation. Here was the reply: Hello- All our ticket sales are on a first come first serve basis, so it is not possible to make a reservation. That being said, our boats hold upwards of 300 people, so they very rarely fill up all the way. If you arrive at our ticket office (56 commercial street) about 20 minutes before the Mailboat, you will have plenty of time to buy tickets and get in line and you shouldn’t have a problem getting on the boat. Best, CBL
  9. I will likely get zinged for saying this--but, I would spend my time in Boston. JMHO There is so much to do there and it is better use of time. I have not found the tours of the "witch situation" worth taking. [I have to say as a former educator I wanted more detail and less sensation. ] YMMV The first time we just stopped in without doing research on tours. But, the second time we were really thoughtful about the tour we selected. It was just Ok. Sorry, I can not remember the name of the company. There is a very nice National Park Service area along the waterfront.[The Maritime Museum] There are several buildings and a visitor center. It has 2 films. One is about the seafaring life of the area [free] and the other is about the Salem witches [costs something--but I can't remember how much]. Both a very well done. If you are interested in the park you will enjoy it. If you are going to see places associated with the witch trial there is just not that much to see. . . . OK now everyone can zing me. I can take it. 🤣
  10. Take a walk along the water front trail. You will go behind the beautiful houses and the water view is great. . . . and it is free. We had a rainy day with fog and it was still a good experience.
  11. I love the Southern itinerary. The ABC islands have a great vibe and beautiful beaches. Bonaire is one of the best places anywhere to snorkel. If you do not like to do that take a tour and see the salt flats and the flamingos in the national park. Curacao feels a little European with a Caribbean mix. The capital city has beautifully colorful houses. and a swinging bridge in the harbor. Aruba has beautiful beaches. You often have long port times since the islands are so close to each other.
  12. Ha Ha! As long as there is a place to go to get out of the wind on a really cold day we will be ok. Thanks 😀
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