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  1. I guess it depends on the ship. We were on the Liberty last May and we saw two groups of 14 brought and seated at tables that had been four tops all pushed together. They were across from u and I counted the seats.
  2. I hope you were able to describe what he did in the survey. That is so far above and beyond. He should get praise for this. 🙂
  3. I am interested to see how this boarding goes. We like the Norfolk area around the terminal. there is lots to see and do. There is also a lot of traffic. We sailed from there many years ago.
  4. We were on the Anthem a week ago. Our DD had those each day. 😁
  5. You are the one who needs all of our positive thoughts. What most of you don’t know is the Delta was on the Royal Caribbean cruise that left Baltimore and had to return to Norfolk. It was a bit of a train wreck there, but the best Royal Caribbean could do under the circumstances. So welcome back to dryland Delta blue.
  6. While passenger vessels are not the main traffic at this port, they are still an important source of revenue for the area. Hotels, restaurants, parking, gas, etc. It does not make sense to build a new bridge without increasing the height. I know the other bridge is still a choke point. However, there are already plans to replace that one. too.
  7. Sorry--I listed the correct event, just not the correct class. 😜 My bad!
  8. We had this same situation last week. We just did not take access any Sky class benefits. We ignored the tours, top tier event and cheers with the officers. We were ok with that.
  9. Thank you all for reading my thread. I find I pay more attention to the cruise when I am telling others about it. Here are a couple of final comments: I was very worried about the number of children that would be on this cruise. Someone on the FB thread said the number was 1600. I can't confirm that--but I would believe it. . . . and there were some children that were running amok. However, the vast majority of them were just being children. They were occasionally taking too loud, walking/running too fast and moving in packs. I must admit I spent all of my pool time in the solarium and had a Hideaway Beach pass on Coco Cay. [good strategy on my part HaHaHa] However, I have seen a lot worse behavior with less children. [and from adults] Some of the credit goes to RCL for all of the activities they had planned for the children. Food-- We felt the food was pretty good. Breakfast was excellent each day. We enjoyed the brunch on sea day. However, I felt it needed to stay open until at least 1 or 1:30 to be a true brunch. We enjoyed the stir fry station in the WJ. [so good] My DD enjoyed the chicken dishes. I enjoyed the lamb and the beef tenderloin. I do not feel it is a good idea to select steak. They seem tough and we avoid them. DD gives me grief about all of the soups I eat. I feel the cabin arrangement with the JS and the solo cabin worked out well for us and we would do this again on a ship that has this. We did not go to very many of the entertainment options so I can't really comment on those. However, DD did and enjoyed them. I really liked "We Will Rock You." I already gave my opinion of Spectra. Disembark was as smooth as we have ever had. We reported to Jaimie's for the assisted disembark at 8 am. They took us right away. We left the ship, took a taxi and got to the train station by 9am. I paid a fee to change our Amtrak tickets from 12:22pm to 9:23am and we were off. 🚆 It turned out to be a big plus. There was no waiting around and the later train ended up being late. I hope everyone made it home safely and you enjoy your next cruise!
  10. They met us at breakfast this morning with complementary mimosas. Now that’s the way to end cruise.
  11. We are back! Currently 6:05 am. So no worries about us arriving late. Wr kept her in good shape for the next cruise. Have a good time.
  12. During dinner tonight, one of the crew-members dressed up and walked through the various dining rooms, entertaining the kids while they were waiting in line and at the tables. it appeared when he was walking that the alien was carrying him, and then he had a baby doll in his arms that moved its arms and head. It was really something. Ha ha ha. As if the “my time dining” lines weren’t crazy enough already.😜 he was happy for me to take his picture
  13. If I hear that, it’s going to affect us in anyway even if it’s tomorrow morning, I will post so you’ll know. Have a great cruise.
  14. I agree with you. The two MTD lines were huge and slow. We were so glad that we had been given the trial 6:30pm fixed seating.
  15. Speaking of Norfolk. We are headed back to Norfolk to meet a helicopter from the Naval Air Station. During our “we will rock you” performance we heard an alpha, alpha alpha. Just a few minutes ago the captain came on and told us that we were going to meet helicopter because of medical emergency. This is our current location.
  16. I’m sorry this post was supposed to be in another thread. For people who were coming to Norfolk. I didn’t notice I was in the wrong thread soon enough to delete it.
  17. There are only two cruises in April. They leave on the fourth and 12 April. And then the vision goes to drydock until May. It’s too early at this point to decide what to do with those cruises. Officials keep saying it’s only going to take a few weeks not months. But I don’t think anyone knows that until they actually get in there and start seeing the particulars.
  18. I am currently on the anthem. And we were randomly assigned to the 630 fixed seating. We love it. And would sign up for this all the time. I imagine a lot of people would. There are only nine waiters who are currently doing that on this ship. And it’s a pretty big ship. I think it’s a real struggle for the waiter. there have been several nights that the previous people were not finished by 6:30 or they finished up right at 6:30 and it took the headwaiter and all the waiting staff to frantically bus tables that were assigned to the 6:30 session. They added a bunch of chairs into an anti-room for us to sit and wait until the table is ready. That works if you have a few tables but it’s not gonna work if you have the whole dining room. I think they’re still working on the specifics.
  19. The ship is holding an Easter egg hunt in the kids club this morning. No telling how they’re going to do that with all these children. But as I passed through the indoor family pool, I noticed that there were a lot less people.🥚🐰🧺
  20. I posted this a couple hours ago in the wrong thread. If this is a duplicate, I apologize. I thought I would move it here. I can answer many questions if you have them. Our DS lives in Virginia Beach and used to live in Norfolk near Old Dominion University.
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