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  1. Appreciate your very helpful advice. Too late to change air plans so will have to figure on plan B if we can't board in time. Cruise is Vancouver-Victoria-SF-Santa B- L.A. We usually arrive one day ahead but you're right, we saw that Celebrity air was showing our same flight on the day of departure; so we're taking our chances. I just wanted to know if boarding in Victoria the next day would be lawful. Again, thanks.
  2. What pier does Celebrity generally use in San Francisco? Pier 27 or 35? We are there overnight and are making a few plans using the ferries. Thanks!
  3. Question: Since our cruise isn't departing Vancouver until 7:30pm, we decided to fly in same day thinking just in case something went wrong we could ferry over to Victoria, the first port and get on there. Any problem with this plan? I know, we should have gone in the day ahead, but we've been to Vancouver several times and decided to take a chance.
  4. Sorry if this has been explained before. We are flying from Dallas-Vancouver next month. What is approx time to clear customs, etc. at the airport? We have Global Entry, but as I understand it, does us no good in Vancouver. Long line for American citizens entering Canada? Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  5. For a couple, do we both have to be members for the breakfast?
  6. The title you chose "but" does infer a negative and you were unhappy with TI. We've used them numerous times and have had a couple of claims over the years. Since it's always cheaper, we do take the policy that requires submission to Medicare first. Slows things down but I can understand their reasoning. Hope you find another company next time that suits you better.
  7. What is the schedule for Silhouette renovation? Thanks.
  8. Good to know. Thank you for the quick reply!
  9. I am concerned we may encounter similar problem in getting reservations for specialty restaurants. We used combination of obc and cash to pay for dining package. If we can't get what we want at a time we want, then I plan to just cancel the package. Is this option easy enough? I see that's what you ended up doing. Hopefully it won't be a hassle......
  10. Once on board, can we cancel our entire dining package and get a refund, if we can't get reservations for times we like (used obc and some cash)? We're not that picky but can't eat late...... Unfortunately, we can't board early this time to make reservations. Thanks!
  11. Having trouble finding roll call for April 5th Med cruise on "Jupiter." Thanks.
  12. You and me both!! We're on the Eclipse in October and the recent bad reviews have me wondering too. We have been on this ship once before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the specialty restaurants are getting negative reviews.....hope Celebrity isn't putting everything into the new Edge (which we did enjoy by the way) and shorting the other ships......
  13. Date of Cruise: 4-21-28, 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 3191 Deck #: 3 Cabin Category: Not sure. Cabin Location: Just off aft elevator, very convenient Bed Position: By window Balcony Type: Balcony/Window Size: Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: Balcony Overhang?: Magic Carpet Issues?: Noise Issues?: None at all. Located under Casino, but never heard anything. Wind Issues?: Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Suite Details: Advantages/Problems/Comments: Loved the location. Didn't need elevator unless going up to deck 14. Would You Book It Again?: Absolutely.
  14. We were in cabin 3191 OV on Edge last month (deck 3 midship). Cabin under the casino. No noise at all. Casino has very thick carpeting. Just off the aft elevator, very convenient to everything. I will do a review.
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