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  1. It's one of our go to hotels as its a bit less than Embassy Suites, but it's just around the corner from the area with Publix, Total Wine and great restaurants. Hotel is standard...no complaints.
  2. Thanks so much for the feedback. Good to hear from personal experience that you were happy with the hotel. We typically take an uber to the port as we are 4 and like to go on our own time, but will keep it in mind in case we go with the shuttle.
  3. Just read the post above mine and sounds like you were referring to an uber.
  4. Following along. We are strong considering Harmony next December and have a booking (refundable). One question....how are you getting from IAH to your hotel? Is it a shuttle or scheduled uber? Enjoy your cruise!
  5. Staples we bring on each cruise: shampoo/conditioner liquid soap (pump) magnetic hooks fanny pack for me...family uses lanyards but I use the pack in the day to carry phone, suntan lotion, sea pass, etc small purse for evening beach bag (if have beach days) medicine - prescriptions and OTC
  6. I really like that they are adding a third dining option in-between. 5pm/5:30pm is too early, but then we don't like to eat so late (and I wonder how it'll be hard to coordinate with shows). So a 6:30pm time sounds perfect. My only concern though...is we like to be relaxed in the MDR. We don't want a 2hr dinner, but also don't want to feel rushed. On our cruise on Wonder a few weeks ago, it started out perfect. Dinner was 5pm, and we were walking out close to 6:30pm...perfect pacing. The last two nights though I was more annoyed as felt we were rushed and we were walking out prior to 6pm...finished our appetizers and they were brining out our main course right away. But with adding another fixed dining time, they will have to rush the 1st and 2nd dining times.
  7. We had 5pm dining on Wonder (pretty early). The servers did mention that if we were not at our table by (I think) 5:15pm, our table would be opened up for someone else. We always came at 5pm though as we know they have their schedule and server their tables their appetizers the same time, then main meals and then desserts. It would be annoying for them if someone was off sync from the other tables.
  8. The headliners (comedians, singers, magicians, etc) change cruise to cruise so it's just who you happen to get for your week. We were on Wonder recently and I quite enjoyed Effectors but would still prefer a Broadway show. Having said that, the ice show and aqua show were fantastic. Our week didn't have the best headliners (2 comedians but they were only for 18+ - both the bookable one and the show in the main theatre the last night), and we had some singer that was good, but I missed the additional extra headliner. Overall though, I really enjoy the headliners (the one that OP commented on) and it's those that change cruise to cruise so even if you cruise the same ship again, it's nice to have something different on top of the staple shows. In my opinion. Royal is pretty good in the entertainment field (but I have never been on Celebrity to compare).
  9. Oh wow...That is the first I've seen of them bringing back rollerblading since covid. Excited to see! (It wasn't on Odyssey when we went in dec). Really enjoying your review. We were on Anthem two years ago and really enjoyed. Looks like you are having a great time.
  10. In Wonder 2 weeks ago. They took us backstage to see where they wait before going on stage, and walked by the actors' dressing rooms. Pretty cool!
  11. We like Hampton Inn Brickell. The hotel is clean with good breakfast and area is nice. It's near the Metro Mover to get around, had Publix around for last minute things, and has great restaurants in the area. For recent cruises however, it's been too pricey for us. We just booked Homewood Suites in similar area as we like Brickell .
  12. Had the same question as our flight home was 2:15pm but the airline moved it back to 11:15am. This was on Wonder, so Oasis class, on a Sunday morning (but it's spring break time for some schools) We self disembarked and lined up early at 6am. They started letting us off by 6:30am (not sure if this is normal or if it was early that day). We ordered an uber when we got outside and were at the airport by 7:30am. Our airline didn't even open the check in yet. So we had plenty of time. We were worried about it, but luckily everything went very smooth.
  13. On Wonder a couple weeks ago. We were late for the top tier event (time mismatch between the app and the printed card) so they didn't check our cards when we walked in. I was surprised as well that they didn't check our sea pass for the Backstage tour (really neat by the way). We are Diamond so we were joining honestly but I guess others could have joined too even though it stated Diamond and above..
  14. Thank you. That's exactly what we were hoping. We looked at another one and although it was "Brickell", it wasn't walkable due to a having to go along a road with no sidewalks to get to the good area. Homewood Suites itself has a good reputation .
  15. In the past we have stayed at Hampton Inn Brickell before when cruising out of Miami. When looking a month ago, it was very expensive so didn't book it for our Dec cruise (and now it's sold out). For the time being, we booked an airport hotel but there isn't much around it. Today I was looking and saw Homewood Suites Downtown/Brickell. It looks nice and also seems walkable to the Hampton Inn, where we know there are good restaurants and Publix nearby. This is just for the one night before the cruise. Anyone stayed here and has any feedback? Also, anyone know if the sofa bed is a decent size? Thanks.
  16. I started to respond with the same thing, but then stopped as I noticed that Allure 2026 is same thing...Harmony is leaving out of Galveston, which seems cheaper over Florida departure. From own booking, am looking at Dec 2025 and Harmony is the only Oasis class ship that is decent price. It's about $1500 less than Oasis and Allure same dates/stateroom, where these are out of Fort Lauderdale. To us, Galveston is a bottleneck but we still booked it and will see what we decide. Having said that, it looks like Allure 2026 is out of Galveston too....but the $800 difference could be 2025 vs 2026 with cruise prices rising in general.
  17. How does that work? I haven't seen anything in the cruise planner as an option.
  18. Am looking into options for a Royal cruise (Harmony of the Seas). Is the shuttle option in the cruise planner? Or you book it separately? (Not seeing it in cruise planner if it shows up there). Sounds like uber is better but looking from cost perspective.
  19. Yeah, and I've heard lots of great things about Rhapsody. My kids enjoy the ship activities (cruise planner trivia, etc) and also enjoy swimming and the gym....but are not lie in a beach chair and read people. So more options of things to do on Harmony. Plus, more eating options. Having said that, if we end up on Rhapsody, I'm sure we'll still have a great time.
  20. Thank you both. Have noted these and will check out these hotels. Definitely roach-free and clean is a priority.
  21. Yeah, since this is for Dec 2025, I won't know for awhile, but did look at this Dec for an idea of pricing and flights. For the way there, ideally we would get there late morning/early afternoon (about a 4 hr flight for us). For the way back, we'd prob pick a later flight in afternoon to not stress over fog or transportation times. As for doing anything in Galveston, we're pretty low key on travel day so probably wouldn't do any touring or anything...just need a place to sleep and grab a meal nearby.
  22. Thank you. Yes there are 4 of us. How come you picked uber over Galveston Limo when you arrive - since it's not direct? Uber seems less hassle as it's just you and you call when you arrive...but probably more expensive? What hotel are you looking at? That is the next piece to figure out.
  23. Here's the dilemma: We booked a refundable cruise on Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas with our kids for Dec 2025. We love Royal but I worry the ship will be too basic (i.e. boring) for our kids who will be 16 and 20 for this cruise. (As a point of reference, this past Dec we went on Odyssey, and Dec 2024 we are on Icon). I've been watching other Royal ships for our date and Harmony of the Seas dropped enough for our "ok" price range so I also booked it as refundable (but still about 1K more than Rhapsody). On Rhapsody we have 2 interiors. On Harmony we have a single promenade room. DH wants Rhapsody for the easier travel, two rooms and a simple ship, but I'm thinking we should do Harmony with our kids. The biggest worry/negative for Harmony is that it is out of Galveston Port vs Florida. We are from Toronto, Ontario and there are direct flights to IAH airport but not HOU airport. Thus, my post...how difficult is it to fly into IAH an then get to the port? We always come in the day before and return same day ship returns. For hotels, we could stay near IAH (which I've read isn't a good idea), near the port or somewhere in between to split up the uber or however we get there. Any advice, or "it's not as bad as it seems" is appreciated (as need to convince DH on Harmony....lol) .
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