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  1. I agree with the comments. They should test at the port. If you test 5 days ahead, can't this be invalid by the time you get there? Plus, it would be stressful getting testing in time to make sure the results are returned prior to when you leave (esp if your flight is a day or two before). Some may choose to test themselves too prior to their trip as it would be a shame to fly all the way there and find out you are positive, but they should just require the test at the port. Also, I wonder how they will sail with reduced capacity? Will Royal just stop selling staterooms once they are say 60% sold? What if they are already past that capacity? Will they kick people out? Or offer good incentives to for FCC or refund more than 100%?
  2. It started my love of cruising. I loved the show as a kid so my dad's graduation present to me when I graduated university was a Royal Caribbean cruise. Completely addicted since then.
  3. Are you talking about the top tier event? I think once you hit Platinum you are invited, which usually includes a drink they are handing out (I think..have only been a couple times myself)
  4. Back when cruises were cancelled in March we re-booked the same cruise for Christmas time for Dec (first time ever for Christmas time). But as things went on and less hope (plus we are in Canada so travelling to the US isn't even an option at this time), we did a lift and shift to next Christmas. Saved us over $3500 compared with booking next Dec straight out. So if next Dec is an option, I"d check the current pricing and lift and sift if it's a savings.
  5. Next booked = Harmony March 2021 Next one I think will sail = Freedom Aug 2021 Devastated if doesn't sail = Anthem Dec 2021 Anthem is a re-book of the March one that got cancelled. Originally it was booked for this Dec, but we lifted and sifted to Dec 2021. We even have it booked a second time as a back up in 2022 if Dec doesn't sail (did a booking and then lifted and sifted for a good price). I'm now obsessed with getting on Anthem (and CoCo Cay as we keep missing that port)
  6. What a beautiful shot. It looks like Odyssey is sparkling.
  7. As per Ourusualbeach, the one that was emailed automatically in a couple hours was a move to the exact same stateroom (by done by phone ). Having said that, the one where I received one of the invoices for the connecting rooms was not room to room. In fact, it even had a re-categorization of the staterooms (from 2 "balcony" rooms to "connecting balcony" rooms). I was surprised that I got even one of them automatically. I also personally suspect that I could have waited forever and those other invoices weren't ever going to be automatically emailed....so i just called. No issue though, the agent emailed them.
  8. I've done a few. On the recent one, I got the updated invoice automatically emailed a couple hours after lifting and sifting. For one I had to call in a couple weeks later. For another one, I had connecting rooms. Got an updated invoice for one of the rooms a couple hours later (my kids room). For the other room I had to call in for it a couple weeks later All were lifted and sifted over the phone so I could select the room(s).
  9. Good point of something to consider. We are not right under AO but not too far down. As long as the noise isn't super late in the evening, which is unlikely with young ones, then it doesn't bother us...but definitely can see it being a factor for others.
  10. Thanks. It doesn't bother me but my son has a sensitive stomach. Last March there was one evening where he felt it on Symphony and had to take something. But we weren't up high at the time and pretty sure he would have felt it anywhere in that scenario.
  11. Sounds lovely. Hope things get back soon. Miss cruising.
  12. I'll take any positive step forward. karena1 thank you for sharing this info with us
  13. Right...If it was Harmony or Symphony then we would have more options as they have the trundle style for all "sofa beds" if I am not mistaken. This is for Oasis....one of the CP rooms on deck 12 that are 5+....so I believe that means sofa bed + Pullman
  14. Thanks. Noise isn't as much of a concern unless at wee hours of the night. (We've stayed in a Boardwalk balcony and the noise didn't bother us). It's more the movement of a higher deck, but doesn't seem like it's an issue for "normal" weather.
  15. Yikes, not a good sign if they are bringing out the barf bags. And in that case, you will feel the ship no matter where you are. This cruise is Mar 2022 in Caribbean (and have Mar 2021 booked as well). You never know with weather.
  16. Thanks. I guess no matter where you are, you are going to feel that kind of movement. I've heard that deck 14 should be avoided since it's under the pool (CP room). Is this an issue for deck 12 as well? We don't care about noise in the day...just very early morning or late at night.
  17. Is deck 12, mid section, ok in terms of movement on Oasis class? I would normally prefer a room on a lower (anywhere form 7-10), but we don't have a lot of options if we want a room that has a sofa bed plus a Pullman.
  18. If you're asking about our favorite, then can't answer yet. Have been on Allure and Symphony (love Allure and was really wowed with Symphony...my favorite ship so far), but we missed our Anthem cruise back in March so have not been on it yet. If you are asking about which one we want to sail, my answer is Anthem as really want to try it. It seems Royal-like but yet different, and I think our kids will love the amenities too. Leaving out of New Jersey is also a bonus for us as it's closer to our home. ave it booked for end of next year so hopefully will get to try it. Having said that, our next booked cruise is Harmony (but not sure it will be a go).
  19. Hard to say, but as long as FCC goes out that far, then I think pricing will be up. There have been many cancelled cruises and a lot have one or more FCCs to use.
  20. Yeah, I thought of that....could in theory book 7 night Eastern on Empress...a suite...then shift to Oasis. But I just can't go that far.
  21. Thanks so much for the feedback that you've done this for many clients. Maybe I should mention that I'm already double booked for Mar 2022 in case one of my 2021 cruises doesn't pan through...lol (i.e. so would have 3 sailings booked until I cancel the original Mar 2022)? Don't think Royal would notice? I get your point though of not cancelling prior confirming the lift and shift goes through.
  22. Thank you. Need to think about if I do this...doesn't feel right...esp as we have the very cruise already booked. I'm surprised they don't take note of your current bookings or history.
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